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    Madonna, Hanks Tweet From Corona Quarantine, Stirring Pedogate Scrutiny

    March 21, 2020
    Madonna. Screencap via Twitter

    "Ironically, the brand of the typewriter is Corona"


    Editor's Note: CDMedia prides itself on real reporting and analysis...before you say we are promoting something not real, please consider...Alex Jones was right, Weinstein is in jail, and Epstein didn't kill himself.

    As a matter of principle, CD Media avoids "celebrity news," but as Hollywood figures have insisted on inserting themselves into the spotlight during a global crisis, we felt it was worthwhile to point out the jarring oddity of a handful of recent tweets and the creepy parallels they suggest.

    Social media is scratching its collective head over recent posts by global megastars Tom Hanks and Madonna.

    Let's begin with Madonna, perhaps more famous lately for Trump-bashing than her music. Yes, it was the Material Girl who, in January of 2017, gave a rambling protest speech about "blowing up the White House." Decked out in an all-black "pussy hat" instead of standard-issue pink, hers resembled devil horns more than kitty-cat ears. Her words, though--they were an incitement to violence that she later claimed was "a metaphor."

    A metaphor? Precisely so. "Symbolism shall be their undoing" is a chestnut, a notion well worn among the folks who take note of and dissect "Hollyweird." Too many of its denizens strike Satanic poses, sport pendants with irreligious significance, and ink themselves with angry symbols (hello, former Rep. Katie "throuple" Hill with her Iron Cross).

    In the cases of Jim Carrey and Kevin Spacey, people who accuse them of wrongdoing turn up dead. Suspicious circumstances. The stars walk free, even as they themselves predicted they would in creepy roleplaying tweets, even after being called out by fellow stars.

    An aging diva, Madonna has endured a few stumbles lately. Earlier in the year, she fell down during a live performance and injured her knee. In a subsequent show, she fell off a chair while dancing. She blamed the knee injury for the second tumble. At yet another gig, at London's famed Palladium, she ran so late that the house crew shut the lights during her set, thereby ending the evening while the 61 year-old showered the staff with invective. She falls down a lot. In 2019, again in 2015 (this one is funny).

    Like many of the wealthy, Madonna is hiding out during the coronavirus outbreak. In her words, she's doing so "out of honor and respect for COVID-19."

    Thanks for thinking of the virus first, Madge.

    In two consecutive video tweets that she titled "Quarantine Diaries," the singer sits at a typewriter. She did voiceover for the videos, a recitation of what she's typing on the analog device. It's perhaps the most belabored way to send a tweet ever conceived.

    She rambles on about the virus making her aware of the importance of words, and that's a good clue: the words she chooses are important.

    Madonna randomly waxes hungry at the end of the video, yearning for "a bowl of pasta". So what, right? Who doesn't like pasta?

    Except that anyone who followed the Pizzagate conspiracy in 2017 raises a sharp eyebrow when any celebrity mentions cheese pizza, pasta, hot dogs, walnut sauce, or handkerchiefs, just a few of the words identified by the FBI as encoded language for pedophiles during the bureau's investigation of pedophile rings.

    "Pasta," per the FBI, is code for a young boy. More on this in a moment. Handkerchiefs mean different things depending on their color. Red is suicide.

    Well, well. What do we have here?

    Odder still: this was tweeted just 24 hours before the questionable suicide of pedophile whistleblower Isaac Kappy. Kappy had famously accused Steven Spielberg of pedophilia. In what is hopefully an unrelated development, Spielberg's adopted Honduran daughter recently began a career in pornography.

    But I digress. Back to the singer of "Like A Virgin."

    "Ironically, the brand of the typewriter is Corona," Madonna intones as she taps away at the keys. Indeed, you can see the name stamped on the machine, the mark of a famous old American company (now Smith Corona). That in itself isn't weird or noteworthy until you realize that her tweet was posted on March 17th, the same day Tom Hanks sent this tweet, also featuring a Corona typewriter.

    It's not a coincidence.

    Remember, Hanks and Madonna worked together closely on "A League of Their Own." They're friends. So why do they choose this time, a global emergency, a pandemic, to trade inside jokes? Note as well: Hanks chooses to type his tweets and then photograph them, as opposed to simply typing his messages on the Twitter app, much like Madonna taking video of her tweet-writing performance.

    In short, yes, they're making fun of you.

    It turns out Hanks is a typewriter aficionado. He collects them. It's a quirky passion of America's favorite leading man. The cover photo of his recent book of short stories, "Uncommon Type," features antique typewriter keys.

