• 'Gotham Angels' Ready To Take Back New York City Hall

    August 31, 2021
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    Four Young Republican Women Mean Business To Clean Up The Big Apple

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    The Gotham City Hill

    The 'Gotham Angels' are coming after 'The Squad'. Watch out AOC. The GOP is back with a makeover. Four young Republican women mean to take back NYC City Hall from the Marxist scourge that has afflicted the financial capital of the world.

    In touch with mothers on the ground, who are furious at the rise in crime, the lack of safety on the streets, and schools forcing masks and CRT on their children, these women are serious. All four have already made history by garnering enough support to receive matching funds.

    A press release is below giving background on each.

    NEW YORK- There’s never been more female Republican candidates running for city council
    seats than now. Four young, attractive women aim to change the makeup of New York City’s
    political landscape. Meet Jackie Toboroff , Inna Vernikov, Felicia Kalan and Vanessa Simon; all
    looking to win and reinvent the image of the Republican party.

    They are united in their message:

    • Public safety needs to brought back to NYC
    • No more playing games with our children; they demand better education and no
      mandatory CRT in schools
    • Quality of life; we need clean streets, homeless management, and support for our small

    • Jackie Toboroff

    • Jackie Toboroff is a born and bred New Yorker. Raising her two children in the city, she knows
      first-hand the struggles all New Yorkers face in 2021. The streets are unclean and unsafe,
      mentally ill roam the subways unsupervised, the city’s present political leadership has adopted
      anti-business policies, and is openly hostile to entrepreneurship, and has vilified working class
      families. New York City is spending way beyond its means and is bankrupt and cannot continue
      under the present trajectory. Jackie Toboroff is ready to get back to business basics and
      prioritize the budgeting of essential city functions and services. On the New York City Council,
      Toboroff will:

    • ● Fully fund and support the New York Police Department
      ● Hold all city agencies accountable
      ● Cut spending
      ● Pass a balanced budget
      ● Ban Critical Race Theory
      ● Remove all public school syllabi that teach our children to hate

    • Inna Vernikov

    • Inna Vernikov is the Republican candidate for City Council in a district that includes Brighton
      Beach, Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Midwood.

    • Inna Vernikov is a small business owner and lawyer who grew up being taught the values of
      integrity and hard work. Her dedication to community service has been acknowledged by the
      U.S Congress, State Senate and the City Council.

    • As someone who is concerned for the future of New York, Inna believes that progressive policies
      and anti-police sentiments are threatening our way of life. Coming from the former Soviet Union,
      she understands the dangers of government control, and is now standing up to be a voice in the
      City Council for civil liberties and free-market principles.

    • Inna cares about:
    • - Defending Law Enforcement- Our current leadership is siding with criminals over
      hard-working families. Inna will support and defend, not defund, the police.
    • - Standing Against Homeless Shelters- Inna stands firmly against shelters being built near
      schools and playgrounds and in areas where they will reduce property values.
    • - Standing Up For Merit-Based Education- Inna will fight to restore merit-based admissions to
      specialized programs.
    • - Supporting Small Businesses- As a small business owner, Inna understands what is
      necessary to create jobs and build a strong economy and will fight for policies that work for and
      not against our entrepreneurs.

      Felicia Kalan

    • “As a working mom of two, I decided to run as a Republican for office in District 22 (QUEENS)
      because I saw a city government that was out of touch with everyday families like mine, and I
      want to fight to bring all New Yorkers a bright future. Our current elected officials make decisions
      that impact people without logic or vision- and I'm ready to get to work and make the necessary
      changes that will lead us to a new age of prosperity bringing good paying jobs, a vision that
      creates a safe and clean city, a place families can raise children, and a place where all people
      can thrive regardless of socioeconomic status.”

    • “I'm the Chairwoman of the Interfaith Coalition for Peace & Safety- an organization that
      promotes peace in our neighborhoods and builds bridges between communities and public
      safety officials, and every year we host the National Public Safety Honors Day in partnership
      with Peace December. I'm also a former Church Youth Director at Eastminster Presbyterian, I've
      served in campus ministry, and served alongside my husband, former Pastor/Elder at Bridge
      Community Church in Long Island City.” - Felicia Kalan

    • Vanessa Simon

    • As a daughter of immigrants from Haiti, Vanessa values and understands the true meaning of
      ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and America's freedoms. Vanessa is committed to achieving
      affordable, respectable, and safe living conditions for current and future residents in the district.
      She is a proud resident of Laurelton, Queens, and committed to being a part of the growth and
      elevation of the 31st City Council District: Arverne, Brookville, Edgemere, Far Rockaway,
      Laurelton, Rosedale, and Springfield Gardens.

    • Vanessa has also partnered with the homeless shelter Restful Nights and mental health facility
      at Faith Mission Crisis Center during the Covid-19 pandemic to provide cooked meals and
      personal care kits.

    • Vanessa understands the importance of quality education. She was a captain of Target’s library
      renovation project in Southeast Queens. Her responsibilities included donating $5,000 in book
      inventory and gathering 250 volunteers to renew the library into a safe and healthy learning
      environment in the community for children to learn and dream.

    • District 31 needs a focused and committed leader that provides solutions-driven strategies to
      get New York back on track. Vanessa is asking for your support and vote for her as the next City
      Council member to represent District 31. With your help, we can win and build a better district,
      improve the quality of life in South Queens and New York City.

    • For press inquiries and interviews, please contact Angie Wong at [email protected]
      or 917 346 4600.

    • Press Photos
    • From left to right: Felicia Kalan, Vanessa Simon, Jackie Toboroff

    From left to right: Vanessa Simon, Inna Vernikov, Felicia Kalan

    From left to right: Felicia Kalan, Inna Vernikov, Jackie Toboroff


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