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    Do You Trust This Man? Bill Gates Says Chemtrails Are Good For Us

    April 6, 2020
    The king astride his throne. Image: YouTube

    Bill Gates has a bold new strategy to save the world: chemtrails.

    Air pollution has a new patron saint. The founder of Microsoft himself wants to fill the skies with sulfate particles released from "specially designed" aircraft flying in programmed patterns in the upper atmosphere.

    The purported goal: to reflect sunlight back into space, thus cooling the planet. It might look something like this:

    Image: YouTube

    The "tinfoil hat brigade" of chemtrail conspiracy theorists must feel an odd mixture of vindication and confusion. The very thing they have suspected for so long is now being touted as a cure for, of all things, global warming.

    Who Elected You?

    Let's pause a moment to consider why this story, originally reported in 2019 on the Gates network, MSN.com, has resurfaced.

    Gates is under increased scrutiny since he decided to use his vast influence and wealth to fight the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine as treatments for the new coronavirus. As CDMedia has reported repeatedly, the drugs, in concert with azithromycin and zinc, defeat the virus at the RNA level by passing zinc through the cellular membrane. The tried, true and inexpensive drugs thwart the ability of pharmaceutical labs to profit from the current outbreak.

    Gates is of course a major investor in new, expensive, potential vaccines. He also wants everyone to get vaccinated with one of his traceable vaccines, going so far as to say that mass gatherings such as concerts, church services, and sporting events may not happen until everyone has been vaccinated.

    Nobody can have fun until we consent to pay for a Gates-funded vaccine? Say what you will about his messiah complex, he's a heck of a salesman.

    Sunblock? Just block the sun!

    Now, back to chemtrails (another line I never thought I'd write). The reason reporters, alt media, and citizen journalists are digging up stories on Gates: no one trusts him. Once perceived as a cutthroat businessman, Gates has recast his image over the past two decades as a force for positive change.

    Bill and Melinda Gates. Image: YouTube

    Pictures with his wife Melinda tending to sick children in Africa: this is Gates 2.0, a man--and his wife, how sweet!--doing their part for the less fortunate. Nothing else to see here.

    In the meantime, Gates has been meeting with heads of state, currying favor with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the G20. Worth more than $100 billion, he is, as I have said before, his own country.

    Gates is driven by a frightening agenda, but it's not visible on the surface. The scholarship behind population reduction as a global benefit is unimpeachable. Over a billion people in both China and India? That's not healthy. Global population growing steadily? No one wants that. But to treat people as mere data points is dehumanizing and leads to poor policy decisions.

    If left to unethical ideologues, could a virus be used to intentionally lower global population? A "greater good" proposition? Purely theoretically, of course.

    When it comes to climate change, the Gates plan is similarly wild. The intention is to create a "Pinatubo effect," named after the 1991 volcano in the Philippines which released thousands of metric tons of ash into the upper atmosphere, thereby creating a short-term cooling effect.

    Mt. Pinatubo. Image: YouTube

    From the ridiculous Microsoft-produced article:

    The researchers believe that a fleet of specially designed aircraft could spray sulfate particles into the lower stratosphere to cool down our planet and offset the effects of climate change.

    A test of the technology has been proposed for this year, the Daily Mail reports, with the Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment (SCoPEx) seeing a bag of carbonate dust released into the atmosphere 12 miles up.

    If that experiment proves successful, the researchers will move on to releasing the dust from planes.

    The researchers suggest that jets flying 12 miles up would complete over 60,000 missions in 15 years, starting with a fleet of eight and moving up to 100 planes.

    At present, there are no aircraft capable of doing this, so they would need to be developed.

    To paraphrase: no one has ever done this before, but we know exactly how to do it.

    Oh. Okay.

    All of a sudden, the chemtrail crowd seems prescient, not cuckoo. Like many "conspiracy theories" before it, it's not outlandish anymore. No. It turns out to be a plan (never implemented before, mind you) conceived by globalist technocrats.

