• Pfizer Drops Deadly Side Effects Document Bomb On Vaccine Consumers

    March 4, 2022
    Pfizer Drops Deadly Side Effects Document Bomb On Vaccine Consumers
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    Washington, DC, March 03, 2022 — In a 55,000-page set of documents released on Tuesday, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) is for the first time allowing the public to access data Pfizer submitted to FDA from its clinical trials in support of a COVID-19 vaccine license. This follows U.S. District Judge Mark T. Pittman’s decision on January 6 to deny the request from the FDA to suppress the data for the next 75 years which the agency claimed was necessary, in part, because of its “limited resources.”

    A 38-page report included in the documents features an Appendix, “LIST OF ADVERSE EVENTS OF SPECIAL INTEREST,” that lists 1,291 different adverse events following vaccination. The list includes acute kidney injury, acute flaccid myelitis, anti-sperm antibody positive, brain stem embolism, brain stem thrombosis, cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, cardiac ventricular thrombosis, cardiogenic shock, central nervous system vasculitis, death neonatal, deep vein thrombosis, encephalitis brain stem, encephalitis hemorrhagic, frontal lobe epilepsy, foaming at mouth, epileptic psychosis, facial paralysis, fetal distress syndrome, gastrointestinal amyloidosis, generalized tonic-clonic seizure, Hashimoto’s encephalopathy, hepatic vascular thrombosis, herpes zoster reactivation, immune-mediated hepatitis, interstitial lung disease, jugular vein embolism, juvenile myoclonic epilepsy, liver injury, low birth weight, multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, myocarditis, neonatal seizure, pancreatitis, pneumonia, stillbirth, tachycardia, temporal lobe epilepsy, testicular autoimmunity, thrombotic cerebral infarction, Type 1 diabetes mellitus, venous thrombosis neonatal, and vertebral artery thrombosis among 1,246 other medical conditions following vaccination.

    “This is a bombshell,” said Children’s Health Defense (CHD) president and general counsel Mary Holland. “At least now we know why the FDA and Pfizer wanted to keep this data under wraps for 75 years. These findings should put an immediate end to the Pfizer COVID vaccines. The potential for serious harm is very clear, and those injured by the vaccines are prohibited from suing Pfizer for damages...”

    To read more visit Children's Health Defense.

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    I didn't get the jab and never will FJB.


    Some I pity. But those who have been shrieking, wishing death on us, calling us plague carriers--I don't care if they get such bad Beri Beri they never walk again. Or drop dead.
    Let their beloved nanny state care for them. I'm sure the big pharma companies will compensate for injuries...oh wait. They don't. Just like we have been warning the hateful morons.
    Well, if they agree to get regular boosters, Klaus Schwab, their lord and master will see that the cripples get nasty crap to eat in the pods he will let them inhabit.
    Choices have consequences. The cowardly, lazy fools chose a life of slavery. Screw their health, safety, AND freedom.
    Nice going vaxxholes. You ushered in this Hell-on-earth. Now you POS can go there. The rest of humanity hates your guts!


    Nobody goes to jail.

    Bill Snape

    I disagree with the claim they cannot be sued, they lied and cheated in the vax testing, injury reporting and claims against Ivermectin and HCQ etc.
    The Indian Bar Association has filed a case with the ICC against Gates, Fauci et al for crimes against humanity, they are doing likewise with the Indian WHO rep...and at the hearing the judge said, "It is obvious you lied about the safety and efficacy of Ivermectin and HCQ and your motives are clear." Watch that space...
    And...the emergency authorization of the vax was on the strict provision no other safe and effective well known existing drug is available.....so, consider the immunity from prosecution.... void!

    Phil Inman

    Maybe we see a little of the inside workings of the Jew Blackmail&Bribe scheme they been perfecting for hundreds of years. Just that the request was made by Pfizer for a perfectly reasonable 75 years to Judge Pittman. Which he refused. That is telling. Maybe. So they knew the judge was untouchable and didn't bother with the effort to get their way, which is kind of rare. Or maybe they didn't care that the data would be released. Not like it isn't apparent to anybody looking that they mean to kill lots of us. But another is Pittman was simply expected to go along because that is status quo. And he knew he'd be in deep buttermilk for crossing pharma. Well I'm coming up with nothing here, but this is kind of a rare failing for these cowards. I'd like to sit in on their B&B 101 course. But it shouldn't be necessary cuz lots of congress people and judges have plenty first hand experience.

