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    Sacrificing US Veterans To Own Trump: The Hydroxychloroquine Hit Job

    April 22, 2020
    Image: YouTube

    The coalition of parties that oppose President Trump have taken their fight too far. Trump has proven time and again that the slings and arrows aimed at him are ineffective. But when his opponents begin to harm innocent Americans in an attempt to defeat the president, the time has come for serious retribution.

    In a study performed by the Veterans Health Administration (VA), the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and azithromycin (Z-pak) to treat COVID-19 was deemed not only ineffective, but associated with a higher fatality rate. The study contradicts several other studies on the controversial subject.

    Image: YouTube

    To understand why the VA study is not only deeply flawed, but agenda-driven and perhaps criminal, we must look at it closely. A few facts:

    • Patients did NOT receive zinc, the element that disrupts coronavirus activity in infected cells.
    • The study has not been peer-reviewed.
    • The drug combination was administered to 368 patients.
    • HCQ-treated patients were predominantly elderly black male veterans with comorbidities (other chronic, fatal diseases). The control group was composed of less compromised patients.
    • The comorbidities included heart disease, asthma, liver disease, HIV/AIDS, diabetes, and cancer.
    • The study's author, S. Scott Sutton, specifically states that the study is not a clinical trial.
    • Sutton has been paid to author three studies for Gilead Pharmaceuticals, maker of remdesivir, a drug in trials to treat COVID-19.
    • Gilead's stock price has gone up significantly since February, when remdesivir was identified as a potential treatment.

    Put bluntly, hundreds of mostly elderly black veterans were used to test HCQ + Z-pak without zinc, the crucial catalyst for a successful treatment. Further, the study's author is compromised by his association with Gilead, the same pharmaceutical corporation that stands to reap great profits if HCQ is shown to be ineffective.

    The sticking point? We know HCQ + Z-pak + zinc to be effective, with a cure rate of well over 90% if patients are treated in early onset. Renowned virologist Didier Raoult, MD has demonstrated this in three separate studies, the most recent on a much larger sample size than the VA study, with 1,017 patients.

    Crucially, the drug regimen is most effective if administered early in the disease cycle, not when a patient is already in the ICU. The stunning results of doing so have been famously demonstrated by Dr. Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko of Monroe, New York.

    Dr. Zelenko updated his results a week ago and provided a treatment protocol for other doctors to use. He has successfully treated over 700 patients with coronavirus. If Sutton, the VA study author, had given the work of Zelenko or Raoult even a cursory look, he would have known that zinc is necessary for successful treatment.

    Instead, Sutton proceeded to treat his veteran patients, already in the latter stages of the disease and riddled with comorbidities--with only two of the three necessary drugs.

    What's this from 2018? The VA study author was paid by Gilead a number of times for research.

    We've seen this kind of malpractice before. This month, a Brazilian study on chloroquine's effectiveness was halted because 11 patients died, seven from a "high-dosage" group and four from the "low dosage" group. The press was breathless: not only does it not cure patients-- it kills them!

    What reporters failed to understand or convey was that even the "low" dosage administered to patients was several times the amount prescribed by doctors such as Raoult and Zelenko. The "low" dosage was 450mg twice a day, and the high dosage was 600mg twice a day. In contrast, the dosage given by Zelenko is 200mg twice a day.

    That's 900 or 1,200 milligrams per day vs. the proven, effective daily dosage of 400 milligrams. It's a reasonable conclusion that the Brazilian study was botched deliberately. Intentional overdose. Why?

    Chloroquine has been used widely for over 50 years. The FDA has approved its use to fight COVID-19. We know a lot about the drug. And as with almost anything--including water--too much of it can be fatal.

    Look to the Mayo Clinic's dosage advice for the use of chloroquine when treating malaria: prophylactically (i.e., for prevention)--500mg once weekly. For treatment of malaria, 1,000mg daily for one day, then 500mg daily for two days. That's it. 3 days of treatment for malaria. The dosages for diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis are significantly less.

