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    Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West

    May 26, 2020

    As We've Said Before, This Is Biological Warfare

    China State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West
    President Ford and daughter Susan watch as Secretary of State Henry Kissinger shakes hands with Mao Tse-Tung; Chairman of Chinese Communist Party, during a visit to the Chairman’s residence, 1975

    In an editorial in Chinese state-run media outlet Global Times, the Chinese Communist Party outlined its reasons for launching the Chinese coronavirus on the West -- to weaken the United States economically so America would be impotent in China's coming takeover of Hong Kong. The paper called American threats to retaliate for the annexation of the former British colony a 'nothing burger'.

    We have heard China say this several times in the last month, so it is not an accident -- "The US is too weak now to do anything".

    I wonder why?

    Could it be because the Chinese Communist Party initiated biological warfare on the West? And seems to have achieved its goals?

    The paper first mocks the American response to the pandemic (eerily similar to corrupt legacy media reporting in the U.S.):

    Nearly 100,000 Americans have died from the COVID-19 epidemic, which exposes a great loophole concerning US human rights. The death toll has proved that ordinary Americans have neither the place nor discourse power under US democracy, wrote The Global Times.

    Then the editorial gets to the point...the U.S. is too weak for much of anything.

    As the US is entangled in the COVID-19 epidemic, its actual ability to intervene externally is weakening. The White House claimed it would impose sanctions on China, but the tools and resources at its disposal are fewer than those it could mobilize before the outbreak. It is only bluffing, wrote The Global Times.

    Regarding American threats to remove Hong Kong's 'special trade status' for offshore transactions, China declared:

    The special trade status given by the US is important, but is not a decisive factor to determine whether Hong Kong is a financial center or not. As long as the economy in the Chinese mainland keeps booming, Hong Kong will not decline. If the US changes its policy toward Hong Kong, that will result in a lose-lose situation. But Hong Kong will be able to adjust its way to maintain prosperity with the support of the Chinese central government. 

    The entire Western world will not follow the US. China is a huge market and the US is unable to provide enough compensation to offset the losses if Western countries become alienated from China. Values still have a strong appeal, but they cannot replace the fundamental interests of a country in pursuit of development. Besides, China has not intervened in the way of life of Western countries. Taking sides based on values at a disproportionate economic cost is not supposed to be the logic of international relations in the 21st century. 

    So here you have it -- China essentially admitting its agenda for allowing the virus to escape to America and kill at least 100,000 of our citizens, while crippling our economy.

    We've just been hit by a body blow that killed more than 30 times the deaths at Pearl Harbor or 9/11.

    China needs to remember America has other tools at its disposal, like the trillion plus dollars of U.S. Treasuries China owns. 'Strategic default' comes to mind. It's membership in the WTO is another.

    Time will tell in this election year how the Trump administration responds to this outrageous series of deliberate acts.



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    […] post Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West appeared first on CD […]


    Our boomers and bombers never bluff. You communist leadership will die in a flash of light and heat. China can't invade our territory as you don't have the sea lift capacity. If we loose a few urban centers most Americans will notice only in passing. And when millions of China's "only sons" are dead and the thousand year legacy of millions of Chinese families is gone to dust, your own people will slaughter any survivors of the CCP that remain.


    Have no way to know if this is true or not. However, there is much more behind this covid BS than we will ever know or be told. I am sorry about Hong Kong and Taiwan, but we have more important things to worry about in this country now. We have the socialist left who would like nothing more to keep us on a $1200 stipend for the rest of our lives until the money runs out and they they will just print more. Venezuela, anyone? We have idiots that are running states that have only one goal, and its not for the good of its citizens but their goal is to trash the economy for one reason only and that is absolute power. We need to start cleaning our own house up and it needs to start in November and continue until all the liberal socialists have absolutely no power. If we don't there will be big trouble right here in River City.

    Ron Turner

    “ Besides, China has not intervened in the way of life of Western countries.” OMG, what planet are you on!? Are u a communist propaganda entity or just plain stupid? The Chinese have corrupted our educational institutions, stolen intellectual property, hack our infrastructure nearly everyday and have thousands of spy’s amongst us trying to subvert us 24/7.

    Alan J Amark Jr

    Lets assume for a moment that this scenario is true. How would it look any different than what is going on now? Sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be.
    There is no way that this happened by accident.

    Bob Waller

    Mr Turner, The sentence you referred to by "OMG" was made by the Chinese not the gentleman that wrote this article.. Mr Turner, you owe L. Todd Wood an apology.

    […] Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]

    […] post Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West appeared first on CD […]

    […] Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]

    […] Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]


    Reading comprehension is not your strong suite.

    Welsh Warrior

    Time for the US to annihilate the Chinese economy. We are ALL tired of Chinese junk sold in this country. I'd be willing to pay much more for items that are made in the USA, than chinese junk!! Mr. President, slam these chinese monkeys to their knees by bringing ALL manufacturing back to the USA

    Joe R.

    After we reunify Zhongguo under the U.S. built-up military might and authority of Hong Kong, we can threaten the whole mainland (with nuclear weapons) to STFU, and present the whole package to Taiwan, and try that for a while.

