West Point Grads’ Letter To Class Of 2020 Calls Out One Of Its Most Powerful Alumni: Esper

June 12, 2020
West Point Grads’ Letter To Class Of 2020 Calls Out One Of Its Most Powerful Alumni: Esper

On the eve of their graduation from the United States Military Academy, a group of hundreds of West Point graduates published a letter Thursday rebuking the politicization of the military.

The letter comes two days before President Trump is scheduled to give an address during a commencement and commissioning ceremony on campus, for which 1,000 cadets have been recalled from sheltering-in-place at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

“By accepting your commission, you incur a moral purpose and obligation to provide for the common defense. In doing so you enable the nation to fulfill the full range of its aspirations,” the concerned alumni wrote in the letter, published by Medium. “Today, our Constitutional aspirations remain unfulfilled.”

Inspired by what prosecutors say is the murder of a black man, George Floyd, at the hands of a white Minneapolis police officer on May 25, and its aftermath, the alumni implored the class of 2020 to show better leadership than the example they have been given.

If You Are A Concerned Service Academy Grad, Join Us Here...

“We are concerned that fellow graduates serving in senior-level, public positions are failing to uphold their oath of office and their commitment to Duty, Honor, Country,” the letter reads, a direct criticism of Defense Secretary Mark Esper, class of 1986. “Their actions threaten the credibility of an apolitical military. We ask you to join us in working to right the wrongs and to hold each other accountable to the ideals instilled by our alma mater and affirmed by each of us at graduation...”

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    9 comments on “West Point Grads’ Letter To Class Of 2020 Calls Out One Of Its Most Powerful Alumni: Esper”

    1. HUH???
      he is a political appointee,....He's NOT in the military.
      We have a military that ANSWERS to the people.
      Every 4 year we, The People, designate someone to be "The People" and speak for us.
      That person is always the POTUS.
      this is CRAZY!!! the Secretary is suppose to be political , wow, the fact we have to point this out is so sad.
      He has no obligation whatsoever to be apolitical, stupid talk to even assert he should be.


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