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    Ninety-Nine Red Balloons...Deep State (Obama) May Get Its War With Russia

    March 31, 2021

    This is it boys! This is war!

    Ninety-Nine Red Balloons...Deep State (Obama) May Get Its War With Russia

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    Let's make some things very clear from the outset - Barack Obama was very weak on Russia and allowed the Kremlin to take over strategic parts of Ukraine, and deploy an expeditionary force in Syria which propped up the Assad government, preventing its collapse. Obama's famous 'red line' was not so red, but in reality a little pink.

    Trump, on the other hand, was vastly different in his response to Vladimir Putin. The Trump administration launched missiles into Syria multiple times, killed hundreds of Russia mercenaries in Syria with American airpower (still not talked about in the corporate media), sanctioned and stopped the Nord Stream II pipeline from Russia to Germany to feed Merkel's gas addiction after she 'greened' Germany and removed nuclear power, and forced NATO to spend hundreds of additional billions in military spending. Oh, and Trump also armed Ukraine, which Obama refused to do.

    Despite his theatrical stares, Obama was weak on Putin. However, Obama did like to make fun of Vlad in the national press, hardly a responsible thing for an American president to say to a man who controls the largest nuclear force in the world, but that's for another article.

    In short, Obama hated Putin. We don't know quite why that is.

    It could be the Deep State hates Russia's refusal to go 'woke' and the Kremlin's gay propaganda law, which prevents the instruction of the homosexual lifestyle to minors. It could be because the Cold Warriors who remain have old Soviet grudges to settle. It could be because Russia is just an easy 'bad guy'.

    The Deep State has blamed everything on the Kremlin, and ignored the existential elephant threat in the room to America's existence - the Chinese Communist Party. We are not saying the Kremlin is angelic, quite the opposite. However, Russia is simply not currently a threat to America's existence. China definitely is, as we have witnessed by the recent coup where Beijing committed cyber acts of war.

    Russia is a dangerous adversary, but you can sometimes work with dangerous adversaries. You can't work with those who want to destroy you at all costs - like the CCP. President Trump found that out the hard way.

    Let's also admit another inconvenient (or convenient depending on your point of view) truth about Joe Biden - he doesn't even know where he is, and is not running The White House. So who is? We think it is Barack Obama.

    Even the corporate media is starting to catch on that Obama is running the show. We are experiencing Obama's third term, and boy does he has some scores to settle.

    This is not an article about Vladimir Putin, or his character, or the actions of his security services. This is an article about the American presidency, or our current lack of one.

    Let's talk about another historical truth - weakness in the face of dangerous adversaries is hardly a plan for peace. On the contrary, it ALWAYS leads to war.

    America is now very weak. We have no adult leadership. Our current illegimitimate administration cares more about putting men in girl's bathrooms than protecting our national security or our interests around the world. If there is one thing Obama hates more than Putin - it's the United States of America. God Damn America! Open the borders, let the criminals in by the millions! Debase our currency! Let our adversaries walk all over us! We'd be better off under China anyway than letting those damn Deplorables run things!

    Meanwhile, away from the clown show which is the Biden White House, and despite all his harsh actions against the Russia Federation, President Trump wanted peace, wanted to find a way to peacefully coexists with the Kremlin. Trump said it multiple times in public.

    But our current overlords want otherwise. They want war. They want military spending. They want to expand NATO to Moscow's borders - simple insanity, and a pretext for war.

    They may get just that as Russian builds up forces on the Ukrainian border, China rattles its sabres against Taiwan, and Iran feeds of Obama's weakness for the Mullahs and pushes for a nuclear device to attack The Jewish State.

    Yes, Joe Biden, we too miss President Trump.

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    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    When I want solid analysis and info I may have missed in my own research, I show up at CD Media. What a better world we would have it sites like CD were the mainstream media

    Michael Day

    Mr Wood there is a ol rough rider who wrote the facts on many of our current event in 1913 the book is
    Fear GOD and Take Your Own Part
    By Theodore Roosevelt
    Articulates the facts of a pacifist and the CHINAFY of our Republic
    Mr Wood facts now are hard for the few now who see an hear clearly to ignore and when you read Fear God and as your opinion on the state of our union is well Articulated
    As you wrote that Quote “ TRUMP found out the Hard Way “
    I like to articulate that ONE PEOPLE ,Americans found out the Hard way that a very old fairy tale has come to back to haunt our souls
    And we the people were played a tune by a PIPED PIPER of the sound and fury masterfully of patriotism to see a very stable Genius use the craft of old ,a art of war only seen by the Vichy France during WW2
    New York is the center where this evil lives an breathe’s and this surrenderer of our REPUBLIC is all but complete due to the stroke of a evil genius who literally always said the same statement THEY are not after me THEY ARE AFTER YOU
    MR wood I was born in 1959 and my whole life is the end game for the evil brought into the light of day that was completed
    With the peaceful transfer of power to the LEFT by trump and make no mistake that is now in the light of day our Fedcoat government IS
    In the control by surrender monkeys
    Mr Wood in 1976 i was giving a history lesson by the Men who survived WW2 and told a The truth on dec 7 that our military knew the facts that pearl would be attacked an the facts that our carrier fleet were out is the proof and what was needed by the left COMMIE LOVING Roosevelt was a unlimited power of not only the Purse strings it was total WAR and again just like 9/11 THE FACTS NOW SPEAK
    ONE SECOND AFTER read the series for THE FINAL DAY is upon our land and when the Lights Go out a very evil woman will ASSsume the
    POTUS while one people are dissolved


    These people are all play acting, yes there are different acting ‘troops’ and they have their differences but there are agreements between most of them. Just like the open miked Obama, paraphrasing here, ‘tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election ‘. If there were to be a war between the US and Russia it would be scripted with the outcome already determined.