    Same when treating a liver infected by protozoa, a particularly intractable condition: 1,000mg daily for two days, then reduced to 500mg daily. The point is, no sane doctor would administer 900mg, let alone 1,200mg daily for 10 days, as the Brazilian researchers did.

    Worse, the Brazilian and VA studies are part of a pattern of deception. As CDMedia reported on March 27, the first such bogus study was from China, and the media outlet that irresponsibly hyped it? None other than Bloomberg.com, and of course Mike Bloomberg was fresh from folding his failed billion-dollar presidential campaign in humiliating fashion at the time.

    From the previous CDMedia article on the bogus Chinese study:

    Look at the headline: “Malaria Drug Chloroquine No Better Than Regular Coronavirus Care, Study Finds”. This is Fake News, folks. The study that didn’t find chloroquine treatment was “statistically significant”? It involved 30 patients, half of whom were given standard treatment. We have no idea how much of the drug was used in the Chinese study, the duration, or if azithromycin was paired with it.

    The report on the Chinese study is comical. No discernible data. Further, it’s mostly written in Chinese.

    I’d sooner trust a fortune cookie.

    What's more, the Chinese study didn't include zinc either. It's a pattern of media manipulation: bad science in, useful story out.

    If you still doubt the global push to delegitimize HCQ is real, look no further than the precise coordination of the narrative within mainstream media. The images in the tweet below came from all the usual sources, at the same late hour of last night, and used identical language. Another example of the inextricability of the globalist agenda from mass media.

    Rep. Adam Schiff's claim of seeing "early results" after several month's worth of larger, peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated the opposite outcome is sad. That he chooses to beat the drum for this small, observational, unreviewed study epitomizes the swamp. Big pharma profits are more important than saving lives. Dunking on a political rival is worth trashing a cure.

    These people are sick, all right. And they don't care about saving their constituents unless they themselves benefit.

    The sad, ugly truths about the swamp continue to come to light. The VA's awful betrayal of veterans comes on the heels of news that the U.S. National Institute of Health granted $3.7 million to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to study viruses in bats. Yes, the very same laboratory long suspected by CDMedia of being the source of the virus outbreak (even some mainstream media outlets admit as much now).

    And just today, Mike Bloomberg announced that he'll be heading a "testing and tracing" program for Chinese coronavirus in New York. Forgive me if I pass on Bloomberg-funded globo-scientists getting anywhere near me with a probe, swab or needle.



    Court Anderson

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    S. Casm

    It's funny how suddenly quiet Trump and Fox news have recently been regarding HCQ.
    then again, a snakeoil salesmen always knows when to fold and move onto the next sell: War with Iran.

    Carl Campbell

    Thank you very much for this link exposing the sinister plot to sabatoge a perfectly safe and effective early COVID treatment that prevents damage from severe stage disease and prevents deaths. Another excellent feature of Dr Zelenco prescription is that it has a 21 day 1/2 life and continues to damage viral activity after symptoms are gone.

    J. Burns

    I just can’t imagine a person who bankrupted casinos and couldn’t sell steak to Americans could have possibly been wrong on medical advice.

    S Casm

    It's funny how suddenly quiet Trump and Fox news have recently been regarding HCQ.
    then again, a snakeoil salesmen always knows when to fold and move onto the next sell: War with Iran.

    Carl Campbell

    People screaming "Trump giving medical advice" are the same ones in politics and media with no medical knowledge that for months have been doing everything they can to block use of safe effective treatment. Calling Dr Zelenco's treatment "Trumps touted drug" is propaganda designed for fools and for intimidation. Trump had nothing to do with the RX other than receiving report of sucesses by Dr. Zelenco


    Trump when asked why he was promoting Hydroxychloroquine despite the bread medical community saying it doesn't work:

    "I barely know it, I met it a few times at a party and it seemed nice. That’s why I gave it a top cabinet position but I barely know it, sad."

    j cush.

