May 21, 2021


    The Election Audits Are The Key To Bringing Back America
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    UPDATE 1115 EST - Judge orders ballots unsealed. Parties to appear at ballot storage location 10am May 28th. Ballots will be scanned at 600 dpi or higher. Protocol to be determined.


    In an ongoing hearing, Henry County, GA judge, the Honorable Brian J. Amero may give access to the plaintiffs (VoterGA.org, Garland Favorito, and another plaintiff) to the physical mail-in ballots in Fulton County, which could show massive election fraud in GA during the 2020 presidential election cycle, and the follow-on runoff that decided control of the U.S. Senate for the Democrat Party, leading to full control of the American government.

    In the hearing, lawyers for VoterGA.org described large discrepancies (21%) between the number of ballot batches reported by the GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger who certified the election, and the number of ballot batches actually provided by court-ordered access in the previous April hearing in the case.

    GA SoS Raffensperger Amicus Brief Denying Election Fraud Doesn’t Hold Water, Is Riddled With Deceit

    VoterGA.org has been examining the ballot images at a low resolution since the hearing in April, and declared they need the actual physical ballots to understand the number of counterfeit ballots certified.

    Fulton County attorneys pushed for a sampling of the ballots instead of access to all of the ballots. They particularly objected to access to physical ballots.

    Fulton County attorneys also objected to expert witnesses testifying the number of ballot batches certified by Secretary of State Raffensperger in the previous 'risk limiting audit' were significantly different from the actual number of ballot image batches that were provided by state and county officials in court-ordered discovery in April.

    Shockingly, attorneys for Fulton County declared 'the county has no control over its election tablulation process.'

    "A high number of ballots appear to have been counted twice," declared the expert witness. There was an error rate in the batch data of 21%"

    The 'risk limiting audits' conducted previously in the state of GA by SoS Raffensperger were shown in today's hearing to be severely compromised.

    The GA Attorney General's office testified citizens have no right to audit the vote.

    The results of ballot analysis in this case could show the U.S. Senate, and the presidency of the United States, were fraudulently certified.

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    Patrick Collins

    We need a Complete forensic Audit

    Silas Longshot

    Obviously, every point the democrat lawyers "object to" should be thoroughly and totally investigated as clearly those are the key areas where the monkey business will be found.


    Ballot images can be edited. Watch out !!


    Best is to gain access to paper ballots.

    Mark Farwell

    The only thing biden is tough on is his depends


    Raffensberger must be arrested! 😡

    We cannot allow the Progs to disenfranchise America any longer!

    James S Plack



    the gardener

    The tree of liberty needs a good watering !




    A fool proof way for any ballot is to require both thumb prints to be placed on the ballot. Then checked by machine for dup ballots, the fine would be 100,000.00 USD, and 10 years working in the fields with a hoe growing crops. for each instance. MAKE IT LAW!


    What happened to the woman and her daughter who brought out all the phony votes? The last I heard she was going to get a lawyer. What happened to the tweet where she said she was going to fix the vote so the Racist Trump doesn't win. How can you not subpoena somebody like that to testify?


    Damn fine point!


    And the tyrannical money quote: 'The GA Attorney General’s office testified citizens have no right to audit the vote.". We are a Constitutional Republic. We The People have all the rights and privileges of being Citizens (not subjects) of These United States.

    Remo Williams

    The American people deserve no less than a complete investigation


    Let's time travel to a future where it is proven beyond any doubt that the election was stolen..
    What happens then?


    What happens then?

    r koz

    IMO nothing will happen to any of the top dogs unless conservatives pull a blim on them. Midnight music and dancing with lous speakers. Who they gonna call? ghost busters when 2 or 3 hundred ppl keep them up all night.


    No level of proof will be enough to ever unseat Biden now that he's been inaugurated. Cackles Harris might replace him...but not Trump. We had concrete proof of the fraud since before the inauguration and Joe still got in.

    Uncle B

    Guns and ammo will reveal the truth

    Geo Washington

    We have a right to demand justice, but who can you petition when there is so much corruption? The only one who can deliver perfect justice for America is God. Please pray. Vaccine I hear is not a flu vaccine but it changes your DNA. Fake news, fake plandemic, fake election, fake vaccine? Who to trust? So many lies sold by the media we don't know who or what to trust anymore. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me. God backs those who keep Him in their hearts. Why wait till it gets worse to ask God for help?


    The only reason that senile little girl fondling Joe and the ho Commie-la Harris were elected is because of massive voter fraud. The left can yell and scream their heads off and stomp their little liberal feet all they want yelling about no evidence of fraud, but it does not change the fact that the election WAS massive fraud.


    It is WAY past time for the American Voter to TRUST the GA Election Results,

    GA after 6 months have votes counted & Certified that has no paper work.
    Votes that we’re counted before Drop Box ballets collected..How do U do that.

    Video’s in Fulton County that can’t be explained.


    more theater

    Daniel St.Peter

    We're going to need more gallows...


    What will happen if fraud was proven without any doubt, will the elections really be reversed? I know as a Trump supporter I want the pedo Creepy Joe Xiden booted out of the White House and all of Xiden's EO's reversed.
    But will that really happen?


    The GA Attorney General’s office testified citizens have no right to audit the vote. Whoa proof positive of two tier justice tax dollars working for US?


    Well, if your partisan poll workers count ballots twice, sure, you can 'win' any election. As a Georgia voter, I have been incensed that my vote was stolen by a fraudulent election. Actually, TWO fraudulent elections.


    And if Biden fails or is removed, they still have their FALLBACK man Epstein zioTrumpy ready. Cue the return of Jared 666. Good cop/Bad cop. They are PLAYING you yet again so you'll cheer on the RETURN of TRUMP and his WAR on Iran for our ENEMY Israel. Epstein GUILTY zioTrumpy and Q didnt save ya! in fact Trump INSTALLED Sessions, Barr and Wray when WE all KNEW what deep state GARBAGE THEY WERE AND ARE! Some 4D CHESS PLAYER. Dont fall for it AGAIN.. Trump serves our ENEMY in Tel Aviv that DID 911, Epstein and ISIS NOT US! Sadly Epstein Trump is the SAME SWAMP we've always had. Neither Barr nor Durham even INVESTIGATED according to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmBJQjqROJw


    Nothing will come of this except to anger the right into potential action, which is what they want. Gun confiscation is the goal of the globalists and they will promote all types of unrest so they can call in the UN under the small arms treaty odumbo signed into existence. Keep that in mind. Everything that is happening is part of a very big picture and they are pulling the strings.


    Full forensic audit required. Follow AZ’s America audit. These piecemeal audits show only partial results. At the same time costing GA $’s. Do it the right way. Settle it once and for all.

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