    Not everyone agrees that the plan would work. Pat Mooney, Executive Director of the ETC Group, a Canadian environmental protection firm, states that spraying sulfates into the upper atmosphere could backfire.

    'It will do nothing to decrease levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere or halt ocean acidification. And solar geo-engineering is likely to increase the risk of climate-related international conflict, given that the modeling to date shows it poses greater risks to the global south.'

    Sounds like another case of the cure being worse than the disease.



    Court Anderson

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    I have read some off-the-wall shit on this tabloid blog before, this is beyond laughable and completely bananas. You, Court Anderson, need to see yourself into a mental hospital and have your brain scanned. You have gone headfirst into the tinfoil hat crowd. Maybe coronavirus has kept you locked away from sunlight and, reality, a little too long. I pray for you dear man. May god be with you and your poor family.

    Truth For Once

    You're joking right? They've been doing it for over 20 years. There's a video of John Brennon admitting to it.
    It's called Stratospheric Aerosol Injection. Look it up.

    M Hilliard

    Gates even admits its. He wants to reduce the population with dangerous vaccines. Chemtrails do exist and are being used. I have seen them in New Jersey many times. I have family members and friends that have seen chemtrails. They would have to kill me before I say yes to one of his vaccines.



    Good Job...

    Defend Dipsh!t, Bill Gates, Richest Earthly Potentate of the Modern World whose mission is to reduce world population from 7.5 billion to 500 million...


    Very good article. Why someone would attack you for this is very strange. Is Bill Gates a new God to some people> The media becomes vicious at the idea some drugs are affective? Why? This clearly shows an entirely different, non human to this irresponsible position that the U>S> is in. I hope enough people can calm themselves and realize their stress today will be nothing compared to what it will become if we don't get back to work.

    We Holdthese Truths

    Global warming is just the cover story (FAKE NEWS) for the toxins they are really spraying to speed up their depopulation and dumbing down efforts. Who is testing these chemicals? Don't tell me any of the government alphabet soup agencies are because they are all corrupt and bought out by big Pharma and other global corporations. (check out revolving door syndrome in agency directors for proof!) Or look at the MSM/CDC rejection and/or discouragement of hydroxychloroquine treatments for covid-19- even after thousands of people being successfully cured with it across the globe! Surely a Gates funded mandatory chemically laden vaccine is preferred? Not.


    I'm not a fan of Bill Gates and certainly don't make him out to be a god. I don't think anyone does. Having said that, he is doing what he does best which is think outside the box and makes suggestions that may seem crazy, will likely never likely see the light of day, but gets people thinking about solutions. Much like Elon Musk, love him or hate him, has been able to throw wild ideas out there, test the scientific community's response and see what sticks (except Elon actually produces working results).
    One of Gates most famous and failed experiments was shooting down female mosquitoes with lasers to fight malaria. We laugh at it, but someone is trying to find solutions, and that's admirable. What I take exception to are people trying to vilify him as some sort of wealthy monster hell-bent on evil deeds, which he couldn't be further from.
    But, if you need an outlet for your misguided anger and hatred at your own failed potential in life, then I guess you always have Court Anderson to sooth you.



    You indicate a belief that solar geoengineering ('chemtrails') is not occurring. Yet, there have been several public announcements in most mainstream media clearly stating that it has begun. Here are 3 links, from 2012, early 2017, and late 2018, stating this scientific fact:




    One may argue these are just 'experiments'. Even so, it is solar geoengineering. It is occurring. So the question isn't IF its occurring. The question now is HOW MUCH it is occurring.

