IO Episode 104 - Matt Tyrmand - Investigative Reporter, Polish citizen

March 13, 2022
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Information Operation Host L Todd Wood speaks with investigative reporter Matt Tyrmand on the Ukraine invasion from a Polish perspective.

This video is part of the series Information Operation.

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    Juliella Parsons

    Since Biden took "the backfoot" and always waited for Allies to move before the US makes a move to join them. our "cards to play" are limited by the current administration's temperance to "avoid escallation." We need only look at recent history of the "Biden Crime Family's" precursor to the current war and Biden's weak and dumb departure from Afghanistan, Putin took advantage of US leadship weakness; therefore, the World has been played! While Interantional voulunteer soldiers cross back into Ukraine, Putin announces the Hezbollah fighters coming from Irag! The global warming of "nuclear warming" is foremost. We witness third world post-WWII meeting our current 2022-techno-cyber world, Prayers for Mariopol and prayers for Ukraine. Whoop Putin. Save Kyiv. Prayers for all forces fighting in and for Ukraine.
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