• Updating The 'Freedom Or Control' Corporate List To Help With Future Purchase Choices

    July 9, 2024

    A Simple Question -- Do They Want To Control Your Life Or Not?

    This Is Why CDMedia Is Creatively Destructing The Corporate Media...They Are All Taking Money From China
    Image by Thepeoplesartist

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    We at CDMedia believe that economic power is at the heart of the movement to reclaim the republic. We are attempting to help readers make a decision for future purchases in supporting that agenda. The simple question is -- does a corporation want to control your life? Or, help you to live a free, prosperous life?

    We are listing corporations below on either side of the spectrum with linked supporting documentation. We will be adding names often going forward. Please excuse the low number of names as we grow this effort.

    By the way, we consider a majority of business conducted, or imported from China a firm placement in the 'Wants To Control Your Life" category, as heavy involvement with the Chinese Communist Party speaks for itself on that matter. It is a known fact China uses slave labor.

    A 'commitment to social justice' is also in our view a commitment to cultural Marxism, the ultimate in control.

    And all corporate media is on the Left side of the chart.

    This list has nothing to do with 'alt-right' or 'alt-left', it simply is about whether someone else wants to control your life.

    Happy shopping and God Bless America!

    The website ChinaNever is good for sourcing goods not made in China.


    24 Hour Fitness
    AARPAce Hardware
    Advisor Metals
    AdidasAlign Pay (payment processor)
    ADPAllStarHealth.com (vitamins)
    AirbnbAmerican Vintage Soap Company
    Angel Studios
    Ashley Furniture/Home Goods
    AflacBasecamp (software)
    AmazonBirch Gold
    American AirlinesBitchute (video post)
    AppleBrave (free speech web browser)
    AT&TBrave Search (free speech search engine)
    Bank of America
    Bed, Bath and Beyond
    Ben & Jerry's
    Best BuyCharles Schwab (probation)
    Black Rifle Coffee
    Burger KingCoinbase (crypto exchange) *CEO changed policy recently
    CarharttConservative Economy
    ChobaniDominos Pizza
    CJ Affiliate (canceled CDM)Dissident Soaps
    City National Bank of FloridaDunkin Donuts *Distribute coffee from Coke?
    Coca Cola
    Corona Beer
    Cracker BarrelFamilyFarmBeefBox (beef non-MRNA)
    Delta Airlines
    Dick's Sporting GoodsFrank (coming social network)
    Duck Duck Go (Search Engine)
    Duluth Trading (large part of product offering made in ChinaGab.com (social network, Youtube alternative Gab TV)
    eBayGab Pay
    EtsyGETTR (new social media similar to Twitter)
    Estee LauderGiveSendGo (Crowdfunding)
    EventbriteGrow Network
    ExpediaGoGetFunding (Crowdfunding)
    FacebookGoya (food brand) *board liberal?
    Ford Moter CompayHillsdale College
    Fox News
    General MotorsHip Nation (healthcare)
    General Mills
    Giant Foods (Stop n Shop)
    Gillette (P&G)Jeremy's Razors
    GoDaddyIn-N-Out Burger
    GoFundMeKraken (crypto exchange)
    GoodwillLiberty University
    GoogleMinds.com (social network)
    Harry's Razors
    Heartland Financial (debanks Mike Lindell)
    Hobby Lobby
    John Deere
    JP Morgan ChaseMy Patriot Supply
    KrogerMy Pillow
    LevisMy Store (Beginning effort by Lindell to compete with Amazon
    Liberty Safe
    LinkedInNew Balance
    MailchimpOdyssey (similar to Youtube)
    Major League Baseball
    MarriotOllies (retail)
    Mars Wrigley
    Merriam-Webster Dictionary 
    Merrill LynchMinutemen Coffee
    Miller LightMy Patriot Supply
    Mondolez (Oreo)Patriot Mobile
    NBAPerdue Farms (online only - meats, etc)
    NBT BankProtonmail (free secure email, pay wall calendar, drive)
    Public Square (retail)
    NFLRedBalloon.work (Job Search)
    North Face
    ParlerRouses Food Market
    Penzeys Spices
    PepsiRumble (Youtube alternative)
    PGA Tour
    Pizza Hut
    Prevea Health
    Progressive Insurance
    Red Bull
    Ryan Air
    Salvation Army
    Seventh Generation (detergent)
    Shake ShackShadrachs Coffee
    ShopifySheetz (convenience store chain)
    Southwest Airlines
    StarbucksSmashwords (ebooks)
    Starlink (on probation)
    State Farm InsuranceStocking Mill Coffee
    StripeTelegram (encrypted comms - started to block content for some governments)
    Subway The Wellness Company
    Square (ecommerce)TicketLeap (event management)
    TD Ameritrade
    Tik Tok
    Tractor Supply
    Tyson FoodsTrader Joes (we realize they had mask issues)
    UberTwitter (still seeing results of sale) - on probation
    Under Armour
    United AirlinesUline (office supplies)
    UPSUS Asset Management
    USAAVacationrenter.com (home sharing/travel)
    U.S. Olympic CommitteeWaffle House
    US SoccerWeatherTech
    Wall Street Journal (News Corporation)
    WalmartWire (Secure comms)
    Wells Fargo
    WeTransfer X (social media - on probation)
    WikipediaZoho (Google alternative)
    Yuengling Beer

