• We Already Are In A Civil War...Just Using WMD Instead Of Lead Balls

    March 29, 2020
    We Already Are In A Civil War...Just Using WMD Instead Of Lead Balls
    Sunday morning mass in camp of 69th N.Y.S.M. Photograph shows Father Thomas H. Mooney, Chaplain of the 69th Infantry Regiment of the New York State Militia and Irish American soldiers at a Catholic Mass at Fort Cocoran, Arlington Heights, Virginia on June 1, 1861

    Many have heard of the term WMD, but don't know what it really means. The acronym is the military's creation and stands for Weapons of Mass Destruction. There is another term the military uses to describe these weapons -- NBC...Nuclear, Biological, Chemical. These are the types of WMD. Nuclear was used against the Japanese, chemical gas was used in the trenches of WW1, and biological (smallpox) was used against the American Indians.

    It occurred to me this morning that we are already in another civil war in America, between those who value freedom and those who lust for power and control. There was a book written about the latter - 'The People of the Lie', in other words...evil.

    Interestingly enough, this unfolding civil war has begun with the usual weapons of last resort...WMD...NBC...very precisely -- biological warfare, to achieve the Left's goals of destroying the American way of life, in order to rebuild it in their image (a perverse use of Bible teachings)`...a society where the elites control all the wealth..the 1% of the 1% get to enjoy communism, while the rest suffer misery together.

    Of course, there may have been skirmishes already using old-fashioned bullets, the modern equivalent of the lead ball that killed so many Americans in the 1860s...the Las Vegas Massacre in 2017 comes to mind (where we still don't know the truth of what happened).

    But if you look at the Democratic Party governors ordering doctors not to prescribe possible life-saving drugs, the media going bezerk about Trump re-starting America, the continuing calls for more and more 'lockdowns', the truth become very clear.

    As we have written before, they are not even trying to hide it anymore, except those who dare to speak this truth, are banished from the liberal media world, like Trish Regan, or more famously, Alex Jones. I'm just waiting for the plug to be pulled on Tucker Carlson. How long can the elites allow this truth to be spilled to the American people every night? Not long in my opinion.

    Since the beginning of the Obama administration, the loss of our freedom was being planned. The stockpiling of weapons for every agency of the Federal government, the weaponization of the media, the destruction of our institutions, the opening of our borders, the waves of illegal migrants invading the West on two continents at the same time (they really think you'll believe that was just a coincidence), the destruction of our education system, all were designed and executed in the name of wokeness.

    Just as in our previous civil war, where the South sought the help of the French, the Left is in bed with communist China, who have stealthily usurped our economic and military might while their Marxist protégées destroyed America from the inside.

    I don't want my children and their children to have to live under the communist yoke.

    We didn't start this war but its time for us to end it.


    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    American Patriot

    Compare the map of the states (Dem vs Rep governors) to the map of the "Closed states". Add to it, North Carolina which is "closing on Monday" (tomorrow) and see if something doesn't stand out...

    As of middle of this past week, the states locked down were an exact match for Democrat governor-controlled states.

    Except Idaho.

    They are using this to test how far they can push this socialist agenda on us.

    Mensa Graham

    Their WMD seems to be backfiring on them badly. IT doesn't seem that it will take too long before all the liberals in NYC are wiped out. Let's see, 60,000 cases int he state with over a thousand dead in the city alone.

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