    "I traveled here with a typewriter, one I used to love," Hanks jokes in his tweet. The implication is that he likes the machine less now that its brand name is associated with a dreadful virus. OK...but who travels with a typewriter?

    Oh haha, Tom. Aren't pandemics funny?

    But the throwaway joke isn't the point. Hanks came into the Pizzagate discussion as a result of a photo that made the internet rounds years ago. In it, Hanks holds a note which reads, "I'm not allowed to talk!!"

    Image: YouTube

    Hanks, flanked by Oprah and her girlfriend Gayle King, sports a mustache and black eye. The fact that Oprah posted it to her Instagram account doesn't dissuade everyone from claiming there's something dark at works here. After all, it was posted at the height of Pizzagate outrage. It was interpreted by some as a middle finger, a you-can't-catch-me taunt directed at the deplorables, the hoi polloi.

    Are Hanks and Oprah close? Well...in 2017, he went on a multi-day mega-yacht cruise off Tahiti with her. Along with the Obamas. And Bruce Springsteen. Other than crew, the five-some were the only passengers.

    Now that Oprah's long and close relationship with convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is out in the open, the photo has gotten more mileage. Moreover, the two sex scandals at her now-defunct South African private school loom larger in the rearview mirror. (And speaking of falling on stage, what's the deal? Why are Madonna, Hillary, and Oprah all falling down lately?)

    But I digress again.

    Back to Madonna. The second "Quarantine Diaries" entry isn't worth embedding here, just an old woman typing about her angst. This time she pines not for pasta, but a dry martini with three olives. She does say something when she twists around 360 degrees in her chair, but I can't make it out, perhaps you can (please comment below if so). The twist seems significant in the theatrics of the video.

    Next, she tweeted an anti-Trump video, and then this shockingly weird tweet yesterday:

    Back to the pasta reference at the end.

    Madonna isn't stupid. She knows the effect of that word, especially at the end of such a weird, awful performance. What does "fried fish" symbolize?

    This comes to mind:

    John Podesta. YouTube

    I'm not expert enough in this world of creepy symbology to interpret, but it's worth mentioning.

    Regardless, what's going on with this woman? She stumbles halfway through her routine. Is that her bum knee, or booze, and/or pills? Did she finally have that martini? Why are so many celebrities in quarantine?

    With so many international flights shut down, has a crucial supply chain been shut down?

    Enter half-brother of Barack, Malik Obama. Perhaps you recall Malik's support of Trump in 2016. Big story, no? Brotherly betrayal and all? Malik accused Barack of dishonesty, going so far as to tweet what he claimed was Barack's actual birth certificate. Mainstream media blacklisted Malik to the point that Billy Carter, dead for three decades, likely had a higher Q score. Malik is really quite a witty guy. He's a master tweeter, if that's a word.

    Malik Obama has a theory as to what's going on. Click on the tweet below and follow the comments. Hint: he knows the answer to his question, it's purely rhetorical.

    The statistic you don't hear about enough, if at all: 800,000 children disappear annually worldwide. From places like Haiti, where the Clinton Foundation was involved in "rescue operations," and Monica Petersen, who was investigating the Clinton connection, died mysteriously. Draw what conclusions you will. It's either the sickest joke perpetrated on the internet, or the world's best-kept, darkest secret.

    I'm going to leave it at that. Buy ammo, and may God bless us all.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Dano S.

    Excellent work on this one CD Media. thank you. Will link with your permission because I think everyone should read this.


    Took your advice and purchased 300 more Federal 2 3/4" shotgun shells for my KSG-25. I am ready for anything including the local, state and federal government turning on us. I don't trust the police or the National Guard and judging from the lines around firearm dealers no else does either.
    In God we Trust, no one else.


    of course you may repost! ty!

    213 9151687

    What a bullshit article ive ever read. This is so off topic . Trump failed us and yet you want to blame Madonna. Fake News is your God. Your God is killing people. Not Madonna


    What a stupid article.. and the comment on Madonna's falling over in 2015 as 'this is funny' is bullying and unnecessary.. How many performers can you say who stumble and get up to perform like a pro? Maybe when you fail as a writer you can succeed selling toilet paper in your hometown.. even that requires skills..

    John 8

    Adrenochrome used to be manufactured in Wuhan. Probably a coincidence.


    you're clueless to what's really going on or you're one of them..there is no in between.


    my comment is directed to 213 9151687 btw.


