Corrections Policy

Corrections policy for CDM, news you need to know RIGHT NOW in the U.S. and in high-interest regions around the world.

If a mistake is made in a social media post, we will delete the original post and publish a corrected version with an indication that the new post is a correction.

We will show all changes that have been made to online stories.

We will show all corrections in the place the incorrect material originally appeared (e.g., put corrections related to a story at the bottom of that same story).

We will take great care to avoid making errors.

  • We will standardize our correction policy, so our audience knows what to expect.
  • We will publish our correction policy in a place where our audience can easily find it.
  • We will publish corrections as soon as possible.
  • We will make sure corrections are clear and concise; avoid repeating erroneous information in the correction, unless this is essential (to indicate, for instance, that you incorrectly reported that a person was charged with a crime).

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