    Christine Erikson

    China is saving face with its people, and the west knows it. a biological attack is an act of war, grounds for retaliation nuclear or less. Here's what happened.
    1. someone designed a virus off SARS that has the typical indications of genetic surgery and HIV attachment type elements and seems to jihacj cells genomes (noral virus behavior) in an unusual way. It also glos onto receptors in the lungs and gut which are far more common in nonwhites, especially Asiatics, how effective on blacks is not clear but they seem to have more of a problem with it here.
    2. gain of function research (how to make it more infective) is illegal in the US and apparently Canada, so ethically challenged China was given the virus to work on because this kind of research could be done there.
    3. the Harvard guy who is indicted for lying about money and being a Chinese agent, helped build TWO level 4 labs in Wuhan, which inspectors said were leakey but nobody did anything. Into one of these labs went an ethnically targetting (though sloppily) virus that goes after nonwhites.
    4. the virus escapes and wreaks havoc, the ost virulent strain being released. It then spreads all over the world despite some border closures.

    Can you spell TROJAN HORSE?

    That Harvard guy is llikely globalist elitist connected, paid off or part of their famiies. These people have access to survival bunkers underground and southern hemisphere. They probably hoped this would blow up into a nuclear war, or some kind of war that would also crash economies letting them buy up a lot at pennies on the dollar. In addition, it would all be a step towards the depopulation the Georgia Guidestones speaks of when it says we need to keep the world's human p[opulation down to 5009,000,000 that's five hundred million. It also speaks of guiding reproduction a view to diversity, which means racial separatism. probably gradual elimination of nonwhites since most of these people are white or pass as such. China has been in bed with the globalists for some time, and were perhaps going to short them so got hit first.

    The virus leaves no effects at first, but is p[assed around till it can hit vulnerable people, and the second infection is likely to go deadly in a cytokine storm the immune system attacking the body, overreacting.

    the whole thing was a flop, Thank God. it is blowing up in the globalists' faces.

    Meanwhile "strategic default." eh? EVER HEAR OF SOVEREIGN DEBT? if we defaulted China could claim American soil in the continental US and territorial locations that is collateral on some of that debt. not a good idea. The real risk is they start sending that money back and flood our currency.

    NOTHING including gold has "intrinsic value," it is merely how many people agree it is worthwhile.

    prices do not magically go up because there is more money, DECISIONS are made someone changes the price tags, etc.


    Sovereign debt? even if it would be backed by American real estate, it can easily be confiscated by a special property tax on non-residents. And prices do go up, if the relation of money to available goods changes. If there is a run on hard assets or useful goods, money's value quickly reaches a new equilibrium. Just ask the folks in Zimbabwe.

    Christine Erikson

    sorry for some typos, 5009,0090,000 should read 500,000,000

    […] Times of India: Doklam Tri JunctionTimes of India: Armies Of India, China Appear Heading For Biggest Face-Off After DoklamL. Todd Wood: Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]

    Morally bereft and politically brain-dead Communism has failed in their abject ignorance to recognize the FACT that these United States have the Akurians - with more firepower - than all of Communism can imagine !!! The Akurians will NOT tolerate wholesale murder as a means to political ends nor Socialist Tyranny !!!

    Though China may be the instrument to fulfill a Biblical Promise :::
    Zechariah 14:21 " ..... and in that day there shall be no more the Canaanite in the House of the Lord of Hosts." --- eliminating the vast majority of Blacks from Africa with such plagues as Chinese Coronavirus .. neither China nor communism will ultimately rule the world !!!


    The CCP is to blame for the 350,000 reported deaths Worldwide (nearly 100,000 U.S.) from the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid 19/SARS 2) and there are more to come. We know that the Chinese people have suffered more and that 100 million are in lockdown in the Northern provinces with many unreported deaths occurring.
    The CCP blew it with their accidental or deliberate release of this Wuhan coronavirus (Covid 19/SARS2) pandemic.
    They can mock the World's casualties, but they will pay a heavy price which they are foolishly unprepared for.
    The 20th Century clearly demonstrated that the implementation of imported Marxist-Leninist ideological principles by revolutionary regimes result in democidal and genocidal policies that exact the greatest casualties on their own populations. This crisis is no different.
    The CCP will smash the Hong Kong jewel and turn it to dust. All of China will suffer the economic isolation and decoupling by most countries in the World because of the CCP's dishonesty and JV attack. Even Russia will turn aside. No neighbor will trust China as long as the CCP remains in political control.

    rickey ricardo

    Lorem ipsum debet destrui et Carthago delenda est


    I said it before and I'll say it again - Communist China no longer has the right to exist in a civilized world!!! The entire world must unite - all in - to take them down to hell!!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree


    Ten tac nukes.
    At dams, 500kvac tri-phase x-formers, optical switch nodes.


    That 'ole dog "come November" just don't hunt, how many times must that be played out for us to get it through our think heads? Time for something much bigger, bolder, and sends a clear message to those of whom never learn.

    rickey ricardo

    Lorem ipsum debet destrui; et Carthago delenda est!

    Sonne Israel

    The Chinese Media admits it was an act of war to weaken the American ability to economically defend the rape of Hong Kong and other political an moral crimes against international law. It should and ultimately shall cost them everything. It is mass murder.

    Greg J

    And writing is surely not your strong suit.

    Christopher O.

    I read some years ago a scholar who predicted WWIII will start in the region where the Chinese are massing troops on the Indian border. Neither of these countries, along with Iran, Pakistan & N. Korea, ideologies have a problem with loosing millions of their people to war. Wasn't it Moa Zedong asked Nixon, "Are yo ready to lose 100 million of your citizens?"

    […] Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]

    […] Chinese State Media Outlines Motives For Launching Virus On The West […]


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