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BREAKING From Dr. Malone: We Are Under Biological Attack From Chinese Communist Party

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Higher Levels Of Inoculation Against Covid-19 Increase Chance of Death While Infected With Virus.

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Diana Barahona October 15, 2022 at 11:01 am

Labels and names are often false. The Luciferian global capitalist class is called “the left”, but it isn’t socialist and it isn’t communist—it is actually fascist, according to the dictionary definition of fascism.

The Chinese Communist Party has not been communist since Mao died and Deng Xiaoping, the protege of David Rockefeller, Kissinger and GHW Bush, took power. Deng Xiaoping and his followers were called “capitalist-roaders.” That isn’t my name—that’s how they were known in China. The capitalist-roaders turned the party leadership into a capitalist class. The only thing that is communist about the CCP is the name.

Incidentally, the Luciferian global capitalist class did the same thing in South Africa: they called it Black Economic Empowerment. The US State Department created a globaliszing black capitalist class within the ANC. I know about BEE because the advisor on my master’s degree thesis committee was from South Africa. He abruptly withdrew from advising me because my thesis was Marxist, and he had a problem with Marxism. I had to drop out of the university because I couldn’t get a single professor for my committee. (The thesis was published by another university, but because I transferred, I never earned my master’s degree.)


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