    When reporters asked Tony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whether the drug hydroxychloroquine was effective at preventing coronavirus, he said simply: “The answer is no.”

    But when Trump came back to the microphone, he told reporters that “we ought to give it a try.”

    “I think we disagree a little bit,” Trump added. “I feel good about it. That’s all it is, just a feeling, you know, smart guy. I feel good about it.”

    I hope it's not another situation of him saying "I hire the greatest people" then hire a bunch of incompetent cronies.

    Carl Campbell

    Its too late to say "drug that doesn't work". You are only affirming that you are totally dedicated adversaries of safe effective treatment in use all over the world. You don't realize your sabotage of medical work against COVID makes you responsible for patients having organ damage and dying?

    Carl Campbell

    Millions of people were hanging on every word of Fauci. Whenever the subject of Dr Zelenco's safe effective treatment came up Fauci quickly glossed over it, stifled it and changed the subject. That man is not a practicing MD in outpatient setting. He had way too much power and has done irreparable damage to the fight against COVID by true dedicated physicians.


    Meanwhile, plasma donated from Coronavirus survivors have been showing some encouraging results.
    Not a single peep about that though.

    The federal government should be issuing a massive campaign to test everyone for Covid-19, test for antibodies, and ask for plasma donations from survivors.
    Are we are doing that?

    Are we planning to do that?

    Are we thinking about planning to think about doing that?

    Maybe it's because Kushner can set up the skim for pills, not so easy to skim for plasma.


    When reporters asked Tony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, whether the drug hydroxychloroquine was effective at preventing coronavirus, he said simply: “The answer is no.”

    But when Trump came back to the microphone, he told reporters that “we ought to give it a try.”

    I may be wrong, but I if Fauci was in fact asked do the drugs prevent coronavirus, he said no. From my understanding of the conversations I've been listening to, it was never said to prevent the disease. The hope was, and Trump was very open about it only being a hope, that it would help in the treatment of the disease.
    I'm not sure how one can read this article, disregard all that it lays out, and say that Trump, or any other person, was or is wrong about whether it may help. This was one study, and quite possibly a very suspect study, that left out a major component of the treatment itself as well as type of patient that would be best served by it.


    The trolls on here are as ridiculous as this supposed scientific study. These bought and paid for scientists should rot in prison and all their money should be given to the families of the victims they killed.


    Here is my take on the study. Sorry that parts are redundant to what has already been posted.

    A report published by the University of Virginia on April 16 concludes that there was “no evidence that use of hydroxychloroquine, either with or without azithromycin, reduced the risk of mechanical ventilation of patients hospitalized with Covid-19,” and ”increased overall mortality was identified with patients treated with hydroxychloroquine alone.” This study is exactly what the naysayers of Trump’s drug recommendation and what the pharmaceutical industry were looking for. Here are some of the headlines: Bloomberg: Chloroquine no better than regular care. Fiercepharma: Hydroxychloroquine fails VA Study. Washington Post: Hydroxychloroquine shows no benefit for coronavirus. WSAW-TV (Wausau): More deaths, no benefit from malaria drug in VA virus study.

    But wait. There are some details in the report that actually say the opposite. See the full report at: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.04.16.20065920