    This is can all be stopped with the destruction of the main stream media. Without the media driving the getaway car for the crime family managing our decline, while living off of American Citizens. The people dont see any of this because the psy op run on them by the media. Their wont be a woke agenda without the media, everything ends with their destruction. Then Trump can level with Americans instead of dancing around the narratives imposed by a media trying to deflect. Its time to rip the band aid off & end the massive influence operation. The longer we continue this the longer the recovery of the ill effected will take. If this cant be done, level with those of who know our goverment , media & education is run by criminals intent on keeping citizens dumb and paying into the system so the Goverment officials can route money overseas & back to themselves while the media brainwashes people into thinking giving up their rights, freedoms & money is their best self interest, absurdity. If I knew I could live in a place 1/4 as decent as I live in now, I would move to Russia. They are well on their way down a path we have yet to find. The path of having your own best interests & the best interest of their country at heart. I cant believe 5 years after Trump took office we are still discussing this. It seems we didnt make a dent since then.


    Putin does not want to fight us, he wants to do business with us.
    I can tell he's been reading Alexander Hamiton more than our own leaders have.
    Putin and Trump were brilliant at playing the press and avoiding a war.

    T.D. Shiflett

    The US Navy no longer remembers how to fight the Russians.
    Since Post World War II Naval Aviation has dominated the Navy’s command structure.
    The submarine force has managed to mostly hold their own, surface Navy has been largely neglected especially post Cold War & War on Terror.
    Since the start of the War on Terror the primary focus has been mostly tactical land strike primarily by carrier based fighter/bombers (F-18 Hornet/Super Hornet) with some ship/sub launched Tomahawk Land Attack Missile (TLAM) (BGM-109) variants.
    The backbone of the USSR/Russian Federation Navy has always been its submarine force. The US Navy has forgotten how to do Anti Submarine Warfare (ASW). The Sound Surveillance System (SOSUS) network that covered the GIUK gap - an area in the northern Atlantic Ocean that forms a naval choke point (Its name is an acronym for Greenland, Iceland, and the United Kingdom) has mothballed or gone, allowing the Russian nuclear boats fairly free access to the Atlantic. Additionally no ASW aircraft (P-8) are permanently stationed in Greenland or Iceland anymore.
    Surface warfare has not been the focus for years, and the dated RGM-84 "Harpoon" is the main offensive weapon, slowly to be supplemented and then replaced by The Naval Strike Missile (NSM) which has progressed to shipboard testing. The RGM/UGM-109B Tomahawk Anti-Ship Missile (TASM) was removed from service in 1994; they are being converted to Tomahawk Block IV improvements, becoming available in 2021 at the earliest. Back fitting ships to interface with them, usage doctrine & crew training will likely push actual operational deployment out 5 years.
    Submarine wise, the cold war era LA class submarines (23 “688i improvement program” & 5 "straight stick") are still the bulk of the silent service. The Virginia class (19) are excellent boats, also the Seawolf class (3) are available (when they are not off doing super sneaky ops). Much of the Strategic target queuing system no longer exists, limiting the hunter-killer role. The Ohio class SSGN conversions (4) are also for strike & special operations.
    The Arleigh Burke class of guided missile destroyers are a solidly designed ships, and it could be argued they are the most successful class of ships since the WWII Fletcher class destroyers. However, they have been run ragged & maintenance has been deferred far too many times. The venerable Ticonderoga class cruisers are still functional also. These ships primary role is primarily Air Defense, the ships who historically provided Anti Submarine warfare –the non-guided missile destroyer & frigates (both guided missile & non- guided missile equipped) do not exist. The U.S. Navy’s next-generation frigate, the Constellation class has been selected - based on the Fincantieri Marinette Marine's FREMM multipurpose frigate will be as of now only 10 ships, the first delivery is scheduled for 2026, with post construction refits & crew training, add two + years for an actual functional ship.
    I pity the sailors assigned to the mediocre Littoral combat ships (LCS) operating in the North Atlantic. The Navy still seems to have no idea what to do with the Zumwalt class destroyers, only three will be built, down from twenty four originally envisioned. They should be a case study for the PMP course on how to not run a project on time & cost.
    Possible uses could be flagship for a Surface Action Group (SAG) of flagship/force protection/strike for an Expeditionary Strike Group (Amphibious landing ships).
    Carriers are still the major power projection platform, even after decades of the “death of the carrier” mantra. The F-35C Lighting II is the Naval version of this stealth fighter, have started to be introduced to the fleet squadrons since Feb 2019. While capable aircraft, they have suffered their fair share of “teething” problems & are very expensive. The F18 Super Hornet is the mainstay of the Carrier Air Wing force protection & strike capability. The F-18 is not a stealth aircraft, instead it Instead, its design incorporates a combination of signature reduction, advanced electronic-warfare capabilities, and use of standoff weapons.
    The F-18 Super Hornet frame is used for the standard Fighter/strike, Electronic Warfare & aerial refueling tanker. There are pluses in that a great deal of each type uses parts common to all the variants, reducing the logistics “tail”. However, history has shown that multipurpose aircraft have not performed exceptionally well as ones designed to perform a single role. (The notable expectation being the venerable S-3 Viking, originally designed for ASW, filled many different roles quite well. Sadly, they have been retired).
    The Super Hornet is comparable to the MIG-29 & SU-27. It would struggle if faced with the SU-57 which is a stealth fighter that will be operational in the mid-2020s.
    The E-2C/D Hawkeye is all-weather, carrier-capable tactical airborne early warning (AEW) aircraft. They extend the RADAR coverage of the carrier battle group & provide command & control for fighter & strike groups. They are in my opinion the most important aircraft in the carrier air wing.
    Since the retirement of the S-3 Viking, the US Navy does not have an organic carrier based fixed wing ASW aircraft. Carrier based ASW is provided by the SH-60 helicopter that has a reduced range & loiter time then the S-3.

