• This Is How Socialized Medicine Deals (Or Rather Doesn't Deal) With The Chinese Coronavirus Problem

    March 15, 2020

    UK To Just Let People Get The 'Boomer Remover', Italy Prepares Death Panels

    This Is How Socialized Medicine Deals (Rather Doesn't Deal) With The Chinese Coronavirus Problem
    Bologna, 5 febbraio 2020 – Volontari di protezione civile impegnati nei controlli sanitari nell'aeroporto "Guglielmo Marconi"
    Image by Dipartimento Protezione Civile

    Bernie Bros need to take notice. Look at what is happening in countries that have socialized medicine as the Chinese coronavirus ravages the population.

    It is a well-known fact that market oriented healthcare (with real competition) is the best way to go to achieve the best outcome for a society. The way Italy, the United Kingdom, and others, where socialized medicine reigns supreme, are handling the virus is telling.

    In Britain for instance, the government has basically decided that the U.K. is going to 'take it on the chin', according to the Prime Minister himself. Johnson made the comments recently as the pride of Britain, the National Health Service, is creaking under the weight of handling a normal healthcare routine, much less a full-blown pandemic that will require tens of thousands of hospital beds.

    Apparently Johnson's plan, or lack thereof, is to let the entire country contract the virus, and let hundreds of thousands die, but the 'herd immunity' will protect the rest.

    The simple fact is many believe the NHS would rather kill off the older population. The 'Boomer Remover' may do just that if the Tory's have their way. But hey, what better way to make the NHS solvent for the younger generation?

    In Italy, plans have been leaked for 'triage' to let older patients die, having been refused the care needed at the local hospital due to age and other 'vulnerability' factors.

    Coronavirus victims in Italy will be denied access to intensive care if they are aged 80 or more or in poor health should pressure on beds increase, a document prepared by a crisis management unit in Turin propose, reported The Telegraph. Some patients denied intensive care will in effect be left to die, doctors fear.

    Roberto Testi, president of the coranavirus technical-scientific committee for Piedmont, told The Telegraph: "Here in Piedmont we aim to delay as long as possible the use of these criteria. At the moment there are still intensive care places available and we are working to create more.

    "We want to arrive as late as possible at the point where we have to decide who lives and who dies. The criteria relate only to access to intensive care - those who do not get access to intensive care will still receive all the treatment possible. In medicine we sometimes have to make difficult choices but it's important to have a system about how to make them."

    In Sweden, which Millennials love to herald as an example of socialized nirvana, the government has come up with a novel idea for combating the virus -- just not talk about it.

    A representative of the Authority said that instead of reporting the number of known infections, they would identify those regions that are most badly hit by the virus, according to a report in Sweden’s Aftonbladet. “We will no longer say that we have 458 or 562 cases,” Anders Tegnell said. “Instead, we will talk about which areas of Sweden are being affected, and how badly.”

    He added that it is “no longer important” to know how many cases of COVID-19 there are in the country, reported EU Times.

    Physician Staffan Sylvan has said that Sweden lacks the necessary resources to handle the epidemic. “Our hospitals are already having problems caring for urgent cases,” he said. “So why spread false information about our readiness?”

    Germany, conversely, has taken an even stranger attitude toward the crisis. Angela Merkel has refused to restrict travel from Italy despite the fact that she has admitted that 70% of Germans will likely be infected by COVID-19 eventually, as previously reported by Voice of Europe.

    So there you have it. When I was in Alaska 30 years ago in the Air Force, there was a popular local bar in Anchorage which coined the phrase, "We cheat the other guy and pass the savings on to you."

    Bernie Bros may just believe it doesn't apply to them until it's too late.


    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    So now to my Democrat friends. Who punching granny over the cliff?

    Blue North Wind

    Herd immunity is when the people *naturally* get the disease and recover because they've built a natural immunity. This makes people stronger.

    Healthy eating, staying away from people, keeping your body heat up, vitamins, the sun, and keeping clean all help *more* than a vaccination.

    Immunizations arent 100%, and they are *temporary*, meaning you need a booster. The more shots you get, the less it works, the more dangerous the actual virus is.

    John bergman, Dell bigtree, Suzanne Humphries, et all, explain natural immunity quite well, and easily.

    Poems of Our Climate

    You have zero respect for your elders and all they have done. Your karma looks dismal.


    American elders deserve no respect from American youth. They've pilfered the pockets of the next three generations with their lousy idea of government. If the bloated, treasonous tyrants turn on those aged that empowered them, I'll call it poetic justice.

    What is it American elders have to pride themselves on again, leaving this corporeal dumpster fire before it self-implodes?

    roggie mac

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    It isn't the "Boomer" generation at the greatest risk, it is the "Greatest" and "Silent" generations at risk.

    Greatest Generation born between 1901-1927 (Youngest is 91 years old)
    Silent Generation born 1928-1945 (Youngest is 75 years old)
    Boomer Generation born 1945-1963 (Youngest is 57 years old)


    The vaunted British National Health Service had, and may still have, albeit, hidden from the public, a policy called the "Liverpool Care Pathway"...This was a method to withhold food and water from elderly patients, which, were in the Doctor's eyes, too sick to treat, at their age, or unlikely to recover...The lack of nourishment and hydration would significantly speed up their dying, which would free up their bed, for a "more deserving", read younger, patient...Some people went to visit their 74 year old Mother, and found her drinking from the flower vase...Family members were not consulted, about their loved ones, imminent demise, after being entered onto the LCP...It was a policy run by the "Medical Professionals", who obviously, were much better trained, and much more intelligent, than the unwashed masses, to determine who lived, and who died...I thought the policy was finished, but obviously, I was wrong...Socialized medicine is not the solution...A single payer system, is a system with the "too powerful" at the top of the system, to the detriment of all of its patients...NHS patients can wait up to a year, or longer, for procedures like an MRI, or CT Scan, while "Private Insurance Patients" are seen right away --- By the same Doctors ---- In the same hospitals ---- I guess if you can afford to pay National Health Insurance (No the NHS is NOT free!!!), and pay private BUPA Health Insurance, you are "More Worthy"...Silly me, I should have known the rich and famous are "more worthy"...


    "Useful", much?

    […] On The Other Hand: L. Todd Wood: This Is How Socialized Medicine Deals (Or Rather Doesn’t Deal) With The Chinese Coronavirus Proble… […]


    I agree with everything in the article except for Boris Johnson being at fault for the lack of heath care in the UK. He was just elected a few months ago after decades of liberal rule!


    On the one hand US conservatives are (probably correctly) downplaying Covid as just another of the flu-like epidemics that always take their toll of the elderly and Health-compromised, but now jump at tossing a gratuitous scoff at universal health schemes. So, which is it: is Covid going to finish off us oldsters as per form, or will the vaunted American kludge of health care providers make a significant dent in the mortality rate?

    Europe has survived many terrible plagues that America (and Canada, eh) would barely feel because our populations are dispersed. If we are to compare the effect that health care systems have on Covid deaths, let's at least compare apples (US) with apples (Canada). I'm betting that despite our utterly inept Liberal government we will see roughly equal mortality rates across the 49th.

    Nabi Rasch

    Truth is nobody can do that much once the enemy has been allowed past the gates. The US response has been pretty befuddled too--in essence letting the virus lead rather than taking the highest containment measure possible right at the beginning. To turn this into a celebration of capitalism (all the while vowing to bend the philosophy to ensure the liquidity of large corporations taking a hit) is beyond farce.

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