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Michael Russi

    I like your woke corporations list. We need to step it up though. We need to target the leadership of these companies who are largely white hypocrites. As they lecture us about ceding power to POC, they must be called to lead by example and relinquish their privileged positions to POC. They go first.

    Thank you for listening.


    Unfortunately duckduckgo is NOT trustworthy, nor do they give the real results for a search that you do. I've been using them for over a year & in the past 6 mos. they've changed drastically. They were probably bought out by google.


    Close! Microsoft.

    A B

    Thanks for the list. You might consider DuckDuckGo.com as an alternative to google. I've been using them and they are touted as a trackless, privacy secure alternative websearch. Also, Lowes Home Improvement chain, like Home Depot, needs to be on the "wants to control" list. See this link where the CEO briefly says he is a social justice warrior who discriminates against whites to help only "minorities" >> https://www.hardwareretailing.com/lowes-ceo-discusses-changing-retail-landscape/


    Duck Duck Go is a wolf in sheep's clothing. But thanks for the info on Lowes.




    Ace Hardware should be added to Wants To Control List. Ace hosted a trade show in Florida November 2021 for their supply vendors. Ace required independent vendors to be vaccinated to exhibit at the show. Florida did not mandate vaccinations.


    I don’t believe Duluth Trading is currently a freedom loving company. Last time I purchased something from them my credit card was charged by China Air which really confused me at the time. It seems the CCP has purchased them.




    That's a shame; & my husband & I JUST did order a few things from them. Oh well. They won't get any more orders from us now.


    BUMMER!!!!! But thanks for the "Red Alert"!

    A B

    Thanks, I just discovered the "wolf" in DuckDuckGo and was coming back to let you guys know.


    Freespoke and PreSearch are two alternatives.

    Helen Mingle

    The company "Love for Jesus" is not an American company as their sleight of hand advertising wants you to believe. Goods come straight from China. I suspect their admin is based there as I had a slew of emails from them in ever so broken English. They are clever and trained in their deception (like many salespeople) and probably educated in USA. They pretended to be organising a refund on their poor quality t-shirts. The penny dropped when I was passed from one operative to another "supervisor" and still no refund after 8-10 weeks. I may be naive but usually don't purchase online. PS they are not followers of Christ who lie continually and deliberately and put money before integrity in their business.

    Shane Mann

    Add Proctor & Gamble to the naughty list and add AMAC (an alternative to AARP) to the good guy list! http://www.amac.us BlackRock and Vanguard are very naughty!


    Can Fidelity be far behind?

    Last edited 1 year ago by UMAHBADBOY
    Patti Hoke

    I’ve written a comment on this before but I’ll do it again. DULUTH TRADING SEEMS TO BE OWNED BY CHINA NOW. The last time I made a purchase my credit card was charged by CHINA AIR.

    G O

    Protonmail went out of their way to voice support for the leftists in Myanmar. Do not trust them just because they are, or are pretending to be, Swiss.


    Can you tell me if Raymond James is on the control your life or the wants you to be free list?


    Edward Jones is.

    Phil Coffman

    What search engine can we use?


    Take a look at Freespoke (new - still building) and Presearch.org.


    Commie employees increase = more left.

    My friend tells me NVIDIA employs TONS of commies.

    Companies that have their factories in China employ 95+% commies in factories.
    China no longer needs spies, they're ALL working in the factories (and PAID TO STEAL). BOZOs !!


    IT's not only in China. Roughly 45 people were fired from NIH for failing to disclose membership in the CCP. They are all over the place.


    May want to look at Rumble & Gettr. Censorship is becoming common practice with both platforms.


    Wow - losing Rumble as a free speech platform would be bad!


    Part of the problem may be that it is a NASDAQ listed company ($RUM). That could make them subject to takeover.

    Richard Lynx

    Unfortunately, You better add Carhartt in the "control your life group" after Mr. Torba shared a copy of their corporate vax mandate letter despite the US Supreme Court striking down the OSHA mandate.



