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China’s Coming Upheaval Competition, The Coronavirus, And The Weakness Of Xi Jinping

China’s Coming Upheaval Competition, The Coronavirus, And The Weakness Of Xi Jinping
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Over the past few years, the United States’ approach to China has taken a hard-line turn, with the balance between cooperation and competition in the U.S.-Chinese relationship tilting sharply toward the latter. Most American policymakers and commentators consider this confrontational new strategy a response to China’s growing assertiveness, embodied especially in the controversial figure of Chinese President Xi Jinping. But ultimately, this ongoing tension—particularly with the added pressures of the new coronavirus outbreak and an economic downturn—is likely to expose the brittleness and insecurity that lie beneath the surface of Xi’s, and Beijing’s, assertions of solidity and strength.

The United States has limited means of influencing China’s closed political system, but the diplomatic, economic, and military pressure that Washington can bring to bear on Beijing will put Xi and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) he leads under enormous strain. Indeed, a prolonged period of strategic confrontation with the United States, such as the one China is currently experiencing, will create conditions that are conducive to dramatic changes…

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Show me April 12, 2020 at 10:40 pm

If anything, the Chinese Communist Party will bear down on it’s own, meaning more repression, more dogmatism, more surveillance, more police, more army, more strict control.
That means where there were re-education camps, there will be concentration camps.
Families were separated, men to the camps, women staying in the home and then there were Chinese Communist enforcers who lived in the homes with the women, staying there overnight as well.
There will be more surveillance, and likely cash will be totally eliminated, and all transactions will be electronic with total Party surveillance. Face recognition everywhere, except maybe some farmer’s rice paddy, and I’m not sure there are farmer’s rice paddies any more, more likely everything has been collectivized.
There will be more mass demonstrations against the Americans.
Likely, China will turn into a giant N. Korea.
China’s international ambitions will likely expand even more. The silk road and necklace initiative.
China’s space activities will increase and the military will become even more dominant in society.
It will become even more that Chinese Communist Party that runs everything. There has been an initiative for capitalism with oligarch’s but it has been in synchrony with the Chinese Communist Party, and that will remain only as long as the Chinese Communist Party, and Xi at its head, is the chief beneficiary.
We in the US have thought there were hard times, but they may likely get a lot harder.
The Chinese Communist Party, while competing in business for business interests around the world, will likely no longer take that approach, but where possible, will probably intervene militarily with proxy wars to eliminate American friendly governments and install Chinese friendly governments.
There is going to be much, much more pressure on Taiwan and anyone who has friendly relations with Taiwan. That will likely be a signpost for the Chinese Communist Party, a defining category, because the Chinese Communist Party can not tolerate opposition, so expect tanks and Hong Kong and possibly a blockade of Taiwan.


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