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    Joe Biden Is An Illegitimate President

    January 19, 2021
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    Joe Biden was not legally elected president of the United States. He is an illegitimate leader. None of his policy prescriptions are what the American people want. That is why Americans overwhelmingly voted for Donald J. Trump for a second term.

    We are experiencing a coup, and the disenfranchisement of a majority of the American public.

    The election was stolen by a cabal of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sympathizers, the CCP itself, the corrupt Establishment GOP, and the Democrat communists, all enabled by a Deep State social media and legacy media industrial complex.

    If you want proof of this scam, and analysis of how it was done...you can read Peter Navarro's three-part explanation in the documents below.

    Part One - The Immaculate Deception

    Part Two - The Art of the Steal

    Part Three - Yes, President Trump Won

    In addition, below is the recent report from the Director of National Intelligence, describing how the CCP interfered with our elections last November 3rd. It also describes how the CIA colluded with this effort.

    We have a small amount of time to act and correct this development politically before the Deep State cements complete power of American citizens. We estimate less than a year.

    Get involved. Your children's future depends on it.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Creepy Joe is incompetent and corrupt. He couldn't be trusted to lead a kindergarten class on a potty break!

    Leo Saito

    Remember the old saying about having and wanting something too much? Sometimes, if your willing to sell your soul, lie through your teeth, and promise everything to everybody then you may actually get what you want especially since there's no level you've proven you wouldn't stoop to in order to achieve it, as in this situation we all now find ourselves in, Just remember most of the time it's never exactly as you hoped or planned it to be or turn out. Now that "Ole Joe" and the rest of the O'Biden Clan is destined to be the new faux occupants for now, of the White House just remember 80 million of us know how he got there, and holding that position and keeping that seat is another story yet to be told.

    Gypo O'leary

    you need to lose all this way out rhetoric about CCP. it doesn't fly. all of this was very simple. they used Covid 19 as a panic to 1. push Mail in Ballots (which they knew were the easiest method to cheat) and 2. extend deadlines for Mail in ballots and 3. prevent poll observers from validating ballots.

    they understood they only needed to do this a few cities, upon which Swing States turn.

    and regardless of who precisely did it, and why, it is much more important to build a public consensus around a simple obvious provable fact, that is, in Detroit, Milwaukee, urban Pennsylvania, Atlanta metro the standard methods surrounding Mail in Ballots were thrown away, and Democrats were allowed to count ballots in secret.

    the vote counting was done in secret and illegal manners which makes the results a fraud. period.

    Now what comes next? It was Republicans in those states who refused to stand up to criticism around Covid 19 and accusations of racism. they let themselves be steam rolled into compliance with the cheat rules. then those state legislatures sat there and did nothing while the illegal count was underway. they all acted rah-rah we are republicans for freedom and democracy when Rudi G. established the frauds in front of their meetings and committees, but none of them acted.

    they needed to call their legislatures into session and to throw out their electors and they did nothing.

    its' not Mike Pence's fault. It's not Mitch McConnell's fault. It's not John Roberts fault. It is directly on the head of gutless state level republicans.

    Now, to resolve this problem going forward, it is incumbent on those same already proven gutless Republicans to resolve this problem by holding hearings and changing their state laws. (The Senate Judiciary Committee of Georgia is already on record saying their election was a fraud.)

    I suggest rallying state legislators in all republican held states to enact legislation that prohibits state business and travel between their state and the cheat states, until those states have audited their votes and changed their rules. If most of the 35 republican held states took this position, we could force these states to do what is right.

    Alej Marcos

    "..Trump and his latest wife."

    You are a snarky little maggot..


    Reluctant, we have been taking it lying down for quite some time, especially this last year. I agree with you but I just don't see it happening. I personally realize it may cost me everything even my life and I think this country is worth fighting for, I just wonder if anyone is going to help. We could do so much by just unplugging social media and boycotting big corporations (Amazon), but it will take everyone , absolutely everyone , most people won't even give up Facebook for heavens sake . I personally am not on any social media sites and I do not shop on Amazon, but one person doesn't even make a blip. In other words our citizens are completely blind to what is happening to their country.


    You snooze, you lose. Well, that's what we have been doing. Thinking we don't have to pay attention after we vote them in. Now, how to fix this without a civil war?


    I have been saying this for weeks. I am glad somebody else who has a public voice had the guts to call it what it is, a planned military coup.

    King Kool

    Is it too soon to refer to Commie Joe as the “Commander-In-Thief?


    Maybe the “Coupmander-and-thief”?


    Senile professional Pervert, Sleepy China joe obiden will Never be my president. This mental midget should be headed to the nearest Funny Farm, not the White House. America is in Big Trouble right now. No more southern border wall with countless millions of illegals storming across, green new deal costing over 100 trillion dollars, giving hundreds of billions of our taxpayer dollars via Paris accords, to totalitarian dictators, etc. Not my president, ever ! ! !

    SA Gonzo

    One thing the Donkeys taught me in 4 years is how to HATE HATE HATE. Joe/the woman who laughs at everything will never ever be my Pres. or Vice Pres. Why does that woman laugh at everything? I know because she doesn't know anything about her job. America will end up like California because that's all she knows, homeless and drug addicts in the streets of California. Joe has welcome open border to millions and never mind Americans. We're in the hands of evil devils running America. How sad is that? Trump put America 1st and Donkeys didn't like it. God Bless America with these evil devils in our White House. And another thing why would Joe's wife even let him run for Pres when she knows he is mentally off? what a kinda wife would do that? Evil devils!

    Daniel Wright

    Joe would be busy sniffing the girl's hair.

