• Hunter Biden’s Gun Trial Verdict Now Turning Into a Hunger Games’ Legal Challenge 

    June 18, 2024
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    The world knows that Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, is the first presidential son to have been indicted, tried and convicted in court for in a more than obvious salacious case that started off with a three-count felony charge for possession of a gun and lying on a document when he purchased the gun in 2018. It was an historical moment on June 11 - a week ago - in his Delaware gun case when the jury found him guilty on all three charges. 

    Under the sentencing guidelines, he could get max 25 years in prison and a hefty fine upwards to $750,000. The presiding judge has not yet scheduled his sentencing dates.

    Chances of Hunter Biden getting the maximum sentencing will be weighed against no criminal convictions in the past although he faces another criminal trial for tax evasion of nearly $1.4 million in a California court in September. 

    Nevertheless, Hunter Biden’s attorneys filed a Motion For a New Trial on Monday and shortly thereafter, withdrew the filing in this federal gun case. 

    "The Motion for a New Trial (formerly DI 233) has been deleted at the request of counsel," the note filed to the docket website read, describing it as a "correcting entry".

    The withdrawn motion argued the U.S. District Court in Wilmington, Delaware, did not have jurisdiction over the case when the court proceeded to trial on June 3, 2024. 

    At the time of that trial, Hunter Biden had a pending request for the full U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia to review a ruling by U.S. District Judge Maryellen Noreika, the presiding judge in the gun trial, who declined to dismiss the charges.

    Noreika had rejected the argument that the gun charges should be dismissed following a 2022 ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that expanded gun rights.

    A three-judge panel of the appeals court in Philadelphia upheld Noreika's ruling, but the appeals court still has not ruled on a request by the defendants’ lawyers to have the appeal reconsidered by the full Third Circuit court.

    The Third Circuit rejected one of Hunter Biden’s appeals on May 9, and stated it could not make a ruling before his June 3 trial began. 

    The appellate court on May 28 rejected Biden’s request to throw out the three gun charges and found it could not rule on his request before a jury verdict. 

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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