Panama And Peru Segregate Corona Curfew By Gender

April 3, 2020
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Panama And Peru Segregate Corona Curfew By Gender
COVID-19 Outbreak Cases in Panama
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In order to combat the Coronavirus pandemic, both Panama and Peru have taken an unusual approach to the restrictions they are imposing on their citizens.

Instead of setting times of day when people are allowed to go out, the authorities in both countries have set limitations by gender instead. Peruvian President Martin Vizcarry said that men are allowed to leave the house on Monday, Wednesday and Friday,  and women on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. No one will be allowed to go out on Sunday.

Vizcarra said this will make it easier for security forces to keep tabs on the quarantine order, rather than using identity numbers to divide up days. The new measures will be in place until at least 12 April and do not impact those who need to work, or who have an emergency.

In Panama, Security Minister Juna Pino said that men and women would only be able to leave the house during certain hours. He said the decision is part of an operational strategy that they hope will reduce the spread of the virus.

The country has 1,317 reported cases and 32 deaths.



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