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Boris Johnson Set To Occupy Number Ten

Boris Johnson Set To Occupy Number Ten
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The Pro-Brexit movement just won big in the United Kingdom as Boris Johnson looks to have soundly defeated rival Jeremey Hunt to become Britain’s new leader.

The development comes as the ‘Brexit Party’ created by firebrand populist Nigel Farage is now seen as the largest political party in Britain as the conservatives, or Tories, under former Prime Minister Theresa May, botched the Brexit, or the departure of Britain from the European Union.

According to a YouGov poll published in the Times newspaper, Johnson is backed by 74% of Conservative Party members with Hunt languishing on 26%, wrote Bloomberg.

The survey also suggests that the vast majority of the 160,000 grassroots party members who will receive their ballot papers this weekend don’t believe Hunt’s claim that he’s prepared to take Britain out of the European Union without a deal. Only 27% think Hunt would do so, compared with 90% for Johnson.

Many believe May never had her heart in the Brexit movement and was essentially trying to keep Britain under the EU’s thumb and really didn’t desire the United Kingdom to be a sovereign nation once again.

The victory of Johnson is a bright sign that populism is still alive and well in Europe at the expense of rule by the elites.

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