• Breaking: GA Judge Amero Dismisses VoterGA Voter Fraud Case Without Hearing

    October 13, 2021

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    This story is developing...

    Judge Amero of Henry County, GA has dismissed the Fulton County - VoterGA election fraud, ballot inspection case without the Nov 15th hearing that was scheduled. Reports are the decision was based on 'no standing'.

    “All citizens of Georgia have a right to know whether or not counterfeit ballots were injected into the Fulton Co. election results, how many were injected, where they came from and how we can prevent it from happening again in future elections. It is not adequate for any organization to secretly tell us there are no counterfeit ballots and refuse to let the public inspect them. We prepared diligently to present concrete evidence of our allegations and refute other false claims at the scheduled Nov 15th hearing," said Garland Favorito of VoterGA.org.

    Favorito told CDMedia this morning the dismissal will be appealed on multiple grounds.

    You can read Judge Amero's order here.

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    C. Black

    I just researched the Fulton Co. election results, there is PLENTY evidence to have an audit ...
    But the Judge say NO NEED... smells fishy...


    Amero is scum. Just plain scum.


    Every citizen in GA should e outraged over this. We know there was huge amount of fraud in this election. Somebody has paid this judge off. Follow the money. We all need to be on the phone calling every single legislator and screaming that we demand a full forensic audit in this state. We pay the taxes and we own the machines and the ballots. This cannot stand.


    Another blatant ruling that affronts the intelligence of every citizen with an IQ over 60 who is not a disciple of the democrat party.
    Would this judge have made this ruling if his career were to hinge on the success of an appeal? It should be cause for disbarment.


    You should not expect anything different from a leftist judge. He is not the problem.

    The problem is the corrupt Secretary of State Rafenspergee and the corrupt Governor, Kemp.

    GA will likely re-elect those two and that is why things will not change. Same in DC with feckless politicians like McConnell, Graham et al being consistently reelected.

    You cannot elect the same people decade in and decade out and expect change.

    Barbara Hartman

    Was the judge threatened or payed under the table. I saw the dishonestly and the fraud first hand. I was an auditor and a poll watcher and a pole worker. For him to say no fraud was committed, then he is essentially calling me a liar and I am NO LIAR! I filed an affidavit and I love our country. This judge is no impartial, follow the evidence and the law judge. What the H is he hiding. His reputation has gone down the tubes and that is a total shame. The hard evidence that voter fraud occurred is indisputable. So I ask if the problem is not corrected, and there definitely is a problem, then what is the point of holding future elections. Right now law abiding Georgia citizens have no faith in our elections, and Judge Amero is fully responsible.

    Boca Jack

    State, Federal, And Municipal Governments all need TERM LIMITS!

    michael higgins

    Kicking the can down the road no standing my foot there is and they better move quickly


    If it's not the people who voted in the election, who DOES have standing?


    Apparently this fool judge is an enemy of the state and should be treated as such.


    Americans are being backed into a corner. All paths to redress our grievances are being blocked. Evidence of election fraud are overwhelming and a silent hand behind the scenes is preventing all appeals. I fear for what is being done in America. Who is behind this all? The waters around us are coming to a boil. Only the laws that those in power want enforced are enforced. Over twenty years ago I sued a vendor for multiple state secretaries of states and saw the same impenetrable wall to justice. News organizations would not report the stories and I saw that there was no real path to appeal for redress of my grievances. I concluded that our government was corrupt in the executive, legislative and judicial branches and at every level - city, county, state and federal. Now it has become obvious that the situation in the USA is100 times worse. I have been looking for a solution for over twenty years and do not see a solution. The evidence for election fraud is right in the data and few understand how to read it. The elections are being rigged and there doesn't seem to be a thing Americans can do about it.


    The ONLY reason that senile, little girl fondling, incompetent Joe Biden and the ho Commie-la Harris are in power is because of massive voter fraud.

    Nasty Pelosi KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Chuck U. Schumer KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Shithead Schiff Knows that the election was rigged
    The entire DemocRAT party KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The entire GOP KNOWS that the election was rigged
    The lying morons in the fake news left-wing media KNOW that the election was rigged
    The conservative media KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with half a brain KNOWS that the election was rigged
    Anyone with an IQ over 80 KNOWS that the election was rigged

    Treuer Wolf

    Somebody got to this judge !


    Georgians must call/write/email the GA legislators. This must not go unchallenged. The entire election in GA was disenfranchised by what happened in Fulton Co. and the unsecure voting machines. There is evidence on the security tapes. There is evidence in the voting machines that must be exposed. There are sworn affidavits. A thorough forensic audit of the machines will expose the fraud - and we must demand it. How can the judge throw this out without a hearing? He is a corrupt coward. The tax paying citizens in GA deserve a thorough audit. GA officials allowed money from outside of the state to influence GA elections! I have paid taxes in GA for over 40 years and it is criminal that funding from outside of the state influenced/undermined the GA election, undermined my vote. We must discover whether the voting machines are susceptible to outside influence. Election officials in GA have said that the system is not secure. Undermining the vote and influencing our elections is criminal and it is the duty of the justice system to hold the criminals accountable. It is an attack on our republic.


    I am sure the judge got paid well for selling the people into socialism. He will now pronounce water is not wet, as soon as the tyrants raise enough money to pay him.


    Doubt it was pay off. More likely family threatened. Dems play ice hockey, repubs play golf. Idiot repubs call foul on themselves as dems bash them over the head with lies and hockey sticks.
    Right after election i think was a story about Kemp's daughter's close friend died in a car accident.
    I live in Ga. Disgusted at what fulton county was allowed to do. However history says democrats ain't above a little stealin or a good killin.

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