Barr Ensures Misuse of FISA Applications Won't Happen Again

Following the misuse of FISA warrants in the 2016 election which allowed the FBI to spy on Americans, Attorney General Bill Barr has issued a series of reforms to ensure the process for obtaining FISA warrants which target elected officials and campaigns has the proper oversight. Barr said, “What happened to the Trump presidential campaign and his subsequent Administration after the President was duly elected by the American people must never happen again.”

Since 2016, what has been called the Russia hoax, and the Mueller investigation have dominated the news cycle. All of this happened when President Obama’s FBI and DOJ opened an investigation into the Trump campaigns potential link with Russia. Since the Mueller probe found no collusion, AG Bill Barr has been conducting an internal review into the FBI of what exactly happened, how it happened, and ensuring misuse of power is revealed and brought to justice. The result has been an indictment of former FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.  Clinesmith plead guilty to altering an email which allowed him to obtain a FISA warrant for continued surveillance of Carter Page. 

But now, Barr is putting up guardrails for the FBI to not be able to do this again. This is the latest development in his probe into Crossfire Hurricane. In a statement, Barr said “FISA is a critical tool to ensuring the safety and security of Americans, particularly when it comes to fighting terrorism.  However, the American people must have confidence that the United States Government will exercise its surveillance authorities in a manner that protects the civil liberties of Americans, avoids interference in the political process, and complies with the Constitution and laws of the United States.”

Barr has been working with FBI Director Christopher Wray. Since Wray received the Inspector General’s Crossfire Hurricane report, he has “ordered more than 40 corrective actions, including foundational FISA reforms, many of which went beyond those recommend by the Inspector General.” Wray said that what was found in the IG’s report “was unacceptable and unrepresentative of the FBI as an organization.”

The first memorandum, entitled Augmenting the Internal Compliance Fuctions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation deals with the internal compliance program, and establishes the Office of Internal Auditing, and will require “the development of compliance and oversight mechanisms, training, and internal controls to ensure the FBI’s compliance with applicable statutes, policies, procedures, and court orders that govern the FBI’s national security activities.” Most importantly, it will establish routine audits of the FBI’s use of FISA warrants. 

The second memorandum, entitled Supplemental Reforms to Enhance Compliance, Oversight, and Accountability with Respect to Certain Foreign Intelligence Activities of the Federal Bureau of Investigation builds off of other reforms implemented by Wray, and “are designed to ensure the accuracy and completeness of FISA applications targeting U.S. person.”

Roger Stone Is A Political Prisoner


Around six o'clock in the morning on January 25, FBI agents armed with police-grade M-16 rifles arrested a senior man in his pajamas.  The arrest was part of an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, except Roger Stone's arrest had nothing to do with Russian interference.  If an investigation that never served its purpose had never began, Stone would not have been arrested.  There are six indictments of former Trump advisers over the last three-year period, and not a single one stems from the purpose the investigation was formed.

Was the purpose of the investigation Russia's meddling at all, or were the investigators always acting on behalf of the Democratic Party?  At what point are the FBI and DOJ just paramilitary crusaders fighting political opposition?  Democrats may not have a candidate able to beat Trump, but they have government agencies assisting DNC campaigning, and who needs grassroots when you have badges, gunpowder, and brass?

Making the arrest of Roger Stone with terrorizing force was one thing, but tipping off CNN so the network could film it in all of its Minister of Propaganda-esque theater sends an even clearer message.  "If you're thinking about supporting Trump's reelection in 2020, you could appear in the next filming of The Eternal GOP."

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In the legacy of our previous British tyrannical rulers, Roger Stone is still under a gag order by the same judge that is rushing through the sentencing of the professional provocateur. Lawyers have been taking to social media and the conservative news circuits to explain their outrage since a gag order almost never extends past a conviction.

Even if Stone is guilty of intentionally, willfully lying about details during a hearing (which was never actually proved), this was never about Stone.

Between the makeshift FISA warrants and digging up dirt on President Donald Trump for the last five years, Democrats cannot hope to uncover anything new about the man that they can use against him when they pit their favorite DNC celebrity against him in the November elections.  Everything they had, they tried, and none of it was enough to beat him in 2016. But by enacting their own Nuremberg Laws that portray Republicans as criminals, they can scare off potential powerful supporters and advisers from Trump's reelection campaign.

With this modus operandi, it's no wonder that the average Democratic voter sees these indictments as a justification to continue irrationally hating everything the president does.  Democrats get to point to them and say, "Republicans are so corrupt that they are arrested by the trainload!"  They're unable to recognize the redefined role of the FBI and DOJ, which has given them the broad powers and ability to be their own judicial review.  Democrats celebrated the rifle-drawn arrest of a political adversary with the same zest they rejoice over Stone’s extreme sentencing, and that should terrify you.

