Trump Wave Stands Firm...Fox Is In On The Coup...Calls Race In Coordination With Corrupt Media Cabal

November 7, 2020
Trump Wave Stands Firm...Fox Is In On The Coup...Calls Race In Coordination With Corrupt Media Cabal

The corrupt media cabal that has been obviously bought and paid for by the Chinese Communist Party, and their enablers, the Deep State, has called the U.S. 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden, even though there are multiple legal challenges in court and nothing has been officially decided.

The legacy media is collapsing before your eyes. THEY need to be de-platformed. They have no legal standing.

Don't give them clicks, eyeballs, ad revenue.

CDMedia is being de-platformed and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here! 

The Trump campaign, and the American people are standing firm in the face of this evil attempt to defraud the United States.

The best thing patriots can do right now is to be firm in your conviction that President Trump will be inaugurated for a second term on January 20th of next year.

Tell your friends, spread it to your network.

The evidence is coming. There was massive fraud in this election and the Trump base, 60% of the country, is not going to take it.



CDM Staff

The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Gregory Mendez

    Fight, Fight, Fight
    Win, Win, Win

    carolyn hart

    Stand your ground and do not Concede!


    ALL FOX News was ever meant to be was a propaganda machine to steer American Christians into groveling to Israel ... A true Judas Goat.
    Step ONE done, now step TWO steer the viewers to LIBTARDISM.
    BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL "chrystianzionist" posing as a CHRISTian Conservative.— flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
    I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America's enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and "teaches" RINOneoconism --
    In a shocking admission by a high-level mainstream media operative, the CEO of News Corp. has revealed that major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press. The comments were, made by the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm, Robert Thompson, about the so-called “dysfunctional” online environment which in reality actually refers to a free internet where independent reporters can reach the masses themselves.

    Cornonda Cobb

    Hannity should be up for an Emmy ---- Senator Goober Graham played Hannity like a hillbilly jukebox ! --- TALK YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS FOX CRAPHOUSE , SEAN !


    Hannity, Tucker, Ingram, Bartiroma, Dobbs need to leave Fox and go to OANN or Newsmax. Fox's viewership would drop lower than CNN's. Staying with FOX is going to lose them viewership.

    Coy Coleman

    FNC is dead to me. Tucker better get a radio show like the others because I am going to miss him.


    You might think I'm crazy for saying this against the media conventional wisdom - case in point.
    But I think even NY went to Trump.
    I've been suspicious ever since Reagan actually won there.
    ..... then the Dastardly Democrat Party sent in their ops' to see to it that it never happens there again.

    see ? He won it.


    There was NO WAY that "Senile Biden won ANY election-Obama/and his Minions had worked the country with USING the China Virus to "KEEP PEOPLE IN LOCK DOWN"(and That, was the ONLY thing that Biden could talk about and show US, he wore HIS mask) Using the China Virus, and claiming that the POTUS TRUMP didn't handle it well, is ludicrous-H was working Day and Night, while Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, etal. WERE busy trying to find something ELSE to "Impeach this President on....

    Obama is back to his "Community Organizer role, as he has 39 offices nationwide, and both he and Michelle 'jumped in Late to galvanize the Corrupt Voters that Always cheated in elections...

    President Trump MUST fight this "Fraudulent, Stolen Election, OR America is heading into being a "3rd world, banana republic with only ONE RULING CLASS-AS DEM'S HAVE APPOINTED THEMSELVES TO BE." They leaned LEFT, into Socialism, and IF the "Marxist/Anarchist's RIOTS weren't enough, causing Chaos and Violence in "ALL DEM CONTROLLED CITIES/STATES, it is being funded by Obama's Puppet Master, Soros, (and his billionaire buddies) who have been trying to OUST A DULY ELECTED POTUS TRUMP, SINCE BEFORE HE WAS EVEN SWORN IN.'




    I stopped watching fake Fox 🦊 news years ago. If Hannity Laura Tucker had any integrity at all they'd quit. Money is more important than integrity

    William Jay Collard

    Fox is owned by Disney. All he Execs are Liberal..The Execs called the win for Biden. Stop watching Fox, I have no more trust in the network. Get your information from a reliable source. FOX IS TOAST




    Hannity, Ingraham, and Tucker, if possible should leave Faux. They probably can't because of their contracts, but I'm guessing if they came out strong and told people what a joke of a company Faux is, they may be ushered out the door. They can go to Newsmax, or O.A.N..

    rickey ricardo

    Fantastic article. We stand shoulder to shoulder. I have cancelled my subscription to the Wall Street Journal. Monday I will turn in my cable box as my cable provider either can not, or will not remove Fox from my package. There is no package available without Fox TV so I will go dark. No Fox, or Fox affilate will ever get a penny from me again. News corp is dead to me.

    I have writen a short piece and I offer it to CDMedia for publication with all rights and no compense expected, or required. I print it below.

    We cling to our dying hope, the final appeal to the Supreme Court. Either they will invalidate this fraudulent election tally, to include the absurdly preposterous and unconstitutional gimmick of ballot harvesting and foreign manufactured and manipulated software, fraudulent ballots inserted illegally, or we will have truly lost the American republic to the establishment media's coup of ballot fraud orchestrated by local, machine, Democrats, corrupt election officials.

