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    Parallels Between Late 20s And Early 30s Germany And The US Today

    March 25, 2021
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    Meeting of the Finnish Nazi party SKJ "Liberate the working man from the lie of Judeo-Marxism"

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    Germany - Generals and their political allies chaffed at the loss of power in the wake of disarmament. They wanted their seat at the table back.

    US - Trump may have strengthened the military, but he didn't start new wars and was in the process of disengagement. The last straw was not going to war over the UAV shootdown by Iran and withdrawal from Syria. 

    Germany - Aforementioned power seekers used Nazi rabble to attack Jews, communists and other political enemies while sympathetic police and judiciary refused to act and then covered up the violence. 

    US - BLM and AntiFa ran rampant through American cities as progressives in state government, as well as federal agencies and law enforcement, stood by and watched it happen. 

    Germany - Economic devastation cause by the stock market crash of 1929 gave Nazis rally point for the need to implicitly trust government over the private sector.  The youth of the nation were easily duped. 

    US - China virus led Americans to absolute obedience and forfeiture of civil rights.  A whole generation of youth now believe without question the edicts of government. 

    Germany - Nazis rallied the people around their common enemies, Jews, communists and other "undesirables".  They purged them from the government then ran them out of the rest of society.

    US - Marxists are demonizing white people, Trump-supporters and anyone not in lockstep with them. We are being doxed.  We are fired from our jobs. We are actively being discriminated against. 

    Germany - Nazis and their allies grew in strength and overwhelmed their former masters. In 1933 they intimidated voters and registered a victory. Then with support of their coalition allies banned non-fascist parties and ended the republic. 

    US - Marxists are close to overwhelming any remaining moderate Democrats. How long before they ban Republicans?



    Brent Beecham

    A USAFA grad, Brent flew F-15 combat missions during Operation Desert Storm. After completing his service, Brent immigrated to Israel, where he was drafted into IAF active service.
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    Larry Olsen

    So the jewish Communist takeover of the United States is just like the resistance to the jewish Communist takeover of Germany? Read history much?


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