• BERNEGGER Warns - Massive Mail-In Ballot Fraud In Wisconsin Perpetrated By Controlling Cabal

    June 28, 2024
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    Below taken from Peter Bernegger's Telegram Channel.

    Wis. Citizens: contact the JCRAR committee. Wisconsin election clerks have begun sending out new, unlawful absentee ballots envelopes. They have drunk the kool-aid of lies from Meagan Wolfe. It will not end well as now those mail-in ballots cannot be counted. And if the clerks certify the election, done by signing under sworn oath, they will be committing perjury, just like I said in earlier posts on this.    

         The language on the new absentee envelopes is unlawful as it says it is the original or copy of voter's request for the absentee ballot. It can't be as the original request was created by the voter, the new envelopes were created by WEC: two different forms. So the voters will be committing a felony of false swearing (that statute is printed on the envelope in fact). So will the witness to the voter signing.   

           Then the election clerks will be committing election fraud. This one: 12.13(2)(b)4 "Intentionally assist or cause to be made a false statement, canvass, certificate or return of the votes cast at any election."  And this one: 12.13(2)(b)7 "In the course of the person's official duties or on account of the person's official position, intentionally violate or intentionally cause any other person to violate any provision of chs. 5 to 12 for which no other penalty is expressly prescribed."     

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           But its going to get worse, because the local municipal election clerks are required to sign off on the elections, certify them, under sworn oath. Then the County Clerks, but there will be tens of thousands of ballots challenged as they failed to follow the mandatory requirements. Which include there are to be 2 pieces of paper in the return envelope back to the clerk by the absentee voter: the paper ballot and then the original or copy of the voter's request when he or she first asked for the ballot. And that 2nd piece of paper is to be signed by the voter, this is to help protect from fraudulent absentee ballots coming into the system.     

        All this explains why Robin Vos and Meagan Wolfe want to ignore clearly mandated election laws: to cheat.  And they just threw the clerks underneath the bus to do it. The clerks are now open to huge civil rights lawsuits by citizens. WEC has no authority to ignore our elections laws; nor any authority to tell the clerks to ignore it either.      

      Contact the legislators who sit on JCRAR, a Wis legislative committee that has the power to stop this election fraud by the Wisconsin Election Commission. 



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