• RETRIBUTION TRUMP STYLE - Investigation Opened In Paris Into Le Pen

    July 10, 2024
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    Retribution -- Alvin Bragg Style -- comes to Paris for populist candidate Marine Le Pen, after she almost unseated globalist French President Emmanuelle Macron.

    The Paris prosecutors’ office opened an investigation into the campaign financing of far-right leader Marine Le Pen’s presidential bid in 2022, reports Politico. The inquiry focuses on suspicions of embezzlement, forgery, fraud and a candidate on an election campaign accepting a loan.

    “I’m very surprised because our campaign expenses were approved in December 2022 and refunded in February 2023,” said an unnamed official from the National Rally, speaking to AFP. 

    “We don’t know what it’s about. We found out that an investigation had been opened, like everybody else, on [French television] BFMTV this morning,” he said. 

    The Western press picked up on the 'Le Pen' is a criminal narrative.

    In September, Le Pen is also set to go on trial along with 24 other people over alleged misuse of EU funds, after a seven-year investigation into allegations that the National Rally used public funds, which were meant for EU parliamentary assistants, to pay party staff, wrote Politico.

    According to Libération, Le Pen herself faces accusations of embezzlement of public funds and risks a fine and up to 10 years in jail. Significantly, Le Pen risks being disqualified from standing in elections for five years, which would affect her ability to run as a candidate in the next presidential election in 2027.

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