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The Deep State Bureaucrats Who Wanted To ‘Improve Women’s Rights’ In Afghanistan At The Expense Of Over 2,000 Dead Americans

The Deep State Bureaucrats Who Wanted To 'Improve Women's Rights' In Afghanistan At The Expense Of Over 2,000 Dead Americans
Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial Santa Monica Beach LA March 2008
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Tom Pratt

The most striking couple of sentences in the breathtaking report from the Washington Post about the West’s failed nation-building in Afghanistan were right in the middle. The report stated, in no uncertain terms, “Some U.S. officials wanted to use the war to turn Afghanistan into a democracy. Others wanted to transform Afghan culture and elevate women’s rights.”

Think about that for a moment. More than $1 trillion spent, more than 2,000 lives lost, more than 20,000 men and women maimed and scarred physically and psychologically for life, all to shape the semi-feudal Afghanistan into modern Switzerland. To do what the British Empire and the Soviet Empire failed before: to impose a Western idea — developed and practiced in the West, with all the cultural forces that shaped it — in a land which has historically never had a Magna Carta, a James Madison, or an October Revolution. It doesn’t even have a normative society such as erstwhile pre-colonial India, Egypt, or China, or pre-1945 Germany or Japan…

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