    Welcome to the 21st/c's "Information Age" and Big Tech's paradigm of a new, global, one world order. This "Information Age" has no need for republics, or nations either. Jack Dorsey and his fellow "Masters of the universe," Silicone Valley's CEOs will now tell us what we are allowed to say, or convey. There can be no free speech, if we are not allowed to communicate.

    Wall Street's financial industry, meaning the four big banks and their off shore interests are the hidden globalists that have financed and engineered this coup. Even fools and hypocritical Democrats know and admit that much. Corrupt Democrat ideologues acted as Brown Shirts rioting, burning and looting with impunity in our city's streets. Corrupt, machine, Democrat election officials acted as, if they were counting votes for Stalin. Hidden hands planned and financed it all in advance.

    Can it be that such an absurd, scandalous, ballot fraud will actually be allowed to pass as a fait accompli by the Supreme Court simply because the media has pronounced it so? Will the court finally stand up on its hind legs and definitively do the right thing, defend process and preserve the constitution and the republic, or will it fall back under the leadership of a Chief Justice Roberts and punt?

    Will this Supreme Court settle for the coward's common ground on which to compromise and minimize, betray their most sacred duty? Will they try to avoid the rabid, vitriolic contention of the actual issue, atttempt to cut the baby in half? Do they dare risk the wrath of the establishment and the full fury of the media? Will the court attempt to entertain an interpretation of law that brays like Mr. Bumble's proverbial ass, abandoning in the process all pretense to and understanding of legitimate authority?

    America, this republic now has its back to the wall. Along with the very concept of legitimate authority, law and inalienable rights goes the recognition of the existence of God who has dispensed such self evident truhs and rights to humanity as proclaimed and in perpetuity.

    We are now dependent upon our last institution, down to the last five individuals who supposedly represent the creme de la creme of the republic's Praetorian Guard. The outcome remains uncertian. Will these Justices stand and deliver?

    rickey ricardo

    I agree. How many millions are enough for Hannity and Ingraham, or any of them? How about Waters and Judge Jeanne, Steve Hiltton and Tucker, Hannity and Ingraham, Lou Dobbs walk away and go as a unit en masse to newsmax All the conservative voices need to walk away, just walk away from Fox. You can't work for a crime boss and claim to be a good citizen.

    rickey ricardo

    Hannitty is a shit show. Everybody worked Hannity including Obama

    Dusty Dog

    FOX has been leading left for a long time. Now, they are no different that MSNBC, CNN, and other media outlets. They only keep Dobbs, Hannity, Ingraham, Tucker, and a few others, around to convince people they they are not liberal. The charade is over and they are showing their true colors. Fox, and all the other liberal media outlets, viewership is going to drop like a rock because Trump is the only reason people tuned in. All I can say is...Good riddance!

    Hughie Threwit

    Fox seled there direction when the put Paul Ryan on the board and hired Donna "The Cheater" Brazille as a contributor.


    The few Conservative commentators on Fox have jobs, and as does every working person in the US, they have bills to pay. Who will pay them enough to leave Fox? I know: Our Founders pledged "their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor" to fight for their independence, and I don't see too many willing to do that today--including those Conservative commentators. Or put it another way: Will YOU give up everything you own, live as a pauper, lose your job and put every cent you own into guns and ammo to outfit a Conservative Combat team? When it's nut-crackin' time, who will step forward and give up everything to fight?


    Runoff. No recount of phony ballots.

    US military is the last trusted institution in this country - and they hold elections in war zones.

    They can do it here.

    OVER it

    Need to throw a "coup" at each of their locals stations until they are all leveled to the ground...The Local Florida station even ran a piece calling Proud Boys racist white supremacists then showing Trump saying "Stand down" like he has a racist army or something... They can be dealt with at a local level, so can many of them... No holds barred, start taking out the trash FUKC the "optics" ...Don't care any more. I revoke my consent to be ruled over by lying communist filth. KILLEMALL!


    Time to teach Fox a lesson for disrespecting their loyal audience. #walkaway

    Mrs. Michaela Williams

    These “people” think (((they))) can get away with this! They really believe they can make Americans believe their Lies. AFL-CIO & Postal Workers Union has been committing mass voter Fraud for years. Weighted vote counting computer programs, corrupt vote counters, & complicit media evidence is widespread.


    the left has given us a whole new vocabulary: Your dog just did his cavuto on my lawn!....My old dad was Cuomoed by his doctor. He's dead. STP....Sexually transmitted Pelosis. Kamallah Akbar......You are a real Joekoff. I have used them all with great success even in mexed company.....are we allowed to use the word "mixed'?

    Benjamin F Rickert

    Just as a side note to the commentary on the MSM. In the mid 1980's there was a large survey sponsored by a Democrat organization, don't recall the exact one, in which they gathered data about the tv news viewing habits across a large spectrum of Americans.
    The result was that it was clear that they did not have concern themselves with the right leaning portion of their audiences. The MSM could continue with the leftist propaganda and programs and still be profitable.

    Neal Boortz was the radio show host that broadcast this information at the time.

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