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What To Expect Of The Brexit Mess

What To Expect Of The Brexit Mess

With the wailing and gnashing of teeth coming from The Continent and the corrupt media over ‘Brexit’ and the associated political mess, one could be forgiven for not having a clue as to what is really going on. That of course essentially depends on what day it is, or what hour it is, as the situation changes with the weather. However, we found the article below which we thought gave the explanation a good go.

In short, the EU wants to block the will of the British people to leave, and as with the Trump-Russia mess, concocted a plan to make the UK a vassal of Brussels no matter what. Nigel Farage, the Brexit architect, is having none of it, and started the Brexit Party, essentially taking most of the Tory support with him in a stunning development…

Nigel Farage will be prime minister of England one day. Note I didn’t say the United Kingdom. There are real secessionist movements which the next phase of his quest for Brexit which will likely tear the U.K. apart.

But that’s the future. The present is, however, even more interesting than that.

To read more visit Zero Hedge.

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