• Pathologists Are Unaware Of The Pathogen Killing The Vaccinated - A Consequence Of Medical Journal Censorship

    July 8, 2024
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    I recently met with a "system" pathologist. Our conversation revealed a disturbing example of the deadly consequence of the immense and pervasive censorship of "inconvenient science."

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    Guest post by PIERRE KORY, MD, MPA

    I was at a group dinner a few months ago with a lot of “normies” (people unawake/unaware of the vaccine catastrophe as well as the many other fraudulent facets of our government/Pharma Covid response). Most were vaccinated - not a group I am often a part of or invited to in these last years.

    Anyway, a Board-certified pathologist was there and we were “talking shop” regarding Covid, its treatment etc. He knew I was an “expert” in Covid science and therapeutics, and as we were talking, I just couldn’t help myself. I blurted out a question, “In your practice, are you guys routinely staining for the spike protein in your autopsies and/or tumor and skin biopsies?” His answer:

    “What is the spike protein? Is that something to do with vaccination or something? I don’t understand what people’s problems are with the vaccine, all I know is that the vaccinated are sick for 2 days while the unvaccinated are sick for 2 weeks.”

    Lets ignore most of that insanely ignorant answer and instead focus on the fact he is a pathologist, meaning his specialty is in identifying “pathogens.” A pathogen is any organism or agent that can produce disease. Pathologists are trained to identify abnormal changes in cells, tissues, and organs by examining samples obtained through biopsies, autopsies, or other procedures. Besides looking for gross, overt changes (atherosclerostic plaques, clots, infarcted tissues, dissected vessels etc, they also look for organisms, foreign bodies, and/or accumulations of cell types to detect inflammation and/or cancer.

    One of the main ways that pathologists identify pathogens is by placing tissue samples on a microscope slide and then they apply a special dye or “stain” to the tissue and examine it under a microscope. They have innumerable stains which are designed to adhere to only the pathogen or cell of interest. If the pathogen or cell is not present in the tissue, no dye is taken up. If the organism or cell type is highly present it will pick up the colored stain and become easy to identify within tissues.

    Based on the pathologists’ answer above, it became painfully clear to me that the global suppression of the science showing that the spike protein is a highly toxic and lethal pathogen (and the product of bioweapons research) has been shockingly successful. How did “they” pull this off? In my opinion, there were four main tactics or dynamics which led to this calamity:

    1. Regulatory agencies across the world reversed the long-standing practice of considering any death or injury reportedly associated with a novel therapy to be considered caused by the therapy until proven otherwise. With the mRNA vaccines, agencies across the world instead immediately dismissed all reports of death and injury as unrelated until proven causative. I will give credit to Dr. Peter McCullough for being one of the first and most vocal to point out this unprecedented reversal of modern regulatory practice.
    2. Coroners across the world (note they are all pathologists), with rare exceptions, have systematically avoided “staining for the spike protein” in autopsies. This has prevented them from determining the actual cause of death. As my dear friend and colleague Dr. Ryan Cole (a pathologist) has repeatedly said, “You can’t find what you are not looking for.”
    3. The high impact medical journals censored and/or retracted any studies which performed comprehensive data analyses showing the widespread catastrophic effects of the vaccines (see next post for a detailed review of these unprecedented retractions). Interestingly, medical journals instead allowed the publications of individual case reports by the thousands (an unprecedented number of over 3,600 at my last count). However nearly every single publication describes the adverse event or death as “rare, very rare, or as yet unreported” while at the same time always including a sentence reminding the reader that the vaccines have been deemed “safe, effective, and have saved millions of lives.” What a world.
    4. Mainstream news outlets were paid to willfully carry out the massive propaganda campaign of “safe and effective” while censoring and/or avoiding any mentions of injuries or death.

    The actions above have caused widespread suppression of the evidence for the toxicity and lethality of the mRNA platform, and in particular, the spike protein as the pathogen itself. If you assume all deaths are unrelated to the vaccine or spike protein, and you make sure no pathologists can repeatedly prove cause by staining for spike in the autopsy specimens, you can create a situation where all the many thousands of reports of unexpected and sudden deaths are simply considered “tragic mysteries”and “unfortunate or rare occurrences.” Cue Ed Dowd’s aptly titled book, “Cause Unknown:”

    Now, lets get to the point of this post. Fortunately, there have been a couple of renegade pathologists who appropriately investigated the unexpected deaths to try to identify whether the vaccine caused it. The most public were Drs. Arne Burkhart and Sucharit Bhakti from Germany and Dr. Ryan Cole here in the U.S. Despite Dr. Bakhti being retired, he was one of the most outspoken and has endured numerous attacks as a result (don’t read his Wikipedia page). Dr. Cole has unsurprisingly endured numerous attacks against his license and his business (insurance plans dropped him which forced him to sell his practice). Dr. Burkhart is now dead. He apparently died while swimming in a lake. No further comment.