    Personally, I recognized several of these entities some time ago as being enemies of Americans and have come across several others not listed here. Those enemies include Tracfone Wireless, Teachers Unions and orgs, JCPenney, Kohls, AOL, Huffington Post, Lands End, Abercrombie & Fitch, Macys, Vogue, NYPOST (fake conservative), NYDAILY NEWS, NYTIMES, ZAPPOS, Northwell Health.


    Consider adding the following two businesses, from out of Arkansas:

    American Vintage Soap Company, which is overtly patriotic. https://avsoapco.com/
    Shadrachs Coffee, which is deeply Christian, holds fundraisers for the community, offers to fulfill prayer requests (and has really good coffee). https://shadrachscoffee.com/


    Add to "control your life" HULU, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Sephora, KOHLS, Spectrum News-NY1, Tracfone


    You should check out StartPage (https://www.startpage.com/) as a freedom-loving, privacy-protecting search engine. For years I used DuckDuckGo, but ditched them a while back for StartPage.
    Also Firefox as a browser.
    Would love to know what your research says about both of these.


    Scottsdale Mint is a freedom loving company where to buy precious metals. I suggest them to add to the right column. Not enough on that side!

    Dawn VanWinkle

    Have you ever been to Hobby Lobby and looked at where the vast majority of their product comes from?
    I appreciate their corporate philosophy but it doesn't seem fair to complain about Duluth having so much China
    product and say nothing about where Hobby Lobby's comes from


    I totally agree Dawn. Praying that Americans will demand total transparency from companies so we know where the $$$ is going.


    Thank you for this list -and thank you for incorporating the comment suggestions! Team CD is awesome!

    Some years ago - 10 maybe - I tried to buy only goods made in USA. Well, that very quickly became goods made anywhere but China. And that list became China is ok when you can't find it made anywhere else! I recently tried to buy a new clothes iron and every single one made in China. DJT was right about so much and his push to bring manufacturing home was spot on. We need clean technologies and we need to make it in USA! Am buying a pair of vintage UGG snow boots on ebay because they were made in Vietnam not China!


    Also, health insurance companies - like Harvard Pilgrim in MA. I was fired by my primary doctor for not agreeing to screening tests - mammogram, colonoscopy. I had no symptoms, nothing to indicate that the tests would be helpful and they said I couldn't remain in their practice if I didn't do the testing. While I don't have proof, the conclusion I drew was that it was the health insurance company telling the doctors they wouldn't cover the practice if their patients refused screening. It's deep and dark in the medical cartel.

    Synthia Meskimen

    Is Ruby Freeman giving up the names of the others who were involved in the fraud and stolen election of November 2020? You know she had to have been given orders by someone and there were three other people who stayed after the fake water main break. I am also wondering how citizens can get these people arrested and finally once and for all null and void the 2020 election or re-instate President Trump.


    There are many more companies not listed that should be on the shit list. The alternative companies where we can do business is getting less and less ! All we're hearing from our 'government' is CRICKETS. We can't vote ourselves out of this situation because the Demonocrats control the 'voting machines'. America is history.

    Mignon Lawless

    Overstock.com is listed in the support our freedom column. Blackrock and Vanguard are the 2 major stockholders...

    Bob S

    add wells fargo bank to the control / communist list

    Larry Jones

    I would add FedEx as somewhat to the Free column. And add Menards to the Free column.

    Dawn vanwinkle

    During the mask mandate debacle our local Menards refused to check you out if you didn’t have on a mask. They never said anything while you browsed around without one. There were a lot of shopping carts left at the checkout unpaid. Not sure it merits the Free column.


    Great List! I am a bit surprised that The Heritage Foundation is not included therein.

    J Jarrard

    What about the Duck/Duck, I use that browser???


    'Result Hunter' for search engine alternative ?


    Jeremy's Razors are made in China, so their ploy that as a Jeremy's customer you are joining the alternate economy based on freedom is misleading - you're supporting China. And the razor blades are horrible.


    Dominos pizza bragged not too long ago that it was creating crusts with ‘ Bug flour ‘… which is to push the WEF/In agenda 2030/2050 agenda on us.

    I think we need to double check our ‘ list ‘ and be sure these companies aren’t ‘ snakes in the grass ‘.


    Please include Calben soap to your 'Freedom' list. https://calbensoaps.com/

    Billy Jay

    Brave is duck duck go. They are the same.
    If you close the brave tab, you get duck duck go. Deceiving.


    3M could probaby be dropped from the "Wants to Control Your Life" list at this point, for three reasons: 1) The reason that they were put on it was a Vaccine Policy in the Columbia MO Plant, this is no longer a 3M Plant (it's the spin-off Solventum). 2) 3M as a Corporation dropped their mandatory Employee Vaccination Policy a number of years ago. 3) 3M neither supports DEI or ESG in their global operations.

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