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    Pelosi's Son And Ukraine Fraud: How Deep Is This Rabbit Hole? A: Deeper Than MSM Says

    October 4, 2019
    Paul Pelosi, Jr. Screenshot: YouTube

    It's no wonder that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been erratic about her Ukraine-fueled impeachment position. Her son, Paul Pelosi Jr., has multiple ties to corrupt dealings in the same country.

    Think of him as Hunter Biden Lite: same great fraudulent taste, fewer crazy calories.

    The Natural Blues: Nearly Busted Going Green

    The Securities and Exchange Commission charged the firm that Mr. Pelosi founded, Natural Blue Resources, Inc., with fraud in 2014. The firm alleged to be an environmental consultancy group, but it turned out to be a greenwashed shell company. Four men were found guilty: Joseph Corazzi, James Cohen, Toney Anaya, and Erik Perry. Corazzi and Cohen were found guilty of secretly running the company despite previous fraud convictions that disqualified them from doing so. Perry was an executive, and Anaya, the Chairman and CEO, was formerly the governor of New Mexico (Democrat). Ananya and Perry were charged with misleading investors as to who was running the firm.

    Interesting, as Mr. Pelosi claimed to have handed the reins to Corazzi and Cohen left the firm a year before.

    Former Dem Gov. Anaya got off light, of course: banned for five years from participation in penny stock offerings, and didn't admit or deny the charges. Perry had to pay $150,000 and was permanently banned from participation in penny stock offerings. Mr. Pelosi was not charged. Oddly, he is still listed as "President" on governmental records.

    You'd think a bad experience like that would keep the child of a powerful politician away, but no.

    The Sporting Life

    Mr. Pelosi visited Ukraine again in 2017, vaguely supporting the development of Ukrainian soccer. In a mumbling interview with a local TV show in Kyiv, the host asks, "This is your first visit to Ukraine, I imagine?" and Mr. Pelosi answers, "Uh, yes, this is my first here, uh, with the, uh, Corporate Governance Initiative."

    Shrewd answer.

    Rather, what is he doing BACK in Ukraine?

    It seems Mr. Pelosi studied at his mother's side. A more truthful reply might have sounded like this: Well, no, my first time here was in 2009, when I founded a bogus company designed to shield and enrich fellow Democrats while sucking funds out of Ukraine. We were effectively shut down by the SEC in 2014.

    Under what guise was Mr. Pelosi in Ukraine again in 2017? As the CEO of a global business ethics consultation firm, naturally.

    He was picked to be the CEO of the aforementioned Corporate Governance Initiative. Check out their website, there is nothing of any substance whatsoever. I can't recall a website that looked more like a front for something nefarious.

    What experience does Mr. Pelosi possess that wowed the CGI board? First, it's unclear whether they have a board. Further, the president of the company, listed ridiculously as "R. RASHAAD LV PATRICK II PHD" on the "Our Team" tab of the CGI website, has no Wiki page and no LinkedIn page. He, Mr. Pelosi, and communications director Aric Reutlinger appear to be the only employees of CGI.

    What does CGI do? They write passable corporate-speak, for one. From their website:

    The Corporate Governance Initiative is committed to assisting organizations adhere to a system of guidelines, practices, and procedures by which a company is directed and controlled.
    The Corporate Governance Initiative will also help companies create policies to find better balance between the interests of a company's many stakeholders, such as shareholders, management, patrons, providers, investors, government and the public.

    Far more interesting than CGI is how Paul used the firm to get back to the scene of the crime in Ukraine. Why are Democratic politician children drawn to this highly corrupt, unstable country? Soccer (which Ukrainians and virtually everyone else calls football) of course.

    From a 2017 article in American Mirror (emphasis added):

    [When] asked why he was in Kiev.
    “Today we’re here to talk about soccer,” Pelosi said.
    “We recently got an endorsement from the world sports alliance and we’ve spoken with the Ukraine government about collaboration for soccer for young people,” he said.
    “Ukraine has a great history in soccer and we hope to share in that tradition going forward.”