    Anyway, before Burkhart’s death, he performed autopsies and/or reviewed autopsy specimens using stains for the spike protein. He did this for families who consulted him with the belief that the vaccines caused their loved one’s death.

    Burkharts’ findings are the most public because he gave lectures at several well publicized Covid conferences. One of the most memorable was at a conference in Sweden in January of 2023 that I also lectured at. We were all in awe of both him (smart, expert, kind, friendly) and his lecture.

    He reported on 51 autopsies that he and his team performed secondary investigations of. In each case, the families consulted his team because they suspected the vaccine had caused their loved ones death. Note the local coroner had not stained for spike protein.

    • patient ages ranged from 21 - 94 years old, 26 men, 25 women
    • all deaths occurred between 7 days to 6 months from last mRNA vaccine
    • all were described as “sudden or unexpected deaths”
    • local coroners ruled nearly all as “natural or uncertain cause of death”
    • families refused to believe the coroners conclusion
    • families first consulted other pathologists who declined to look at the slides
    • they then consulted Burkhart and his team of 10 international pathologists, coroners, biologists, chemists and physicists

    As of August of 2022, they had fifty-one cases completed and about a hundred by January 2023 ( his lecture was only on the first 51, the results of the others are still unknown to me and is part of the point of this post). Again, the original autopsies were done by hospital pathologists or coroners and all but two cases were deemed uncertain or natural causes. One case was surprisingly deemed by a local coroner as “probably due to vaccination” (my guess is the patient was probably pretty healthy and died within hours of the shot, i.e. it didn’t take a sleuth - this is pure conjecture/hypothesis on my part by the way).

    Burkhart’s team stained for both the virus (using a “nucleocapsid” stain as the nucleocapsid is the outer envelope of the virus) and a stain for the spike protein itself in order to differentiate coronavirus spike from vaccine manufactured spike (the mRNA that is injected does not code for nucleocapsid as it should have). When no nucleocapsid was present but the spike protein was identified, they deemed the spike protein to be produced solely by the mRNA from the vaccine.

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    They then classified all deaths in one of three ways in regards to the vaccine/spike protein being the cause: “highly likely/ likely,” “possible/unclear,” and “ruled out” (one case). They found that in 80% of cases, the vaccine induced spike protein contributed to or directly caused documented physiologic damage in the vessels and tissues which led to the death of the patient. Of note, nineteen of the deaths were “sudden adult death syndromes” and fifteen of those deaths occurred outside the hospital.

    The spike protein stain they created works as depicted below. Basically, once a cell takes up the mRNA and begins expressing spike protein on its surface, our immune cells produce antibodies that attach to the spike protein (given it is a supposedly foreign protein). The stain is made up of an antibody that attaches to our own spike antibody and it has an enzyme which causes the deposit of a brown pigment when it attaches.

    Below is tissue from the prostate of a man who died from the vaccine. The round, clear areas are tiny glands in the prostate. The glands are literally circled and/or filled with brown stained spike protein. Note this is in the prostate. Not in the arm.

    He also shows a slide of the brain in one dead patient. Again, spike protein infiltration. No wonder all my patients have brain fog.

    Just from the above, as I have written about extensively before in my review with AMD on the science behind and evidence for spike protein shedding, the spike protein can disseminate to any and every organ.

    The most contributory damage underlying the deaths is what the spike protein does to blood vessels, especially the inner lining of blood vessels called the endothelium. Burkhart found that inflammation, rupture, necrosis, and occlusion of blood vessels and vessel walls was the main cause of death. Check out the spike both lining and infiltrating the wall of this arteriole:

    Below he compares a small vein in a normal patient and one dead after vaccination. Note the complete destruction of a venule on the right.

    Below he shows evidence of spike protein both occluding and narrowing vessels in the heart:

    He also performed biopsies of four live patients, one of whom was a former marathon runner who developed severe circulatory problems after the vaccine. Look at the patchy white areas of her feet which represent areas of poor to no blood flow that results from vessel occlusion and destruction as above. Apparently her feet become so painful she often cannot walk.

    Then he moves on to the large vessels like the aorta (the largest vessel in our body, i..e the main conduit of blood to every organ:

    Here he summarizes his findings in both the small and large blood vessels:

    He used phrases like “an immunological reaction and destruction of the endothelium.”