    Daniel Wright

    Harris earned her position the old fashioned way(on her back and knees). As for "Dr" Biden letting Joe run,she knows he is safe in the hands of his handlers,(the CCP.

    Gary Hager

    RESIST!! Harris/Biden/Xi Jinping will NEVER BE OUR PRESIDENT!! RESIST in Everything!! TRUMP/NUNES 2024 & Primary ALL RINO SCUM like McTurtle, Murkowski, Romney, McCarthy, & Liz Cheney!

    Enrico Falcone

    Joe will make anyone associated with Trump suffer now
    He will cause as much pain and discomfort as the law will allow

    This is how revenge works and how liberal believe
    There are lots of dirty tricks under old joe's sleeve

    Alan Henry

    The FBI is warning about possible violent protests in DC and other cities around the country on inauguration day, Jan20.
    I am wondering if this might be a "false flag" operation. What I mean is, yes, there will be some protests in cities around the country and some may turn violent.
    And many if not most of these protesters will be dressed in Trump shirts and hats ( MAGA hats) and other MAGA gear.
    But these people will actually be Antifa or BLM members or a similar group hired by Soros or someone like him to go out and wreck havoc.
    The purpose will be to implicate Trump supporters and further destroy President Trumps' reputation. At least this is my prediction of what will occur that day.

    I still believe Antifa or people like them were responsible for the majority of violence at the Capital last week. And a lot of those Antifa people were wearing MAGA clothing and/or hats. And I predict the same type people will again cause violence on Jan 20. And they will be dressed as Trump supporters. I think we are being set up big time.


    "this country is worth fighting for". Really? With half the population enjoying IQ scores that hover over ambient room temp but nonetheless marching off to the polls, combined with the organized cheating, what part of that do you wish to save?


    Look, the deep state has been working toward this moment for nearly fifty years. They were almost there, and Trump happened. That was a HUGE monkey wrench. They had to recalculate and recalibrate. the result - the proverbial wolf decided to take off granny's eyeglasses and nightgown, finally let themselves be seen for who they are and went for the big score. They succeeded. They are criminal, corrupt and void of morals, but nevertheless they are to be respected as an adversary. They were well organized and had control of the message - via the corrupt media.
    Now it will come down to this - how many decent citizens have woken up to this reality and are they willing to become fully engaged in the process? The main goal right now will be to get as many governorships as possible and clean house ala Ron DeSantis in Florida.


    Dark times ahead.

    Voxi Pop


    Kremlin:"Failure of American State" If Big Tech Wins/
    Q Mirrors Bolshevik 1920s PsyOp/
    Maxwell Update/
    ...Inaguration?: Planes, Ships & Tanks Appear/
    Warnings- To Teachers.Ham Radio/
    Zionist Centered Take On DC Now/
    Palindrome: 1.20.2021/


    Illegitimate president? He isn't any kind of president - he's a usurper. It has never been explained why, with all the evidence they had, everyone just walked away and let Biden usurp. It makes no sense.


    When all remedies of legal attempt fail the American people to prosecute criminal activity of the representatives of the people/government it is the duty of the government/people to remove those miserable treasonous employees themselves. Just because the present legal system fails to do its job doesn't mean an usurper can have his ass planted in the seat of America's President by a bunch of super wealthy criminals. Now its time to fight for our freedom or go quietly into that goodnight. We have all been told that freedom is not free and now you see why. All military, ex-military, law enforcement and other government employees have taken the oath "to defend this country against enemies both foreign and domestic". Why do you thing the clause included "domestic enemies"; its because the people who wrote this oath knew this day would come.

    Jess Sain

    They will need to keep a contingent of military around them at all times because we don't like them, their own party doesn't like them and the moonbats in Antifa/BLM will kill those old crackers just like anyone else. Well played, only Russia and China like Joe and the Hoe...well and that dumb son of a Mitch McConnell, the worthless turtle and his communist spy wife.


    Wake the F up.. Biden is just a pawn.. The left wants Kamala in the office and she will no doubt be there by years end..

    The Saint

    We know it is a coup. The question is, what are we going to do about it?

    Ben Colder

    Senile Creepy Joe and the HO what a pair they stole the election and now they will sell us out to the communist chinks and no one does a damned thing .All these swamp snakes were in on the steel and they are going to get by with it.they can shove Joe and the Ho down our throats but They are not my President I refuse to take them as such.The RINOs and the dem/communists can go straight to hell.


    Has the Constitution been violated to the point of no return? The quid pro quo is tied to almost every foreign aid package. Note that many RINO's profit handsomely as well. It is a government of the government by the government and for the government.

    U4EA Ethos

    Mr. President. Your peaceful service to our country will never be forgotten. First POTUS to not start any new war/s.
    With a grateful heart I praise you. Your speech brought tears to our eyes. Tears of thanks but also sadness, that the
    election was swindled from 'We the People'. We can never stop trying to right this wrong.

    The Trump movement is one that can only grow stronger from this point into eternity.
    May God bless the Trump family and may God bless America.

    U4EA Ethos

    It’s very scary though that Libs truly have no problem about simply cheating before our eyes, then refusing to see the facts then naming their candidate

    The winner!!! How does any party have a chance against these antics…. “No Evidence” they’ll shout then the stinking courts will give ”no standing”.

    Apparently, this thing must get physical. They’ll do it again. Why wouldn't they??

    Laws mean nothing to demonRats. . They proved this. So, What do we do NOW????

    Cant make more ''no cheat'' laws. They will ignore them. Can't call the military. Apparently they are libs or gave it no standing too.


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