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Fauci: “I Have Not Misled The American Public”

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Dr. Fauci gave a nonchalant response to President Trump’s tweets suggesting Dr. Fauci gave false information to Americans about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and its effect on COVID-19, telling ABC News, “I, you know, I don’t tweet, I don’t-I don’t even read them.” 

President Trump shared a video of a doctor speaking in front on Capitol Hill, which was taken down from Twitter and Facebook, that gave alternative advice than the nation’s head doctor for coronavirus, sparking a fierce debate from political pundits across the nation.  While the FDA determined Monday hydroxychloroquine is “unlikely to be effective,” a group of doctors said otherwise.  Trump tweeted multiple times praise of the drug, a direct stab at Fauci.  But while appearing on Good Morning America, Fauci said, “I don’t know how to address that.  I’m just going to, certainly, continue doing my job.”

Fauci has been under fire for attending the Yankees versus Nationals game, where a photograph was taken of him not wearing a mask.  The doctor has said previously that he always wears a mask in public, and while he was sitting in an empty stadium with two other people, it seemed to many people hypocritical.  Also, Fauci at first said masks were not required for preventative reasons, but now said they are, and that the change in his suggestion was to ensure medical personnel have enough masks.  Fauci has been noticeably absent from the White House podium, but has frequented news outlets regularly.  

In Trump’s tweets, he retweeted posts that Fauci has purposefully misled the American public about the drug.  Trump said he had taken the drug for preventative purposes.  Trump’s tweets also included doctors who claimed hydroxychloroquine can “cure” COVID-19. 

But Fauci said, “I have not been misleading the American public under any circumstances.”  Trump’s tweets were taken down by Twitter, who claimed Trump broke their misinformation regulations.  Fauci continued on-air, in response to Trump, “I just will continue to do my job no matter what comes out because I think it’s very important.  We’re in the middle of a criss with regard to an epidemic-a pandemic.  This is what I do, this is what I’ve been trained for my entire professional life and I’ll continue to do it.”

In the United States, the death poll for the virus passed 1480,000, with nearly 4.3 million confirmed cases.  

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[…] Fauci: “I Have Not Misled The American Public” […]

ItsJo July 29, 2020 at 1:09 am

Fauci, appears to be a “Democrat Mole, who jumped on board when POTUS Trump put together a “Medical Team to advise him, and the American people”…..Listening to each of the daily briefings, I found at once, that Fauci seemed to Love the Camera and at one point was saying “contradicting things within the first two weeks of his “ADVISORY OPINIONS”……He even contradicted POTUS Trump at one point, and the Media made it a ‘battle ground, and of course, boosted Fauci-who DID appear on several TV shows.” The Other side started to look into Fauci’s background, and many things came out…”His Adoration/Love for Hillary and that he/wife donated HEAVILY to her campaign; that he did NOT discover a cure for Aids, but TOOK a colleague’s credit for HIMSELF(stole the ideas?) Fauci is a typical ‘pro who kept his agency going, because he got paid No Matter What was or wasn’t discovered’….Should also be noted, that HE was given a LOT of Money for his agency by Obama, and he was in Wuhan with the Pharma Tech Co. that was the source of the China Virus, when they were given $3.6 BILLION BY OBAMA….

What was it for? To come up with a “Dangerous Viral Experiment to INSURE the Downfall of America and the economy-Oddly enough “Obama’s Puppet Master, Soros IS ALSO Invested in Wuxi Pharma Tech with a Laboratory in Wuhan-where it all began-even as the Demcrat Politicos resented it being Called “The China Virus”(claiming it was Racist Lol) Well it WASN’T the BALTIMORE VIRUS, WAS IT?”

What makes this ALL JUST TOO FISHY, is that Soros at the “World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in ‘2017’ VOWED TO TAKE DOWN PRESIDENT TRUMP IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE- ONE OF HIS IDEAS MENTIONED INCLUDED:

(Knowing the American Economy was POTUS Trump’s #1 Accomplishment)

With ALL this I have posted above(can be verified) it would appear that Soros/Obama/etal. ARE the ONES behind the “rioting, chaos to ALSO try to Make POTUS the blame…..Just as they are doing with the “Blame Trump for the China Virus”…..noted: that it took Obama 6 months BEFORE he even addressed the H1N1 outbreak, and left our U.S. supplies for another possible outbreak EMPTY…and did NOT replace what was used during Obama’s term.


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