    They also examined one of the nasty “fibrous white clots” that have been extensively reported on by embalmers and funeral home directors that started showing in early 2021 after the rollout of the vaccine campaign.

    Funeral home Director Richard Hirschman and Retired U.S Air Force Major Thomas Haviland have been some of the most instrumental in trying to get this information known to the public (can’t forget to mention Anna Foster and funeral home directors John O'Loone and Chad Whisnat). The best and most detailed review of the data they have compiled from surveys of embalmers can be found in AMD’s article here. A recent tweet from Hirschman just last week:

    Also see this Substack by Laura Kasner showing numerous clots removed from living people in cardiac and interventional radiology catheterization suites (“cath labs”).

    From Burkhart’s lecture and analysis:

    Here he shows a cross section of the clot and describes it microscopically as being largely acellular and full of strange proteins.

    They then used a technique called mass spectrometry which enabled them to identify 137 different proteins in the clot that were not present in the serum! The ones listed in red below are components of the endothelium, revealing evidence of destruction to the vessel walls. “Continuous damage to the endothelium.”

    From an email group I am a part of, one researcher who has also extensively examined these clots wrote:

    • We can confirm that there is NO detectable thrombin nor thrombospondin nor any of the "normal" blood clotting proteins found in these white clots. 
    • Based on the above findings, it is important to realize that there is no "normal" blood-clotting mechanism present in these white clots. 
    • They appear far more rubbery and fibrous in appearance when under the microscope. 


    Amyloid is defined as a misfolded or defective protein. Our bodies make lots of proteins for myriad functions, and one critical part of their formation is that after being produced, they need to fold into a specific shape in order to properly carry out their function. Amyloid or amyloidosis is when proteins both misfold and aggregate in tissues causing organ damage and dysfunction. Further, it can have this terrifying quality where it “self-propagates” in that the misfolded proteins cause normal proteins nearby to misfold as well (prions are similar except prions are transmissible while amyloid is not).

    Overall, amyloid is a critical component or consequence of many different diseases and systemic amyloidosis can be fatal. Early on scientists posited that the spike protein can cause or create amyloid proteins:

    Sure enough, Dr. Burkhart shows numerous examples of amyloid lining and filling vessels and vessel walls (note pathologists have a special stain for amyloid called Congo Red which makes it very distinctive and easy to identify).

    He says, “early on we found these acellular deposits in the vessel walls compressing the vessels.” He goes on’, “we had the suspicion that this was amyloid.” In the below left, he used the Congo Red stain to identify the amyloid deposit:

    Ultimately, we can only incompletely theorize why some vaccinated remain asymptomatic without issues while others die unexpectedly of vascular insults while still others instead develop chronic illness for what is now years (without suffering these deadly vascular events). For instance, in the over 1200 patients chronically and often severely ill that we have treated at the Leading Edge Clinic for either Long Covid (30%) or “Long Vax” (70%), we have observed only one unexpected death from a heart attack. All I can say is that these post-Covid, post Vax syndromes are the most complex and “un-patternable” illnesses I have ever encountered. Probably because it is is my first bioweapon induced disease (not that there haven’t been others, it is just that they were not part of my former specialty).

    I assume my readers are now even more fully and worriedly aware that the mRNA induced spike protein is one of the most toxic and lethal pathogens in history. I have devoted significant amounts of time trying to alert the public to its dangers with my Substack and public speaking. Although I believe the public is still insufficiently aware, I also feel we are making progress.

    I just want people to be informed so they can take action to protect themselves and their loved ones. To wit, along with the investigative journalist Mary Beth Pfeiffer, we have written three major media Op-Ed’s on the rises in excess mortality (USA TodayNewsweekThe Hill) and more recently two more on the sudden rises in the rates and aggressiveness of certain cancers in young people ( Washington TimesRealClear Health). We also published an Op-Ed on the massive rise in maternal mortality in 2021 in the immediate wake of the unconscionable recommendation by the CDC and ACOG that all pregnant women be vaccinated (TrialSiteNews).

    P.S. For those still interested, there is another concerning pathologic finding that Burkhart reported from his autopsies that I did not include above. I instead decided to put it behind a paywall, for the reason that it may provoke unnecessary or excessive worry given it’s implications (which are not fully known at this point and Burkhart did not go into sufficiently).


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    "For those still interested, there is another concerning pathologic finding that Burkhart reported from his autopsies that I did not include above. I instead decided to put it behind a paywall" Where is this article?

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