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Morocco Bans All Arrivals From China Citing Rising Number Of Covid Cases

As Covid-19 cases continue to soar across China due to the reversal of Beijing’s zero-COVID policy, Morocco has imposed a ban on all arrivals entering the country from China.According to a statement released by Morocco’s Foreign Affairs Ministry, the ban applies to anyone arriving from China, regardless of their nationality, and the ban is to take effect January 3 and remain in effect indefinitely.

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Taiwan Makes $180 Million Deal With US For Anti-Tank Systems

The State Department announced this week that it has approved the sale of $180 million worth of arms for Taiwan pending Congressional approval. The order is mostly comprised of Volcano anti-tank systems. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry has said that the sale should take approximately a month to complete and that the volcano mine systems would increase the country’s “asymmetric warfare” capabilities.

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South Korea Vows Aggressive Retaliation To North Korea’s Military ‘Provocations’

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has vowed to respond more aggressively to military provocations by North Korea after Pyongyang sent drones into South Korea’s airspace earlier this week. Seoul not only revealed a $440 million military spending package in response to the incident but also called for its military to “punish” North Korea for its military actions.

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