Matthew Tyrmand: If Brazil Allows Lula To Take Over, South America Will Become Superstate Out Of 1984

December 23, 2022


CD Media Staff

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5 comments on “Matthew Tyrmand: If Brazil Allows Lula To Take Over, South America Will Become Superstate Out Of 1984”

  1. America allowed the Nazis to steal their Election
    and are already the Superstate from 1984!
    The Shithole from Hell!
    Brazil will be just another in the long line of
    Stolen Countries after Stolen Elections!
    The Nazis won't quit until they have the whole world!

  2. What’s happening in Brazil is what should have happened in 2020. The American people are far too complacent and to allow our biggest election in history to be clearly stolen and do zero is proof. We have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights that says the American people have the right to remove a tyrannical government and replace it with whom we believe will protect our security. It doesn’t matter how many laws, rules or whatever else the government says about so called insurrection revolution whatever. It all violates our Constitution and anything that violates our Constitution is illegal and VOID! The United States government has been lying to protect their corrupt lives for so long and it’s insanity we the people don’t stand up and fight for our country!

    1. Juan, we did rise up - Jan. 6 - and you see what happened. Pelosi and the FBI turned it into "must-see TV". After the midterm debacle, I'm not sure what it's going to take to get sanity back

  3. I agree that we did stand up. January 6th 2020 was proof. People in my home county are still being haressed by the FBI just for being there. These are friend in their early 70's. The problem is that many people in positions of power are corrupt down to the local level. We must work to remove them from the bottom up. Run for school board, county commissioner, township supervisor, clerk, precinct delegate and get the bad ones out! God will help us if we are willing.


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