    Madonna also does the Podesta L hand sign as well


    "The statistic you don’t hear about enough, if at all: 800,000 children disappear annually worldwide. From places like Haiti ...."
    You need to correct that. It's 800,000 annually in United States alone. Sadly MILLIONS worldwide.


    I agree with Dawna, anyone badmouthing this article, badmouthing Trump here, saying it's all nonsense, is completely ignorant or they are also part of the evil we need to eradicate from the earth. May god bless all the true patriots of this world.


    I just spotted this...
    On Madonna's short live feed Instagram 3hours ago she posted a bunch of photos and a few short videos of her kids, but at the end of this one on the chalkboard wall loaded with drawings opposite of the all seeing eye in the center of a flower there is a portrait drawn that says Love, Live, Spicoli

    So I looked up Spicoli and look what I found...

    The stoner character, played by a dedicated young Sean Penn, called the teacher a d—, and ordered pizza into the room!


    Madonna's freaking out!!!


    Wow, the Hollywood Pedophiles are infecting their little boy victims with Corona Virus out of pure spite or just from their warped sick and demented sense of humor ?
    Who cares, right ? The media prefers that we know only who their political favorites are.

    Honey Yasmin

    She turns after saying she wants a martini with 3 olives and says maybe she shouldnt have alcohol since she shouldnt have "anything that lowers the immune system"


    God I can't wait for all these "adrenochrome using" celebs to die due to old age and then see what excuses and reasoning is created to explain why they died even after supposedly constantly using an immortality serum....

    Crystal Clear

    Madonna is sick ,she needs to face the fact that she's a old slut with old bones , she looks like she has a food allergy with her swollen face..And to make jokes with her pedo lingo is sick its no joke whats going on in theses times with the most precious thing on earth ( our children.) none of those sick mfs believe in god .But they sure talk about him and jesus alot .. and all you shits that or complaining go do some research on the comments made in the article .. I just found out today that the queen and sickoo husband kidnaped some kids in the 60s and was found guilty just like her son .. That's why the bible says the meek will inherit earth...And to bad ( the virus cant knock out the celebs/politician/news people And save us some time. POWER TOO TRUMP!!!!!

    Mellissa Agen

    I’m seeing a connection between all these celebrities - like Alec Baldwin, Modonna, Ellen and Hanx
    The olives
    The typewriters
    The pasta remarks
    The baby jokes
    Ellen had a video then deleted showing a baby and rabbit saying same but different but acceptable. They’re mocking us amongst their social media.
    There is clearly something sinister going on within Hollywood and they feel the need to put it out and share it and no one will catch on unless you follow it all, use some critical thinking. It’s shocking. I’ve noticed things which I’d never notice before - all the #weareoneworld donations going to The Who when funding was supposed to get cut off, jimmy Fallon using the L in show writing sLow instead of show in his title - getting the L message out when you started to see panic spread amongst the celebrities. It’s horrible, they probably think of adrenochrome as a fun pastime and pedopholia as a right. Who knows - maybe they aren’t directly involved and just have to answer to someone who is above, either way they are all guilty and should be treated as such. Besides they are just people as we all are, what makes them superior. Because they entertain. People who save lives through medicine should be held higher. Entitled elite society fake kind hearts. Sick world.


    Makes me sick to the bone the lot of them. This is the devils work so there must be a god that must stop this. I pray for those poor children.


    That Oprah photo is dark indeed. They used Hanks because he was in the movie Catch Me If You Can. So it was a message to say you can't catch me by those in charge.


    Great article. Couple of thoughts? Seemingly celebs adrenochrome supply, from Wuhan, was meant to be spiked. Told each other via corona typewriters? Typewriter name the clue? No one travels with a typewriter and Madonna just happened to also have a corona typewriter.. handy..! Also Madonna with her fried fish.. had she just found out that sister diner of Comet Ping Pong - Bucks Fish & Camping were able to supply her instead 🤮 Don't apologise for reporting the truth. Journalists in MSM should leave their profession.. journalists of old would have turned in their graves if they could witness their actions!! The truth will come out.. lets pray its soon!! #GodWins


    Also sickos Oprah & Hanks - did you notice clock behind pic? Burgers and sausages all around it 🤮 whatever that means.. not normal. None of this lot are normal anymore.. they can't be.

    […] of plywood was underway, covering the storefront of Kate Spade, the eponymous fashion starlet who allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself from a doorknob with a red […]


    They are hot dogs. Which I'm pretty sure is another code word for something. I was wondering why nobody mentioned the clock.


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