    Furthermore, the National Institute of Health (NIH), a federal govt agency of 100,000 doctors & scientists, has published several peer-reviewed articles over the past 2 decades clearly stating that climate/weather modification programs using barium, strontium, aluminum etc. are occurring, and, are adversely affecting human, animal, plant health. Here are two relevant articles from the NIH on geoengineering from 2004 & 2016:



    Moreover, they were doing experiments as far back as 1964 with barium & strontium clouds. I believe its reasonable to conclude, considering all the advancements in technology, science, AI, that solar geoengineering & weather modification are occurring on a large scale:


    I used to be like you. A few years ago I too mocked the people who talked about geoengineering or 'chemtrails'. None of them had any real evidence or articles, documents. I decided to research the subject further, even with my bias, I concluded that based on all the articles, announcements, and other evidence (too much to include here) that solar geoengineering was indeed occurring and on a large scale.

    Information has been provided here, including 5-6 articles from reliable sources including the federal govt, which I believe substantiates this.

    Now it is up to you to delve into the subject further, if you wish, to learn more...or deny the evidence presented. I believe everyone is responsible for their own health decisions.


    Gates is a rich savant that will kill millions with his crazy ideas. Make your own research before you make him sound so good. He is a monster and he should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity.

    Steve Kasian

    Give Fauci a break; The guy is a board certified medical doctor, as well as a world renowned infectious disease specialist, and, as such, cannot carry the liability that comes with pronouncing HCQ as a viable miracle cure for COVID-19 from the lectern of the President Of The United States Of America in the White House briefing room, over world-wide television broadcast/internet streaming. He's being extremely measured in his remarks about it, knowing full well that POTUS is going to promote it to whatever extent he is willing and able. He has never contradicted POTUS on it; He has specifically stated, when asked if he agreed with POTUS, that it has shown promising "anecdotal" results, but that in order for him to recommend it, it would have to have gone through qualified clinical tests/trials. That's a very astute doctor covering his azz, whilst surrounding himself with people who are willing to do the promotion of it to which he is legally and ethically unable. He and everyone on that task force knows exactly why he is saying the things he says (and not saying much) about it. You actually think POTUS would sit idly by and allow him to remain on the TF if he felt Fauchi was out of line in this regard?? Yeah... RIGHT!


    Gates figured out how to make most everyone with a PC use Windows. Now he thinks he can make us do other things. This a case of a man with money who fails to see his own mortality. If he thinks he can by eternal life, he is nothing but a fool.


    So thinking out loud is now a crime? LET'S ALL GET ENRAGED!!! ARRRGGG!!!

    Let's not forget the President suggested nuking hurricanes.
    I don't see anyone up in arms about that (although there were some good laughs heard around the world).

    S. Chasm

    Bill Gates warned (threatened?) in 2015 TED Talk that next big threat to humanity was a coronavirus-like pandemic. I'm sick of this philanthropist imperialists using his billions of dollars to start foundation to impinge on the rights of the weak and ignorant such as me and my fellow readers!


    Been seeing chemtrails for over 20 years. As for Gates, when David Rockefeller died, Gates took over as the head of the One World NWO cabal. And his target for pruning the useless eaters from planet earth is 360 million, not 500 million. The same population as the current USA (including illegals). And Gates's vaccines will be the tools to do the pruning.

    Who can blame a guy for wanting to clean up our planet to the state it was in 1,000 years ago while his cohorts (cabal) become Royalty in the new One World Paradise, protected and served by the 360 million they've let live. Sounds good to me! But maybe all those 7 billion dead folks might disagree.

    Whit T.

    WagThePuppy -
    You got it man! You be preachin to the choir! Bill Gates is actually 135 years old, he's got some of that synthic blood pumping through his that they got from extracting blood from little boys. He's the devil and he wants all of to die!

    Chiss Burns

    OMG this is priceless....
    I'm having such a laugh reading through all these comments! But these comments are all fake, right? like no one actually believes this shit do they?
    Wait till reddit gets of load of this crowd! it's going to be a front page post, I'm sure of it.

    Marshall Gill

    There is no such thing as chemtrails. Contrails are a result of water condensing in the air.

