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Chinese Banks No Longer Trust One Another As Repo Rates Skyrocket

Chinese Banks No Longer Trust One Another As Repo Rates Skyrocket
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For those who have grown bored with the ongoing US-China trade war whose escalation was obvious to all but the dumbest BTFD algos, the biggest news of the past week was that yet another Chinese bank was bailed out by the Chinese government – the third in the past three months – and a substantial one at that: with over 1.4 trillion yuan in assets ($200BN), Hang Feng Bank’s nationalization was certainly large enough to make a dent on the Chinese financial system and on the Chinese Sovereign Wealth Fund, which drew the short straw and was told to bailout the troubled Chinese bank (more here).

Hang Feng’s bailout followed those of Baoshang and Bank of Jinzhou, which means that 3 of the top 4 most troubled banks have now been either nationalized by an SOE or seized by the government, which is effectively the same thing…

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