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    How Donald Trump Lost His Presidency: Preface 1.1

    January 24, 2021

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    Reprinted with permission

    Patrick ByrneA concerned citizen who has been hunting the oligarchy and Deep State since 2004.


    I had a ringside seat to election events from November 3, 2020 to January 6, 2021, and feel a duty to explain to the world what really happened. I will not be regurgitating the headline events anyone can read, but will aim to explain what was going on behind the scenes, and give my best account of why things played out as they did.

    Out of an interest in not letting the public suffer any longer from my procrastination and weakness (I tested negative today after a 13-day bout with Covid) , I will be writing and publishing this story in installments, reserving  the right to re-edit as I go. Once complete and final, I will let the public know that it is final. Thus, you might think of this exercise as an odd one, where I am drafting a long magazine article for the world but doing so publicly, that the public need not wait to begin having its understandable curiosity addressed.

    It will be natural for the reader to question my motives, my background, to wonder if I have some ax to grind or might wish to accomplish something in writing this other than what I claim (that I simply feel a duty to my country and to history to give an honest account of what I saw over those nine weeks).  So I will close this preface with four statements that clarify my philosophical orientation here.

    1. My own family’s history is one of the Horatio Alger dream.  My folks were of working class Irish roots from New Jersey (Bridgeport, Paterson, Atlantic City, Wildwood, and Cape May). My Pop was Rutgers ’52 (Air Force ROTC), and my folks were living poor as church-mice on the GI Bill at University of  Michigan, my Pop studying actuarial math, when their three sons began popping into existence. I was the youngest, born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, in 1962.  We grew up bouncing around New England as my father changed life insurance jobs nearly every year. Passed over in 1976 in Hartford for a promotion at Travelers Insurance that he thought he deserved, my Pop took a job at a broken and nearly insolvent auto insurer in the South: a month later an odd fellow from Omaha showed up on our doorstep, met my dad, and began investing heavily in his new firm. That same day, my Pop cancelled his order for our family’s first new car (a station wagon) and sunk it into stock in his new friend’s firm. My dad’s new firm, GEICO, went on to big things, and my dad’s investment in the stock of his new Omaha friend, Warren Buffett, also worked out immensely well for our family. Most importantly, Buffett became my great tutor in life. As  the years went by my family grew wealthy (by the time I was 16 my parents were millionaires, and by the time I finished college they were millionaires many times over), and Buffett grew into a billionaire and then into the mythical figure he has since become. All along the way, a continual topic of conversation among Buffett, myself, and my parents, the most continual conversation, was the role of the rich in society, their proper behavior, their duties to other citizens and to the country (unlike lots of other rich guys, both Buffett and my Pop were always intensely patriotic men). Donald J. Trump is the living embodiment of everything I was raised to understand was wrong about rich people in America. After JFK, my parents never voted anything but Republican, but my mother did not vote for Trump in 2016, and by January 6 of this year was screaming at me, “This monster cannot stay in the White House!” My father died in 2013, but I don’t know if he would have voted for Trump in 2016, and I doubt he would have in 2020. So if you wish an honest account of the intellectual milieu from which I hail, that would be it.
    2. I have always voted Libertarian for President. So voting for Trump was never really a consideration for me, one way or the other.
      • On the other hand, I agree with about 80% of Trump’s policy positions. Our nation is supposed to embody “consent of the governed,” and I do not remember “the governed” ever agreeing to disbanding our borders, or outsourcing our middle class to China, or signing up for forever-wars. I remember our elites doing that, but not the governed. So I agree with a lot of Trump’s policy direction, but still fault him for one big thing: he should have made ethnic relations more central to his presidency. And I am not sure that he did not, on occasion, tickle sentiments that should not be tickled (e.g., discussing how “Mexico is sending us their rapists” is bringing up an issue worthy of discussion, but can be brought up in a less disrespectful way).
      • While I have tried to maintain a position of being Left-friendly in life, and was even at times Left-curious, I confess that at this point I find the overwhelming majority of activist Democrats to be intellectually dishonest phonies, lacking in the most fundamental understanding of what made our republic work and how to fix it, and I am disgusted by the Goonism they have embraced as a political creed. In my eyes, most Left Democrats are one step above loathsome, and not a big step.
    3. Having been inside this election fraud issue for months, having gotten to know the best brains in it, professors and technologists and computer scientists, the best estimate that I have heard comes from one of them: Donald Trump probably got  79 million votes and Joe Biden got 53-68 million votes. Through chicanery, Trump ended up with 74 million, Biden with 80 million. The professor in question may not be exactly right, but his numbers do convey my rough sense of the magnitude of the theft of this rigged election.
    4. This election steal should have been child’s play to reveal and reverse. On December 23, President Trump and I spent 4.5 hours together, and I let him know that defeating it was a 3-foot putt (I’ve never golfed a hole in my life, but I guessed the metaphor might speak to him). His team was pursuing a 40-foot shot from the sand trap that they needed to sink, but if he would just listen to Flynn, Sidney, and me, there was an easy 3-foot putt he was not seeing. Somehow over the course of that 4+ hour meeting there came a moment that I felt something much different for Donald J. Trump than I had expected I would feel, something that made me want to go put my arm around the man and give him a long squeeze of reassurance. What was it I felt? I’m still not sure: Commiseration for a broken man? A kind of love? Or just deep sadness, that I could see he understood he was failing on the most colossal of scales, he was losing, but he could not put the pieces together. Yet it was child’s play to defeat. I wanted to scold him and weep for him at the same time.

    So that is where I am coming from.  Enjoy the story. I won’t enjoy writing it but I owe it to you.