Stone was not acting in any official capacity for the Trump campaign. He was not a political operative for the Trump campaign. He had no special relationship with Wikileaks. But he was pro-Trump and a member of the media. The most that could be said is that he was trying to get a scoop on the Wikileaks story.

The federal court convicted him of threatening a witness because he said he would have a guy’s pet killed. That is not a threat, it is an absolute joke.

Michael Flynn, George Papadopoulos, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, and Roger Stone may be guilty of lying to the FBI or "obstructing investigations," but no person related to President Trump has been accused of collusion with Russians in the 2016 election. Instead, it was their interference with Mueller's failure of an investigation which led to indictments and guilty pleas in much the same way that undesirables were always found guilty in the basement of Buchenwald.

The Nazi Party came into power in Germany in January of 1933.  By the following summer, it was illegal to belong to any other political party.  If someone was in violation of these laws, Gestapo police forces would show up just before dawn and raid their home, arrest them, and perhaps while they were still in their pajamas.

Mueller Lite: A Puppet Show

The investigation is dead, long live the investigation. Robert Mueller's cowardly exit from the stage, while a far cry from the fire and brimstone leftists once envisioned, did manage to leave the door cracked for further action.

Mueller's handlers desperately needed that crack, and he delivered it. Then he shuffled off the stage, back to private life, but not before stating, "I do not believe it is appropriate to speak further or comment," which is shorthand for "I was told to leave the door cracked and then shut the hell up until called on by my handlers."

The leftists who ran this sham from the beginning still have their freedom, their necks, their scalps. Attorney General Barr declassifying the Russia probe documents hasn't happened yet, and as long as the authors of this charade--Obama, Clinton, Comey, Wasserman-Schultz, Brennan, et al.--draw breath, they will scurry and plot. So what was the gambit this time?

It's a tough needle to thread for the criminal leftist gang. They need the threat of punishing Trump, even as proceeding with the articles of impeachment could be political suicide. So they needed to keep the option open in the face of the growing public perception of Trump's innocence. Make no mistake: Bob Mueller was told to rile up the left's base with calculated phrases. Charging Trump was "not an option"? Heads explode. If his team had "confidence" the president didn't commit a crime, "...we would have said that." Heads re-form so they can explode again.

The job of a prosecutor is to prosecute, to charge the defendant. It is not, as cooler heads have pointed out, to exonerate. Under no circumstances was Mueller ever going to say, "Trump didn't so anything wrong." His task from the beginning was to take the form of a dark could and rain on Trump's new administration for as long as politically expedient.

President Trump fired back in a series of tweets and comments to the press (see below), only to have heads explode again over the phrasing of "...because I had nothing to do with Russia helping me to get elected," which desperate Dems latched onto, a wild, pathetic fantasy that Trump had just slipped up and implicated himself. The degree of willful self-delusion from the #resist crowd is astonishing.

Mueller's final, fretful hour on the stage achieved the aims of his handlers. Desperate and beginning to turn on each other in the final hour before justice dawns, they sent their boy on one final errand. The sole talking point they managed to agree on in their panic: make sure "all options are on the table," a phrase Pelosi and Nadler used within hours of each other today. And so the final chapter ends with a dying whimper, "To Be Continued..."

Now it's Trump's turn.

The Summer For Swaying Liberals, Pt. 1

Screenshot YouTube

Declassification! Attorney General Barr investigating Watergate 2.0! Democrat candidates turning cannibal! There are plenty of summer blockbusters on the slate. Will you sit back and eat popcorn, or capitalize on this rare advantage? A few thoughts on why you should consider the latter.

It Can Be Done

The election season is upon us. It feels like no one is budging from their partisan trenches, yet anecdotal evidence and leftist reactions show otherwise. Technocrats and establishment media are losing stature, reputation, and followers. They're angry, and they are taking measures--even against newer sites such as our own CD Media. Brandon Straka, Candace Owens, Laura Loomer, Milo Yiannopoulos, Paul Joseph Watson, James Woods, and countless others have been banned from one social media platform or another. Deplatformed. Why? Not for TOS violations. Because the #walkaway campaign, Turning Point, USA, investigative journalism, brutal satire, and merciless, truthful tweets have the power to open PC-dust-crusted eyes.

Disillusioned Dems exist. Converts can be won.

"But I don't have a broad platform or a unique story," you say. No worries. Anyway, I'm not advocating for the methods of internet celebrities, I'm talking about guerrilla warfare. Subtle, cautious steps. The secret ingredient? Doing it from a place of love. After all, what could be a more heartfelt gesture than saving a friend from the febrile clutches of the modern left?

It does seem impossible at times to convert a smug liberal. I should know. I used to be one, for 20 years. My great friend, a true patriot from Virginia, managed to change my mind. More accurately, he patiently pointed out inconsistencies in modern liberal thought, leading me to water. I had to drink it. I'm grateful for every day since then. A trained eye for media, a refusal to be conditioned to feel guilty for who I am, a rejection of the erosion of free speech, 2A, and on and on: these are the gifts I was given, the gifts you can give others. Critical thinking beats contorting your mind to fit the strictures of political correctness any day. Some day soon, your friend will thank you sincerely if you help him wake up now.