    Joe p

    Hahahahaha!!! This story had everything!
    Excitement. Suspense. Drama. Tragedy.
    Someone needs to turn this into the next Michael Bay film.


    Bill Gates is the one coming up with this stuff, not the article writer or the commenters. I don't get some of your comments, did anyone of you even read what was written? It doesn't sound as if you did.

    […] Why has this man come so far to the forefront as of late? […]


    Absolutely not there are heavy metals that are being sprayed everyday everywhere except for China and Africa ironically just part of the tool to weaponize 5G I've been following this for 20-something years I have proof since 1991 they admitted 1998 and you wouldn't believe my proof if I told you the irony this is only meant to hurt people not cool the Earth trillions of dollars have been made and line the pockets of these elite fascists the only thing I want to see changed is no more chemtrails I don't really care about me at this point but I care about my kids I wish I would have seen this coming I want to put more thought into a choice of begging God to let me have children follow the money that's what they say follow the money I have been to hearings to ban chemtrails it was the most embarrassing thing I've witnessed the panel of elected officials most probably knowing that they can't do it and the other percentage not willing to try they already knew the answer before we ask the question God bless eliminate the chemtrails as soon as possible save your children

    S. Chasm

    That's one hell of a sentence man!
    I nearly ran out of breath reading it!

    J Day

    So Bill Gates, Bill Gates Foundation, Bill Gates media propaganda think Chem Trails are good for us??????
    Does anyone truly know exactly know what is actually in these Chem Trail chemicals???

    Truth for Once

    Great article! Spot on.


    Look at earth from the space stations..some days, it's a great white planet when the "con trails" are heavy laden. Then have none some days. High levels of aluminum barium is what science magazines and whistle blowers talk about. we can see cloudy days caused by man..or at least the airplanes' contrails... Look up and see that some days are natural clouds, then other days the clouds are only spread out jet trails.. yes, with chemicals of some sort. fuel? ...fact checks are difficult when everything is fake news. Pay no attention to what you feel and see. you will be told shut up.


    Court,....get into the 21st century, Chemtrails are REAL,....but they are called Global bio engineering and they have been exposed for a while now, the delivery system patents are known, the chemical is Aluminum barium salt and it's in the jet fuel and is left over after combustion. Why you ask? they needed the world to be contaminated with aluminum (specifically humans) so 5G could pick them up.....We have all absorbed enough aluminum now that 5g can track us live time .
    it had nothing to do with the weather .


    only a naive ignorant clown denies a known program.
    Aluminum barium salts dipcrap!!!!

    K L

    Definitely DON'T trust him. He's super wealthy i guess is how he's involved in Covid 19 saying that we'll have to take a vaccine. OH NO WE WON'T and he's not a Doctor!

    […] Do You Trust This Man? Bill Gates Says Chemtrails Are Good For Us – CD Media 各自翻訳したい方は↑リンクへどうぞ […]


    Hi guys great stuff as always the truth will prevail, I thank evryone who are reveling the truth its powerfull I can feel it . The truth want to save ,prevent and deliver us . Yes it sat us free from opretion so that we can live . Thank you guys for reveling Satans plans ,if only people want to listen to us then the world kould have been a saver plase to live in but now it isen . Our peopl have alow Satan to destroy every thing God had gave us. The air,water,food and now our lifes with this demonic 5G


    It's kinda weird that the sulfur dioxide aerosols being funded internationally to combat climate change have chronic exposure side effects that match the symptoms of COVID19 isn't it?

    […] Do You Trust This Man? Bill Gates Says Chemtrails Are Good For Us […]

    […] what? So the man who stands to profit greatly from a vaccine that he has been instrumental in developing, the man who gave presentations last year on how a coronavirus might affect the globe…is now […]

    Dawn Martin

    The population benefits from having a warmer climate. Cold temperatures account for far more deaths than warm temperatures. Couple that with the fact that more crops can be produced with a longer growing season. Cooling the earth would benefit no one.


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