    Your humble servant,

    Patrick M. Byrne


    Introduction – How I got involved

    What I learned before November 3

    November 3 – November 10 – The Reverse-Engineer & the  President’s Team(s)

    November 11 – Christmas – the Wicked Doldrums

    Christmas – January 6

    The Aftermath

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    I can’t wait for this.


    I can’t wait for this. I just wish I could do it face to face.

    R. Tappan

    I have two issues with this. Your first total equals 147 million. The second is 154 million. Yet there are only supposed to be 133 million registered voters. So you need to explain that part

    It was Powell and Flynn that were the reasonable ones?

    So, Flynn and Powell had the “3 foot putt” all along but it was only Trump’s team that was going for the 40 footer? Plausible? Nope. More lies to come...


    There is only 1 problem with the calculation of the theft. At the time of the election Joe Biden had 20.1 million followers on Twitter. Trump had 88.6 million followers. Why wouldn't all of Trump's followers vote for him? My mother and mother in law both voted for him and neither of them Tweet. You need to go back to the drawing board on this one. I got these figures from an article I read on Yahoo in December, before Trump was censored. I do not follow JB on Twitter. I have blocked him. his entire family, KH, even the white house. He is not my president and all of these people are crooks. The evidence is overwhelming and to make matters worse they rubbed it in our faces, then told us to suck it up as they continued to lie about everything and set up the supporters on Jan 6. Never in my life have I felt so cheated

    John Flowers

    I don't believe this story one bit. What is this a Deep fake? After the fact?


    Attention Seeker.


    Thank you, Patrick. Speak the truth. I think President Trump has seen a lot of snakes around him, that he doesn't know who to trust anymore. He is a good man, and perhaps he realized that if he can't even read Pence as the biggest snake of all, he cannot rely in his instincts anymore. God bless.


    I tend not to believe any of the sensationalism abounding concerning the steal.
    I do however believe that DJT is still working his plan. I believe he wants to win the war, and has mastered the deep fake.


    Another "insider patriot" looking to cash in. claims to have the answers after the fact. Sure, the election was stolen.
    Everyone in the world knows it.


    another venture capitalist who is OVERSTOCKED!

    Michael L'Heureux

    Sharing a letter I recently sent to numerous governors, senators, and congress members:

    For over 28 years of active military service, and over 40 years of government service I have repeatedly promised to support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have taken this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
    After recently participating in early voting, I was humbled to witness a tremendous participation in the election. I stood with others, in the rain, for over an hour to partake in what I believed to be a fair election. At that moment, my heart was pierced with the thought that a small part of my service, and that of my comrades in arms was, in part, responsible for the incredible response I witnessed. As I stood there, I also realized that not everyone there agreed with my political or government policy opinions, but that did not keep me from being proud that my life’s service played a small part of the reason that they were there.
    Although I didn’t follow the whole of the media coverage of the election throughout the evening of the 3rd, I was surprised to hear the next morning that a number of states stopped the count and report of election results later in the previous evening. This was the first time I can remember an event like this happening. The results of the next couple of weeks have given me the impression (and that of a large number of my friends/associates of both political views) that the chances of the November election being fair and impartial were similar to the odds that Jeffery Epstein committed suicide.
    After listening to issues that have arisen due to the conduct of the election, I do not believe those issues can be resolved by recounting. I do believe, and would support an audit of the results in those states which experienced either shutdown or exceptional delays in the reporting of presidential election results. I believe federal statute requires states maintain either a ballot/signature, or a photo copy of the ballot/signature for a minimum of 22 months. An impartial examination by both parties of this proposed audit is required. If circumstances arise where this is not possible, than the states involved must re-cast the vote.
    The leadership of this country has always been decided by the people, who, after careful reflection of the principles and policies espoused by contesting views, make a decision. All I, or my friends and associates want is the truth. What we currently have are two voices. One, espouses to maintain that massive fraud has been perpetrated. The other contends that the election was fairly run, and that the results are valid and should be accepted.
    The only acceptable resolution to this impasse is a full audit of the results. Truth is not dictated by some timeline, it is irrevocable and in essence, eternal. Anything other than the above will be met fierce determination and implacable resolve to ensure that government of the people, by the people, and for the people, shall not perish from the earth.


    Michael L’Heureux


    The Traitors to this country need to be Executed on LIVE MSM for all to see. IMO.. All of them are Democrats and Rinos along with Media Moguls and Social Media Censors like FaceBook and Twitter owners.. All executed for our entertainment and over 12 years of attacks on us.

    Mark Berlinger

    To Aileen:

    Trump believed in the lie of the Twitter town square. Blocked by corporate media he thought Twitter to be the best way to get his messages out. But followers are not the same as supporters. Twitter is a leftist echo chamber. Twitter is Antifa. Jack and the Zuck played him for the fool.

    Joe Archer

    I encourage all to advocate for and collect petition signatures for Application Voting. Everyone votes by computer using their retina and fingerprint. They decide what percent of the budget is spent on their pet projects by dividing up their tax dollar. They decide what policies apply only to their county. And they decide if and how many troops go to Syria. etc. basically, the 49% get their 49%. We can no longer trust our representatives to be either honest or to represent us.
    Advocate for APP VOTING. because there will never be another fair election.

    John 8

    Here's what I know; all the internet "Nazis" who got banned from social media years before everyone else told me that Catholics, Freemasons, and Israelis control the government and corporations. So now I see a White House, legislature, courts, state governments, corporations, and violent activist groups packed with Catholics, Freemasons, and Israelis. Why is it that a nation founded by White Protestant Christians is currently under the control of the historical enemies of White Protestant Christians, and why is nobody else reporting on that?


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