A few observations I made during the move from center-left to solidly right:

Be MAGA-nanimous

The urge will arise to send your hippie father-in-law articles from conservative news sites this summer that prove points you tried to make over the Christmas vacation, or settle a score with your former golf buddy via Facebook. Check that impulse, for you know where that road leads. Instead, be magnanimous. Concede a point here or there on nonessential issues. Have a laugh with your friend. Show that you can take a joke.

A real opportunity exists right now to change how your acquaintances on the left perceive the machinations of the past two-plus years: with any luck at all, the cards--finally--will be laid on the table. All you have to do is kindly show how mass media stutters and pivots to the latest false flag or celebrity nonsense when Barr reveals the depth of criminality employed by the CNN-sainted leaders of the left. In your approach, think Mr. Miyagi, not Cobra Kai. Beating people over the head with facts only makes them recede further into their shells, so go easy.

Put yourself in the shoes of even a moderate Democrat: he's still struggling with the Mueller report. He's still clinging to the hope that the latest sub-investigation will turn up something, anything to justify his hundreds of excruciating Maddow-hours. Understand that his crabby attitude and knee-jerk ad hominem attacks on Trump & Co. are due to a sensation of having the rug pulled out from under him. His mind hasn't accepted it, but his balance is off. He is uncomfortable, yet unable to name the source of his discomfort.

Screenshot: YouTube

Pick Your Battles

Avoid his hot button issue. It's not a winnable battle, so skip it. Plenty of people have moved to the right still clinging to a liberal pet issue or two. Your first goal is not outright victory, it is merely to interrupt the confirmation bias loop that nourishes his perceptions long enough to help him consider the other side. For instance, if your friend is watching TV news, instead of saying "Jake Tapper is a moron," try something like, "Hey, have they said anything about [topic X] today?" Questions, not statements.

What finally did it for me: my friend--let's call him John--advised me to pay attention to the actions, and not the pretty words, of newly-elected Obama in '08. John didn't like or trust the candidate who had appeared out of thin air and made grand, vague promises. Instead of screaming about it, he made a reasonable request: actions over words. So I agreed. As a result, I noticed when Obama didn't immediately shutter Gitmo. The online transparency he promised didn't materialize. When he preposterously agreed to accept the Nobel Prize a few months after taking office, I had to pull over to the side of the road near Oyster Bay, NY. The mask had slipped just long enough. I had seen the liar it hid. The scales began to fall from my eyes.

Over the years, my vision sharpened. All the people I had seen as right-wing trolls in online comment sections slowly became less objectionable, more human. I challenged myself to keep an open mind, to hear them out. Although we still disagreed on a number of topics, there was real dialog instead of the usual "teabagger/libtard" insults common to that era. I learned that many of my chat board former nemeses were honest, hardworking people like me, and their beliefs came from a place of love, family values, and respect for their country, not from philosophical ideas about the nature of man and accepting everyone based on their imagined and fungible identities.

(That's another wedge to use--most sane Democrats know deep down that identity politics is a loser of an idea. The very notion is based on dividing people into smaller and more exclusive groups, not uniting them. Use it, but again, do so gently. Boys competing as girls in athletics is a good place to begin, especially if your friend is an athlete, a woman, or parent with a daughter.)

It Won't Feel Like Winning At First

Defensiveness is human. No one likes to admit to a political opponent that his ideas are shifting, even if the opponent is a friend first and foremost. It could take months or longer, but at some point, he'll let you know. Especially if you were kind about helping him find the way.

I'll add more "Summer of Swaying Liberals" ideas as the season progresses. Good luck, and if you have a conversion story, please share it below!

Corrupt Media Tries To Spin No Collusion Mueller Results

Corrupt Media Tries To Spin No Collusion Mueller Results

So now we finally have the Mueller report delivered to the Attorney General of the United States, William Barr, for his review and decision on releasing the document to Congress and the public. Mueller announced upon the submission that no further indictments will be delivered in connection with the probe.

The compliant #NeverTrump media, rather than conducting critical reporting on the development, and exposing the sordid details of the Deep State information op against POTUS, has gone full bore into further anti-Trump rhetoric to mitigate the damage from the truth being exposed; ie, no collusion at all...nada.

Corrupt Media Tries To Spin No Collusion Mueller Results

Desperate to keep the narrative alive that Trump is a Russian agent for the low-information-voter in the face of a Trump landslide in the approaching 2020 election, real collusion between the DNC and our Mainstream Media is placed front and center for the public to digest.

Corrupt Media Tries To Spin No Collusion Mueller Results

All the more reason for the corrupt media to be 'creatively destructed'...

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