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Trying To Stop Life-Saving Medical Care Is The Same As Pulling A Trigger

We Already Are In A Civil War

Gretchen Whitmer at 2019 Michigan Democratic Party Spring State Convention
Image by SecretName101

We are already in a civil war, conservatives just don’t want to admit it yet. The Left declared war a long time ago.

Want proof? Just look at their behavior.

Unfortunately, the above behavior is not unique. We have seen multiple instances of Leftist healthcare providers being fired for this type of activity and most likely just the tip of the iceberg. God knows what else has gone on without notice in our hospitals. We have also been attacked by the IRS, and other Federal agencies.

Democratic Party governors actively preventing the use of promising therapies for the Chinese coronavirus falls into this bucket of criminal behavior as well.

Preventing life-saving medical care, even if not fully proven to be effective, is the same as pulling a trigger. It is the same behavior as a school shooter, just a different target.

All of this is completely unacceptable, and criminal. If anyone needs the attention of the ‘cancel culture’, these people are it.

The Left wants power. They will do anything to get it, including using a pandemic to scare the population into allowing them to take control.

Get the country re-opened Mr. President; our economic freedom and power is the way out of this and the only way to prevent the coming totalitarianism.

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