    1. The study was performed by researchers who receive research grants from pharmaceutical companies, including Gilead Sciences, the maker of the very expensive Covid-19 experimental drug, Remdesivir. Of course they claimed there was no bias in their involvement in the study.
    2. One member of the study team, Jayakrishna Ambati, is the cofounder of iVeena Holdings which specializes in inflammation therapy and receives consultant fees from Allergan and eight other drug companies.
    3. This report was published BEFORE any peer review, which is required to validate such studies.
    4. The study was done using data AFTER the release or death of 368 VA patients, all men, about 2/3 African-American, 2/3 suffering from diabetes, all with BMI “overweight” or “obese”, whose median age was 68 to 70 years old.
    5. The raw data was compiled in three groups – 1) those who took hydroxychloroquine only -- HC; 2) those who took hydroxychloroquine plus azithromycin – HC+AZ; and 3) those who received no hydroxychloroquine – no HC.
    6. A major flaw in this study isn’t revealed until page 12 of the report: “However, hydroxychloroquine, with or without azithromycin, was more likely to be prescribed to patients with more severe disease, as assessed by baseline ventilatory status and metabolic and hematologic parameters. Thus, as expected, increased mortality was observed in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine, both with and without azithromycin.” Stated differently, mild cases in the study weren’t given HC or AZ and 89% recovered, while severe cases were so bad that doctors tried HC and AZ and 75% of those recovered. The cases included in this study were neither random or unbiased.
    7. One of the conclusions -- that hydroxychloroquine, with or without azithromycin, had no effect on the need for mechanical ventilation -- was actually refuted by the data. The report says on page 10, “Mechanical ventilation occurred in 13.3% of the HC group, 6.9 % of the HC+AZ group, and 14.1% of the no HC group.” In other words, adding azithromycin reduced the need for ventilation by half in those cases being treated with hydroxychloroquine. That is quite significant, given that the need for ventilation is caused by the body’s immune system triggering a cytokine storm in the lungs.
    8. It was acknowledged in the study report that this study sample had no bearing on women, the young, or those without complicating medical conditions like diabetes or obesity.
    9. Not only are the conclusions of this study dubious, but they suggest an agenda set on denouncing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid-19.

    Justine Sayin

    I Called it weeks ago.
    Trump, and any doctor stupid enough to have listened to him and prescribed hydroxychloroquine, should be made criminally liable. Especially if the reports of Trump having financial ties to a producer of this drug are true. And if there’s anything I’ve learned the last few years, it’s that 99.99% of every bad thing he’s ever been accused of doing or saying, that he labels as fake new, is probably true.


    Just do this.
    1. Those that want to quarantine themselves, fine. Do that with the understanding you risk losing your job.
    2. Those that don't want to quarantine, fine, do that with the understanding you risk losing your life.
    3. Those that want to take HCQ and ignore expert medical opinion, fine, go right ahead with the understanding of the risks.
    4. Those that want to protest about quarantines because of you believe God will cure you? Ok, you're just a fucking idiot. Good luck with that but please don't come crying to my ER when you get sick.


    It is starting to look like that this virus was used as an excuse to print endless amount of money and basically hand it out. Knowing, that Americans would accept it as long as they got some of the cut. This will be marked down in history as one of the biggest frauds ever pulled off. Maybe in 100 years the people of the future and look back at this time and see what fools we really were. Now the wealthy will just become more wealthy and the middle class will become more poor. Thereby, increasing the power of the elite. They will keep us at bay by insuring we have basic needs. Food, water, electricity and even internet. However, the life we used to cherish will be gone forever unless the people get together, and ask for it back. The wealthy want to preserve themselves and their own children's future. I hope the human race can get together and refuse the takeover. Or else, the next 25 to 50 years will not be good to us.

    Increased government control, trillions in cash printed, hyper inflation, proof of vaccination for basic services and 5G monitoring of your every move and purchase.

    We are never going back to a world pre 2020.

    Welcome to the post Corona world.

    EB Chode

    My ex is a nurse in a NYC hoo hospital that is administering HCQ. she recently attended an emergency surgery of a guy who had been stabbed with a spork- the spoon-terminus, mind you- and the instrument was still stuck in his chest when he arrived at the hospital. For some reason, on the fork-side of the spork there was a little piece of Wiener Wurst attached. The surgeon's hand trembled from laughter during the whole operation. When asked during recovery about what happened, the guy said he'd slipped while eating dinner and fell on the spork but the authorities suspect there was something more sinister going on.


    Hate much? The poster that claimed trump was making money from the sale of hcl sums up all of the other's wet dreams about making trump liable for hoping a drug will cure folks. The drug has been on the market and used since the 50's . Trump was probably responsible for ww2 in your mind as well since he was alive then as well? The fda is now a trump company? Haters like you all cannot help but show who you are. Your hatred makes you look like fools. At least in the new world you can surround yourselves with like minded individuals. Ship of fools. Go down.

