DOD Refuses To Comment On West Point Cadets Being Forced To Watch Culturally Marxist Propaganda

January 31, 2020
DOD Refused To Comment On West Point Cadets Being Forced To Watch Culturally Marxist Propaganda

CD Media contacted the Department of Defense (DOD) regarding an article in Breitbart News earlier in the week which described feminist propaganda cadets were forced to watch, along with discussions on 'toxic masculinity'. Cadets were also alleged to have been urged by a speaker during the day's propaganda activities to raise a fist in a classic 'black power' salute and shout 'Fight the Power!'

Here is the Breitbart article.

Woke West Point Curriculum Denounces ‘Toxic Masculinity’

DOD Public Affairs refused to comment on the situation, even after specifically being asking about cadets being forced to watch specific feminist films and other culturally Marxist activities. Public Affairs referred us to regulations on political activities for military members.

A Facebook page for service academy grads who are disturbed by what is happening can be joined here.



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