• A View From Sutton Place In Manhattan

    June 2, 2020
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    A View From Sutton Place In Manhattan

    At 9:30pm last night in Manhattan at 57th and Third Avenues you may have thought you were on the streets of Johannesburg on a rough night.  The corner was swarming but not with the usual mix of local residents out making a late evening run to the grocery store or Duane Reade.  Not one local resident was in sight.  The streets were filled with young, mostly male, black youths aged 15 – 22 in groups of five to ten.  They were wandering up and down the streets, pants hanging off hips doing what Tom Wolfe so aptly described “the pimp roll." Many were in black masks though one doubts they were masked to prevent the spread of  COVID-19.  A few were carrying pipes, not exactly an object you take out on an innocent walk.

    A View From Sutton Place In Manhattan

    Local telephone poles were festooned with signs reading:

    “Black people have every right to burn down a country they built for free;”

    “Looting is a legitimate form of protest….it is humanity demanding to be recognized.”

    “This is an American crisis, a genocide.  We need a national response.”

    “Dear Neighbor, ……I am writing because black Americans are killed unjustly on a daily basis…”

    These words were not written by the thugs one saw roaming the streets.  No, these words were written and posted by violent agitators, be it Black Lives Matter or ANTIFA, the groups who are using Floyd’s murder as a reason to stoke unrest and anarchy.  We have heard that NYPD confirmed the existence of organized supply lines (projectiles, incendiary materials, medical equipment) located throughout New York City; this is organized anarchists at work.

    A View From Sutton Place In Manhattan

    As of Noon Tuesday, Gov. Cuomo still has the National Guard on “stand by.”  Stand by for what?  Does an innocent resident on Lexington Avenue need to be gunned down or beaten to death by thugs before he declares it time to call in the Guard?

    A View From Sutton Place In Manhattan

    Late last night, a Duane Reade at 57th and 1st was looted in Sutton Place, a quiet residential part of the city.   These looters are moving far beyond the main commercial areas of Manhattan and are growing more dangerous by the second.  New York City has collapsed – the barbarians are over the gate.  There has been zero credible response from Gov. Cuomo or Mayor DiBlasio; the city is being destroyed before their eyes.  If the Governor does not call up the National Guard today, President Trump should take invoke emergency powers and bring order to the city via federal force. 

    New York is on the brink. 


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