    We Holdthese Truths

    Dr Zelenko's successful treatment of over 1,000 CV patients with hydroxychloroquine proves it works and the fake news can just go away crying for all I care. These other studies prove the level of extreme hatred that exists within the communist supported Democrat party- they are willing to allow American vets die in bogus, irresponsible medical trials that don't even follow proper protocols just so they can dump on our President! Shame on them!!


    Reading the comments on the article it's obvious most commenters never read the article. Their hatred of Trump blinds them to any and all truths. Big pharma/liberal shills or just evil little people? You decide.


    Isn't it strange that Pelosi, 80, and Maxine, 81, don't wear masks in public? As a matter of fact a load of those pols are out without coverage, or maybe not. Perhaps the HCQ, Z-pack and Zinc are horded, used as prophylactics, for the elites and Big Pharma likes it that way.


    Well, I don't put much faith in the guy who said:

    1. "When we get into April, in the warmer weather—that has a very negative effect on that, and that type of a virus."
    2. “Anybody that needs a test, gets a test. We—they’re there. They have the tests. And the tests are beautiful.”
    3. “I’ve always known this is a real—this is a pandemic. I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic … I’ve always viewed it as very serious.”
    4. This kind of pandemic “was something nobody thought could happen … Nobody would have ever thought a thing like this could have happened.”
    5. (Pharmaceutical companies are going) “to have vaccines, I think, relatively soon.”
    6. “We have a lot of people working very hard to do ventilators and various other things.”
    7. (Automobile companies have volunteered to manufacture medical equipment, such as ventilators, and are) “making them right now.”
    8. ... and countless other gems ...

    I'll let y'all guess who, said all of the now incorrect statements and I'll choose wherever to believe his statement from a quack doctor...


    I have COPD... I Had the FLU... I didn't die. and I don't know anyone who did.


    Dr. Chris Martenson recently uploaded a video showing how shoddy the anti-HCQ "studies" were conducted. Trump was right all along.


    The patients given the HCQ treatment were too far gone to get any benefit from it. It wasn't peer reviewed either so it was a total sham of a study. They killed the vets in order to downplay a treatment that works.


    Yes the results are amazing! It seems to cure just about all who are treated PROPERLY.

    Many morons here cannot grasp that fact, that the dosages and the combinations of drugs are important.

    AND all that caused the temper tantrum by the left was President Trump touting that a Medical Doctor had had great results with the drug in it preliminary testing. That's it!

    What is funny is that Big Pharma and the dems agree and are working together to ensure that Americans die and get an expensive less effective cure.


    Wow! What a lot of hate in the comments decrying the use of the HCQ cocktail to treat the kung flu. But, then there is a lot at stake in what drug/treatment can possibly conquer this latest chicom edition of the flu to destroy and dominate the world.
    The studies which had nothing to gain, except the lives of the patients involved, seem to be the most straight forward and successful. That would be the ones who used the HCQ combo for patients at any stage of the kung flu attack. Also, as prophylactic to avoid catching the disease.
    Certain countries where HCQ is used continuously to avoid malaria are doing well. Not something the MSM is crowing about since big Pharma announced it was close to a possible vaccine. Understand that there is a lot of money involved in producing a vaccine, if it is seen as successful. A lot of money.
    With the HCQ cocktail, not so much. Its already been proven to work in most ancedotal studies, and its cheap. And there is a plentiful supply which is being added to everyday.
    Hey, follow the money. Who benefits from the studies decrying a cheap remedy(nothing snake oil about it) as opposed to the expensive possibility?
    Its all a snow job from the left(NWO) to control and gain power over the folks.
    If I get the kung flu, I'll request the HCQ cocktail over waiting for the vaccine. By the way, haters(paid trolls), you're giving the rest of us rational thinking folks great directions of what we need to pay attention to. The more poopooing I see of the HCQ, the more I figure it must be a good treatment. The hullabaloo sez over the target cuz of the amount of flak aimed at shooting it down.
    Just sayin'.


