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    Patriotism: Alive And Well In Idaho On Veteran’s Day

    November 14, 2019
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    Students, teachers, and parents gathered on Monday, November 11th, at West Canyon Elementary School in Caldwell, Idaho to celebrate Veteran’s Day and to honor our American Veterans in a school assembly.

    The assembly opened with everyone saying the Pledge of Allegiance and then the crowd singing our National Anthem. Everyone was singing along. The West Canyon Honor Choir, Percussion Choir, and Bell Choir sang and performed patriotic songs such as “I Love America” and “America.” 

    Patriotism is alive and well at West Canyon where Mrs. Hamilton, the music teacher for the past six years, teaches the children to play and sing patriotic songs to honor our vets. Mrs. Hamilton has been organizing this assembly every year since she began at West Canyon. Each year, she sends out a request to students, teachers, and parents to send in pictures of family members who are veterans who are either currently serving or have served in the Armed Forces. Pictures of those veterans were shared throughout the assembly as children sang patriotic songs.

    In attendance at the assembly were veterans who have children or grandchildren that attend West Canyon.  As the different songs for each branch of the military were sung, those veterans stood and were applauded for their service to our great country. West Canyon students are being taught the importance of patriotism. 

    West Canyon Elementary, part of the Vallivue School District, is a small rural school in Caldwell, Idaho. Cindy Dodd has been the principal at West Canyon for 13 years. Cindy has worked hard at creating a positive learning environment for students and parents where everyone feels welcome. When you enter West Canyon, you immediately feel the positive atmosphere and are greeted by two school secretaries who are warm and friendly and ready to help with any student or parent need. West Canyon is a little hidden gem in Idaho and should be proud of the patriotism it has shown on Veteran’s Day. During the last song, which was a medley of the Armed Forces’ songs, the students in the choir showed great pride and excitement for each branch with hand motions, signs, and marching. It was exactly what “old school” patriotism looks like.  

    Don’t we wish all our children could attend a school like West Canyon, where students are taught to be proud of their country and our American Veterans?  

    “I am proud of every single student who stood on that stage and sang or played their hearts out in appreciation for our veterans, our freedom, and for our country,” said Cindy Dodd, Principal.



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