    The House Minority Leader’s son’s work there is curious, given the Democrats’ attempts to collaborate with Ukraine to attack Donald Trump.
    The Daily Caller reports:
    The Senate Judiciary Committee is questioning whether the Democratic National Committee violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) by working with Ukrainian government officials to undermine Donald Trump’s presidential campaign last year.
    In a letter sent to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley pointed to a report published by Politico in January laying out DNC official Alexandra Chalupa’s collaboration with Ukrainian politicians to compile research on Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign chairman.
    Chalupa, a Ukrainian-American activist who is no longer affiliated with the DNC, was paid $70,000 as a consultant for the party during the 2016 presidential cycle. She was paid $412,000 between 2004 and last year.
    Pelosi said he was in the country talking “certain investment banker things related to soccer.”

    If anything draws Democrats together these days, it's money, spying, and children.

    The Real Reason He Was There: He Sits On Board Of Viscoil


    Media is still in the early stages of processing the latest, perhaps largest, nugget: Mr. Pelosi was back in Ukraine because he apparently sat on the boards of Viscoil, a Ukrainian gas company, and NRGLab, a company which did energy business with Ukraine. Watch the Twitter videos. Mr. Pelosi says it himself: "Of course, I'm on the board of Viscoil..."

    Quick aside: When Hunter Biden and associate Devon Archer, a former Abercrombie & Fitch model, took seats on the Burisma board, their business partner Christopher Heinz, stepson of John Kerry, cut business ties with them. Why? The Heinz Ketchup heir is already wealthy and doesn't want to go to prison. In contrast, Mr. Pelosi's mother Nancy is somehow worth $120 million, but that gets split among Paul and his four siblings. Who wants to wait around for $24 million minus taxes? That isn't going to cut it for a son of lifelong nepotism. These kids want to make their own mark on the world, goshdarnit!

    Bottom line: the evidence is growing that there was a Dem cash grab going on in Ukraine (and China) that started post-revolution, during the Obama administration, and Joe Biden was the point person. Hunter got in on it, and so did Nancy Pelosi's underachieving, stuttering son.

    As far as using Ukraine as fodder against Trump, the Dems walked into this trap, though some more slowly than others. Nancy Pelosi's reticence to engage in Ukraine-based impeachment is all too clear in retrospect.



    Court Anderson

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    J. Guidry

    HOLY CRAP! And the hits just keep on comin', if we'll just stay tuned in we may see the entire dem/rino(they gotta be in there somewhere) family crooked tree.
    Who's kids/spouses/relatives are not involved in soaking the people of some nation or another to line their own pockets?
    The left is opening a can of wupass and Trump may just deliver it. Digging deeper into the Ukraine situation may not have the results the left(dems and rinos) desire.
    Shooting themselves in the foot seems to be their special thing.
    Just sayin'.


    The Ukraine is Hell on Earth and the socialist-democrat demons use it as their home base.

    stephen paul

    The 3 of the people at that company in the link look like shady characters. they look like they would they should be sporting a number under those pictures.


    Wow, Pelosi Jr is smarmy, and seems to have a speaking issue? He also learned well at Mama's knee, I could hear her words when he said "We bring people together in a spirit of cooperation" All scripted badly, of course.

    […] don’t forget that Nancy Pelosi has a personal stake in the impeachment game. Her son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., had his own business ties to Ukraine. Do you seriously believe Pelosi when she says that she doesn’t “hate” the […]

    […] don’t forget that Nancy Pelosi has a personal stake in the impeachment game. Her son, Paul Pelosi, Jr., had his own business ties to Ukraine. Do you seriously believe Pelosi when she says that she doesn’t “hate” the […]

    Patriotism Matters

    I've come to the conclusion the loony left or globalist or communists or hoi polloi or what ever title one gives them are practicing the true only 3 military strategies.

    Attrition - A strategy which seeks to gradually erode the combat power of the enemy's forces. In the US it is via abortion, out priced healthcare, and pharmaceuticals

    Exhaustion- A strategy which seeks the gradual erosion of an enemy nation's will or means to resist. In US it is being done VIA refugees, illegals, and poisoning of crop bearing land from corps. gun control.

    Divide and rule, or divide and conquer- in politics and sociology is gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into pieces that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy. The use of this technique is meant to empower the sovereign to control the subjects, populations. In US of course it's easy to see. Can all be wrapped up into the popular buzzword, "discrimination" age, race, gender, geography, etc.

    I've been a student of history, strategy and tactics for a long time

    […] the grand scheme of Pelosi sins, including son Paul Pelosi, Jr.’s Ukraine fraud, this doesn’t move the needle in anything but the scale of hypocrisy visited on the American […]


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