    Follow the money. Fauci is said to be on Bill Gates board and Gets Foundation has huge money invested to potential fortunes with vaccines. Fauci is said to have several patents that will generate him much money from vaccines. Hydroxochloroquin will make neither mates nor Fauci money. Studies have show 90% plus effective rates then treatment is early and Azythro plus Zinc is part of the treatment. No longer read Drudge except to see what TRUMP haters are thinking. There is political bias in almost every headline put out by mainstream and especially Drudge....

    Russell Johnson

    If I contract Covid19 I will ask my doctor to treat me with the HCQ+Zpak+zinc regimen. There's nothing new about using a flawed study to make your drug look superior. Also, you trolls need to understand Chloroquine used in the Brazil study is not the same as Hydroxychloroquine. Chloroquine is more toxic and more likely to cause heart problems. The medical establishment, medical insurance and liability issues prevent physicians from using cutting edge therapies. I appalaud Dr Zelenko, he truly pioneered the HCQ regimen during a pandemic. When superior treatments are found they will be used.

    Ron Solland

    The Pentagon doesn't want to admit it, but Dr Zelenko was correct all along: His treatment gives one hell of a raging boner.


    565 Americans have lost their jobs for every one Covid death.
    This is an insane result from all the government and media fear-hyping.
    The government must stop paying people not to work.
    The government should offer a tax holiday (payroll and income) for every worker who stays on the job and earns under $100.000


    Kudos Court Anderson - appreciate your consistent commitment to research. The rare art of substantive journalism.

    The efforts of some to avoid/deny perspective at all costs... a sad commentary. Then again, denial is as old as mankind itself.


    Excellent interview with Dr Buttar about covid19 and very eye opening folks, share it far and wide


    ..i'm a vet but would not s**t in a commie-va vacility
    ..i do not report to gun control d**k-suckers

    SF jeff

    Michael Savage took this VA study hook line and sinker; too bad, but it maybe his fear of legal liability for prior statements. And I did go by the Quininism Foundation site which made clear the duration of the treatment is a major factor.

    My problem is why are we assuming treatment takes a silver bullet? Maybe many common compounds offer treatment potential. But then common compounds have no patent protection. Today the CCP beat up Gilead with another tweet today gone tomorrow study; Gilead plays the game.

    The VA study looks unethical. Very sick subjects with comorbidities paid to take (or not take) a treatment which might keep them off a ventilator. People who do unethical studies can not be trusted.


    If the media had any sense of fairness or attempted to be unbiased, they would have to call this VA study anecdotal evidence.

    Tom Pearson

    I am tired of Democrat stooges. Dr Siegel who often appears on Fox cured his 96 year old father using the hydrochlorquine treatment with the Z Pak and I don't remember whether it was with or without zinc, another doctor on Fox had a very high hydrochlorquine success, I read a letter to the editor in our local paper about success with the anti-malarial drug in the 1918 influenza epidemic. Further a state gov't. rep. from I believe Illinois said she was cured by the disputed drug. What are the results from the drug's use in NY? I tend to side with those trying something outside of the health bureaucracy .

    […] any illness is getting hyper-tracked, while an inexpensive, well-known drug, one that has been shown in multiple studies to be effective at treating coronavirus, remains […]




    I go to the Portland OR VA Hospital.
    Most of the staff are Hillary voters.
    They know that most of the old white male vets are deplorables.
    The Va Hospital procedures are so bureaucratic that it's a wonder one can get anything done.
    They close now at 4:00, officially, but 3:30 seems the average.
    Most departments won't answer their phones--pre-red-chinese-flu.
    One doctor told me the phones are not being answered because everybody is working at home.
    I guess that includes the receptionists.

    I heard that Trump caused the meteor that killed the dinosaurs.
    Nancy told Schifftless to look into the possibility of a new impeachment for that debacle.


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