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    VIDEO: Who Was Behind Insurrection At The US Capital?

    January 8, 2021

    The Information Operation Corporate Media And its Dem/GOP Supporters Are Running Against The MAGA Movement

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    This is a video showing the disinformation and propaganda the Left is using to undermine the Trump movement after the planned-riot at the U.S. Capital on Jan 6 following a Trump rally. AntiFa impostors were used as agitators.

    You can watch the entire video on Youtube below.

    Or, you can watch on Rumble here.

    A look at who was really behind the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6th.


    "My name is Kathy...I own a small business. The demonstration was peaceful. There was undercover AntiFa at the Capital."

    A look at who was really behind the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6th.

    "Nobody stormed the Capital -- they let everyone in. It was peaceful. We walked right up the stairs. They let everybody through."

    A look at who was really behind the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6th.

    "I saw a guy saying on a walkie talkie he had a team of 6 people ready to go. I thought he was ex-military. But after the rally I saw him on TV...he was AntiFa. There was AntiFa pounding on the window. Some Cuban girl was yelling AntiFa!"

    A look at who was really behind the insurrection at the U.S. Capital on January 6th.

    People yelling no AntiFa! Trump supporter preventing AntiFa from further damaging the Capital.

    "I saw a guy with a gray jacket and a small hammer banging on the Capital window trying to break it. Three Capital police took him down. He was AntiFa!"

    "America is under attack by the Deep State and by AntiFa pretending to be Trump supporters. We love the police!"

    "There was a guy dressed up like a Trump supporter saying we need to shake this thing up to make these people look bad!"

    "State vehicles escorted four busloads of AntiFa into the rally, sirens and all. The cops escorted AntiFa."

    "These were not our people," said previously arrested AntiFa agitator John Sullivan. "It's time for a revolution."

    "Where was the outrage and concern last year when our cities were burning?"

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    CDM Staff

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    Brad Lynch

    false flag operation. I would bet on it...

    Brad Lynch

    If you don't think this was a false flag attack, you don't know who the Dem's are...


    Who cares ? nothing happened but for a poor girl who was shot dead from Pelosi's guard.
    You're all taking the Fake Media bait.


    The 70-year-old Alabama man arrested during the Capitol riot is now among 13 people who have been charged federally.

    Lonnie Coffman is charged with possession of an unregistered firearm (destructive device) and carrying a pistol without a license. Authorities contend that Coffman’s vehicle contained 11 Molotov cocktail explosive devices and guns.

    Sounds like Antifa to me....idiots

    Marc Jansen

    Never mind all previous Conservative rallies were unbelievably peaceful, all we get from fake news is attacks, misrepresentation, and now open threats against us all, especially from the crook traitor who is going to lie to God on Jan 20th! This was Antifa, it was planned with, and it was the deep state who allowed it to occur! You can clearly see Trump supporters trying to stop them! They identified two of their members within hours by facial recognition, a guy filming it is a never trump'er, proclaiming he's going to drag the mother fuc/er out of the White House, Lou Dobbs aired it. Yet another one was identified by a Viking horned helmet the leftist idiot wore to other Antifa riots! Will the FBI make the connection? Will Jim Comey become a law abiding citizen? Of course not! This third coup attempt was successful sadly for America! I'm nit a pessimist but the American Constitutional Republic is dead, we truly have become a banana republic. This election was stolen just as were the two senate seats in Georga, and sadly countless others! The left could never win selling Marxism , so at first they lied, and misrepresented themselves, didn't work, so now it's inserrection, and corruption in all aspects of our government. Can't forget what is tragically called our press, openly engaged in misinformation, and Marxist indoctonatiin now! As is our most closed minded, intolerant institutions in this society, our public schools, and universities!
    So how is it again that this group was first at the capital, wearing Antifa gear, armed, and being directed as to where to go as recorded? This is all on the Left, it was their people projecting who they are unto us! However, expect nothing to be done to get to the core of this either by the DOJ, or the media!

    Marc Jansen

    Sadly law abiding citizens who follow the laws, work towards goals they believe in like America First, now have more to fear from this government then any other group! No? The Democrats are now making open threats against all 75,000,000 Trump supporters with China Joe leading the charge, as its press like the so poorly named USA Today, demands our internment, as facist liberal governors will now decide who goes to detention centers over c-19! Has it really come to this in America? fraudulent elections, open threats, no legal recourse! White kids being banned from schools because they sing along as a young child to garbage rap racist songs trying to conform on facist social media outlets! Again, as minors!!! It's sickening the world of the left truly is! Hi Mom, Dad is forbidden, death like candy to newborns, denaming schools named Lincoln? How did we get here? Oh yea, never mind!


    Now big tech and media is trying to suppress the truth by shutting them down.

    jerry snaper

    No question this election as well as the governor elections was criminal, fraud and cheating. Nothing new, likely all of the many moslems which have infiltrated our government were beneficiaries of vote machine fraud. islam, like rust never sleeps in its quest for world domination and enslavement under sharia..
    The western mind cannot understand the intensity of islamic treachery, deceit , lying and corruption. We have no defense against it.


    I wish I had a twitter account so I could cancel it.


    They need to thoroughly examine everyone who was arrested. Check their social media and emails to find out their motives. I really don't believe that many Trump supporters would break into the capital and cause damage. That is so Antifa, and they really need to prove it. I'm sure the socialists will try to prevent the examination of the thugs, but that can't be allowed.


    Why are you morons using the word "insurrection?" Nobody has used the word in four years and yet you use it now. Why? Because the left is using it. Why is the left using this word? Because Biden will then invoke the Insurrection Act on Jan. 20. We have been living in a slow burn insurrection for four years but because our MSM masters didn't use the word, Trump was afraid to invoke the IA. Words matter. A lot. The capitol thing was the definition of a peaceful protest. Nobody got hurt, except Ashli Babbitt and we didn't do that. They did. The cops opened the barricades and let our people in. And yet now you idiots are running with the MSM story that it was an insurrection. Why don't you run a story on how the insurrection wasn't an insurrection? This is typical leftist gaslighting.

    Really Karen (Deborah)?

    @deborah - nobody got hurt except the woman who got shot as she breached a barricaded door within the depths of the Capitol? REALLY?
    A police officer was not killed being beaten with a fire extinguisher? REALLY?
    The gun enthusiast who spoke openly about his armed strength who met his ultimate enemy - stairs didn’t die that day? REALLY?
    The woman carrying a Don’t Tread on Me flag wasn’t crushed to death by those same insurrectionists (yep, I said the word) with whom she was storming the Capitol? REALLY?



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