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    February 17, 2020
    Book Launch: THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE IRANIAN RESISTANCE – The People’s Mujahideen Of Iran

    As the fires on the streets of Iran burn with civil unrest, there is a story that has not been told, due to diabolical censorship by the Mullahs of Iran, and successive U.S. administrations.

    After hundreds of hours of interviews, we will tell the 40 year story of the PMOI/MEK in this timely, shocking, heartbreaking description of the brave group of people determined to bring freedom to Iran, where over 120,000 have been executed by the regime.

    Publication Date – March 1, 2020, by L Todd Wood, Publisher, CD Media.

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    Witnesses to the 1988 Massacre

    The testimony of these victims is delivered verbatim...word for word. I did not feel any literary right to change their revelations in any way, so please excuse any grammar or other literary errors.  

    The five men filed into the room and took their places around the table. There was an obvious sadness about all of them. Most of the members of the MEK I had talked to at Ashraf 3 were cheerful and full of life, even as they recounted their abuse by the Iranian regime.  

    These men were different.  

    They were survivors of the infamous 1988 massacre where the Mullahs executed over 30,000 members of the MEK, emptying the prisons, in a short period of time -- a few weeks, rivaling Hitler in their efficiency. They killed many of the victims in swimming pools, to contain and drain the blood.  They took their seats at the table around me and waited to revisit their own private Hell. The expressions on their faces made me realize the pain I was putting them through; however, the ordeal was necessary, in order to tell the world of the evil they had experienced firsthand.  

    "The next morning the guard came looking for me; I put on my clothes and he took me to the mess hall where they were hanging people. I looked underneath the blinder. When I got to the cleric, I saw it was full of prisoners. I sat down in one corner and asked what was going on. "Are you new here?" the prisoners asked. They told me every hour they take a group to be hanged. A guard came and said, "Those who want to go to heaven and drink milk with honey, follow me." 12 people got up to go. Many others got up in a rush to join the 12. The other IRCG asked, "Why it is you are trying to get ahead of everyone? The prisoners shouted, "Do you want to know why?" The guard said, "Yes." The prisoner told the guard, "Until you are one of us, you can never understand. You will never be in our shoes and in our place." He took a group of them inside and after a half hour, the guard took me inside the mess hall and took away the blinder. I saw a heap of bodies, hanged prisoners, on top of one another.  "The mess hall was 60x30 meters; it had a stage, which from which 12 ropes hung and underneath each rope there was a chair. The prisoners that they brought in would rush to jump on the chair; they had very high moral. They would shout, "Hail to the MEK! Hail to Mossoud Rajavi!", before they were executed. 

    At this point, the MEK member in charge of the interviews breaks down and cries at length...

    The IRCG members were in shock and in awe of such courage, and such bravery. When I saw these prisoners showing so much bravery, I felt so much pity for myself, that I had not stood up for the MEK. I never thought they would hang everybody but I realized the regime was Hell-bent on hanging every one. At that time, they brought another 12 under the noose, and they climbed on the chair. Again, the repeating chants that victory is ours, we will soon triumph, long live the National Liberation Army. The judge then realized these scenes were having a big impact on even the guards with such bravery. He saw the resolve and the determination...the cleric said, "Yes, they are hanging them, but such bravery, such a mark of defiance." 

    "So the judge came up and started kicking the first three chairs; the nine others kicked their own chairs. I lost my mental balance and passed out. I realized the guard was pouring water on my face. I gained consciousness and they were back dragging bodies by the feet to the door to trucks and the trucks drove them away.  

    "If the hanged people had any personal belongings, they would steal it. Of course the prisoners knew this so they would destroy anything worth anything, so the guards wouldn't take them.  "They took me to the previous cell. I lost balance mentally. They took me to a cell where I saw Mohmoud and Hussein. So we were witness on one hand of such epic bravery. Outside the prisons the families were defiant and resistant. I had my first family visit in December of that year. First I met my mother and asked her how were my friends who were in Evan Prison. She told me they were all dead. I asked about others. There were all dead. After the massacre, for me, every day is like 1,000 days; although before the massacre, all the years in prison seemed nothing to me. I was released in 1994.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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