• BERNEGGER: Don't Fall For The RNC 'Election Integrity Army' Ruse

    June 17, 2024
    Laura Trump Proves She Doesn't Care About Election Integrity, Nor Does Michael Whatley

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    Peter Bernegger, Wisconsin's premier election integrity analyst, had the following to say on his Telegram channel today:

    This is not the solution: "Trump campaign, RNC aims to deploy 100,000 volunteer vote-counting monitors for the presidential election" CBS News headline. It is going to fail. See the brilliant Conservative Treehouse article at link below for how one of the major election fraud cheats takes place.

    The headline above however,  shows the RNC and their fifty state organizations don't understand how the election frauds are taking place.

    I'll tell you RNC: one way is for the bad guys to use the names and addresses of people registered to vote to fill out and send in an absentee ballot, without those real people knowing about it. 100,000 observers is not going to stop this. The liberals already know which names, addresses  they are going to use to cast fraudulent absentee ballots.

    Hey RNC, how are the observers going to spot those?  The voter rolls are being inflated right now, I can see it in the state numbers. The RNC is ignoring all this.

    Call to citizens: email the RNC as to why there are two electronic files in the software of the tabulators. That is just like having two ballot boxes for your paper ballot to be placed into - but you're not told there are two ballot boxes. And you nor the local clerk knows which ballot box your ballot is dropped into. Then some unknow person "adjudicates" (meaning decides who you voted for) the next day. How RNC are observers going to spot those? 

    Ask the RNC why was a legal challenge recently submitted to the city of Milwaukee against 55,000 actively registered voters by six citizens - and not the RNC? Those 55,000: the vast majority no longer live in the city. Laura Trump did you know this? Josh Felton - the supposed RNC data guy, who I recently learned is just an attorney in Washington DC - did you know this? 

    The election fraud is in or about the data. You're not stopping the data by having 100,000 observers, that is only a feel good 'rally the troops'. Pls citizens, don't fall for this 100,000 gimmick. It is not going to work. 

    Have the RNC explain to you how an observer is going to "see" a fraudulent absentee ballot.

    Have the RNC explain to you how observers are going to "see" inside the tabulators, and inside the epolling books.  

    The Guy Who Organizes Ballot Counting, Says Election Results Will Not Match Polling

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    Stefan Bartelski

    Exactly!!!! 💯🎯🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    Sue Miller

    The only organization that has any chance of stopping fraudulent elections is United Sovereign Americans (Unite4Freedom.com). Thousands of volunteers bought state voter rolls using their own money and have analyzed voter data in over 22 states. What they have found is frightening. Hundreds of thousands of duplicate registrations, ten's of thousands who claim to LIVE in a PO Box or UPS store, and county clerks are entering that fraudulent data into their county voter databases.

    Seneca the Elder

    Here's a question- what do they do with the voter names that are found to be fraudulent? Is there some way they can force the board of elections to remove the names from the rolls?

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