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    Noa Pothoven: Holland Writ Small

    June 7, 2019
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    Noa Pothoven. Screenshot: YouTube

    The story exploded Tuesday. Everyone gnashed their teeth over the anorexia, the self-harm, the suicide. They yelled, they flailed about: "This can't be real!" "This isn't happening!" Ridiculous remedies were attempted. Electro-convulsive therapy. They tried to treat the anorexia. If only she would eat, they said. Then, they gave up along with Noa, and let her slowly commit suicide.

    In the hundreds of nearly identical articles written about the Dutch teenager, no one asked: who molested her at 11 and 12 years old, and who were the two men who raped her three years ago at 14? Why is nothing, to the point of being conspicuous, written about the rapists?

    We intuit the answer.

    Two weeks ago, the Dutch State Secretary Mark Harbers resigned over covering up migrant crime. He had hidden violent crime results from the public--such as murder and rape--with the help of Dutch police, part of the politically correct approach to policing (commonly known as "willful ignorance" and "criminal negligence").

    10 out of 12 rapes are committed by migrants in the Netherlands. But don't say anything about it, or they might rape you too: Dutch politician Willie Dille had the courage to point out the problem and was subsequently gang-raped by a group of Moroccan migrants. While they took turns raping her, they yelled, "Do you respect Mohammed, do you respect Allah?" The 55 year-old woman later committed suicide.

    Dutch newspaper De Gelderlander reports that Noa Pothoven was not able to talk about her assailants, and her mother bemoaned the fact that Noa could not “get the word ‘rape’ out of her mouth.” What an utterly damning statement. If only she would stop referring to that incident, we could all get on with treating her anorexia!

    Such blindness has been commonplace in Western Europe since Angela Merkel changed her 2005 stance--that Middle Eastern and African migrants would not assimilate--to accommodate modern Europe's escalating disaster.

    Six months ago, Danish student Maren Ueland and her Norwegian friend Louisa Jespersen hiked across Morocco to prove that Muslims are nice and Islamophobia is nonsense. They were gang-raped and decapitated.

    By 14, Noa had been sexually assaulted twice, and raped by two men.

    Colonial Hangover + "White Privilege" Guilt = Bad Outcomes

    Noa wrote, “My house has been broken into, my body, that can never be undone...to this day my body still feels dirty." And so, with the tortured logic of a teenager, she attacked her body, refusing to feed it. The anorexia, which will be listed as her cause of death, was but a symptom.

    So it goes in Holland, where the disease is listed as Islamophobia, not Islamists.

    The problem runs deeper in Holland than elsewhere in Europe. The Dutch attitude toward immigration is complicated, and has obscured the issue for much longer than the 30-year era of political correctness. From a study by Focus: Migration, (emphasis mine):

    "The Dutch government distinguishes between allochtonen and [ethnic Dutch]...allochtonen are officially defined as persons who have at least one parent who was born outside the Netherlands. A further distinction is made between Western and non-Western allochtonen. Western allochtonen are people from Europe (excluding Turkey), North America, Oceania, Indonesia and Japan; non-Western allochtonen are defined as people from Turkey, Africa, Latin American and the rest of Asia. Many statistics differentiate between [ethnic Dutch] and allochtonen, as they are seen as the ones with the most disadvantaged position in Dutch society. In everyday usage the term allochtonen only denotes the non-Western group, and more specifically Turks and Moroccans."

    Nebulous definitions are the hallmark of cultural bashfulness. Wishful thinking trumps logic, and what was once clear becomes foggy. For instance, the term mulatto, once inoffensive, denotes someone who is half black and half white. It has been replaced for no logical reason by "biracial," a far less specific term that could mean almost anything. "Allochtonen" is another example of muddying once-clear waters. For all the blather in the quoted paragraph above, we eventually learn that the term is a practical euphemism for Muslim.

    The famously tolerant Dutch have welcomed immigrants for centuries. After World War II, guest workers were encouraged to maintain their own cultures, citizenship was easy to attain, and pressure to assimilate was low.

    More from the Focus: Migration study:

    "For immigrants who were not proficient in Dutch, many government services and documents were provided in their mother tongues. However it soon became clear that the former guest workers...were economically marginalised. Many policies were enacted to improve their position, but to little avail."

    Sadly, that paragraph could have been written about any modern Western country.

    But it isn't just refusal to work (why would you, in a generous welfare state?) or high crime rates. The ideological and religious mindset of Islamists is incompatible with the moral indulgences and straightforward work ethic of the West. In a sense, the admixture isn't fair to either side.

    The 2002 assassination of anti-immigration politician Pim Fortuyn was another alarm followed by a reflexively slapped snooze-button. Then the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh, killed for drawing a cartoon by a Dutch-born Muslim whose parents were from Morocco.

    In other words, one of the allochtonen.

    For over five centuries, the Netherlands has earned its reputation as a beneficent land. When the Protestant Huguenots fled French Catholic persecution, the Dutch threw open their doors, and have continued to do so through the ages, a point of national pride. It's a fine and noble trait, one shared by America, but as is evident in every facet of the American experience, immigration works well when:

    • the new arrivals desire gainful employment,
    • are eager to assimilate,
    • share cultural beliefs,
    • are tolerant of the religious beliefs of others.

    Islamists meet exactly none of those preconditions. Pundits point to the arrival of Italians in America as a rebuttal to this idea: they brought organized crime theretofore unseen, but it all worked out, and what's more, we got pizza and "The Godfather." Wrong. Italians met all the above criteria, despite a small percentage who organized the mafia on our shores.

    Islamists meet no conditions and are execrably violent: Muslims make up 6% of the Dutch population but account for the vast majority of violent crime: the data is hard to come by as it is repressed, as mentioned earlier. Due to Freedom of Information (FOI) requests, glimpses into the problem are shocking. 40% of Moroccans aged 17-24 have arrest records. 60% drop out of high school. 80% of Muslim teens in Holland "saw nothing wrong" with jihad--war against unbelievers.

    Dutch asylum requests have varied from a low of 16,000 up to 44,000 over the past four years. In a country of 6 million, even the low end is a lot. The largest groups are consistently from Iran, Eritrea, and Syria, countries which rank 155th, 177th, and "unranked" (due to lack of obtainable data), respectively, on the Heritage Foundation's Freedom Index.

    Imagine going from a place of violence and starvation...to a place where a teenage girl starves herself to death due to violence.

    Holland has been raped repeatedly by Islamist migrants. It's parents--politicians--blame racism and Islamophobia, claiming that ethnic Dutch need to be nicer and the problem will disappear, much as Noa's family focused on anorexia. Unlike Noa, Holland's future is unknown, but all signs point toward slow cultural suicide.



    Court Anderson

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    The Dutch have been weak for 350 years. They are a diluted , nihilistic, and hopeless Society as is allof Western Europe.


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