    Jared Smalls

    Drop Dead N╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮A╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮Z╭∩╮(Ο_Ο)╭∩╮I


    Word of advice: NEVER believe anything which corporate media puts out there regarding any issue whatsoever. NEVER believe anything which Joe Biden and accomplices croak and grunt regarding any matter.


    The Lie-beral Demonocrats are untouchable.


    Unlike the forever lying and whining BLM'ers from Lemmingcrack gimme-gimme inner-city reservations, some of these actual victims of elite ruling classers, actual injured citizens, deserve reparations from their lying, cheating, criminal government, funded by the pushers and profiteers of the kill-shots, after we the People defund them all on their way to the gallows.

    Wilder Napalm

    So many have been forced to put this poison into their or be fired. None of these companies can be held responsible because or government protects them. They are not safe from me. My daughter was forced by Bass Pro Shop to take the gene therapy they call a vaccine. She suffer any I'll effects and will fuck some people up.


    Might not want to say that out loud. Your government ruling class and its police statists are not on your or any of we the people's side.


    She was not forced to take the shot. Your daughter has free will to decline. If threatened with termination, she could have found another job. You could have helped support her in the interim. This approach is what I would have done.
    Keep in mind, some people's genetics will overcome any effects. If she hasn't suffered any adverse issues by now, I don't believe she ever will. I would not recommend her taking any further shots for the upcoming new pandemic disease that will be manufactored around the July/August time frame. TPTB will take this approach to keep mail in ballets going. The marxists have a major election in Nov to steal.

    Michael Garrison

    Folks, just one word....PREPARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    they won't try a new pandemic to steal the next election. I'm expecting some pretext for martial law, then send in the military (cia) to conduct the election.


    We were not consumers of the poison jab, we did not seek it out as a thing to get, but were forced by evil men and their policies to be jabbed or else. All those complicit will go to jail thy not immune from our wrath.

    David Burgess

    Thank you "little voice in my ear" for convincing me NOT to take the jab.
    I watched as the sheep immediately lined up to get a vaccination to protect them from a virus with only a 2% chance of dying from only to die, or suffer other medical problems from the effects of the vaccine. And, knowing those effects, the government tried to force it on everyone by refusing to allow them to travel, to work, to get medical care, and to even buy the necessities of a normal life unless they did. All the while, liying about the benefits of, and denying the treatments of Ivermctin and monoclonals to fight the effects of the disease, thus causing uncounted deaths. All that was done after a year of basically locking down society to the extent that in some places you were a prisoner in your own home, not even allowed to see family, go to church, or even be outside. Then, seeing those who made those rules completely ignore them unless there was a camera around, and in some cases ignore them even when there was.
    Now, "Just like that", the pandemic is over so the democratic party can try to say in November, that they were the ones to claim victory over the scamdemic, even though it was their party that subjugated their constituents to the most brutal form of tyranny seen in this country's history.
    It is my fervent belief that all those who funded, carried out the gain-of-function, the release of, and everyone who supported the lie, and lock-downs, and every politician, media personnel, and medical "professional" who aided them in the deception should be removed from society, and left to rot in prison.
    What a much better world this would be if the parents of their parents had been practicing birth control.


    David Burgess - Spot On!!! My sentiments precisely. Bill Gates, his father, Fauci and all the investors who invested in the Vaccine Eugenics program should all be made to reimburse those who were injured by BigPharma. SCOTUS needs to reinstate the ability to sue for damages to all the injured.


    Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?


    Murdered by the vaccine

    (1) Columbia Study.....................= 443,860 murdered
    (2) Harvard-Pilgrim Study..........= 2,219,300 murdered
    (3) CMS WhistleBlower.............= 2,250,000 murdered

    [note: Thomas Renz is controlled opposition, be careful]

    ---Keep in mind VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)
    currently records the following deaths from the quack-cine:
    22,193 murdered as of January 14th, 2022

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