    Comparison to the Cold War Navy:
    - Limited training/focus on surface & subsurface warfare.
    - The Harpoon missile is showing its age vs. modern Electronic Warfare systems.
    - No dedicated ASW ships
    - No Organic Carrier Fixed wing ASW ships.
    + A far greater number of AEGIS Air Warfare ships.
    +/- Limited to medium range Anti-aircraft missiles Standard Missile (SM-2MR) carried due the Vertical Launch System (VLS) physical size.
    This is a trade off from the later Cold War much longer ranged rail launched Standard missile (SM-2ER) used in the Extended Air Warfare Doctrine (Leahy & J. Daniels class Cruisers). AEGIS is more accurate targeting & can have more missiles in flight. This was much more important when the US Navy faced regiments of long range Soviet land based strike aircraft such as the Tupolev Tu-22M (NATO reporting name: Backfire).
    +/- The F-18 Super hornet replaced the F-14A/B “Tom Cat” interceptor, which had much longer range & loiter time. It also carried the long range Phoenix missile (though had shorter range vs. maneuverable fighters). The Super Hornet has a far superior avionics package.
    +/- The Super hornet replace the A-6 intruder strike aircraft, which had a much larger weapon payload & range. The A-6 required fighter escort in contested air space.
    F-18 “smart weapons”
    + The F-35
    +/- A lesser number of carriers (13-15 vs. 10 + USS America (LHA-6) configured as a “light carrier”). The Nimitz class carriers have superior aircraft handling, damage control, & command & control. The Ford class, once it gets all the bugs worked out will handily out class every carrier in existence.
    Much smaller number of ships in a battle group, in the 1980s a typical Carrier battle group could be up to 15 ships, one carrier, two-three cruisers, several destroyers and frigates and two or more auxiliary ships. Current battle groups typically have 4-5 cruisers & destroyers. A loss of even one ship is a major blow to war fighting capability.
    A loss of a carrier would be a major blow; it would not be replaced by a new carrier for six -ten years.
    + Virginia class submarines
    + Logistics, Logistics, Logistics!

    The Russian “Military Maritime Fleet'
    Is a mixed bag of modernized Cold War ships & modern, smaller vessels.
    Only the Northern Fleet would likely be involved in a conflict with the US, Both nations of the Pacific fleet would be warily watching the Peoples Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).
    “Old Smokey” Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier is currently in the yards, where it suffered a rather nasty fire, to be charitable he has a cranky power plant, and a small air wing compared to the US carriers.
    Kirov-class battle cruiser- only the Pyotr Velikiy (Peter the Great) is operational; Admiral Ushakov is in the yards. This is not a class of ships you want to go one on one!
    Only one Slava class cruiser, three Udaloy & one Sovremennyy-class destroyer round out the major combatants, they are all Cold War era vessels.
    10 frigates or corvettes round out the surface fleet.
    The Northern fleet has 16 nuclear attack submarines & 7 diesel/electric boats
    8 Ballistic submarines
    Only 16 TU-160 strategic bombers are flight ready
    A far cry from the USSR days!

    The Bottom line is there will not be a Jutland level clash of battle fleets.

    The Russian’s goal would be to secure the operation areas of the Northern Fleet Ballistic missile submarines , control (for a short period) the sea lanes & bottle neck from the Baltic to allow the attack submarines access to the North Atlantic & secure the northern flank of the Russian army.
    The US goal would to use naval air power (in a general war NATO vs. Russia) to support the woefully low number of US & NATO ground troops from being overrun & secure the Atlantic sea lanes for Liquefied Natural Gas Tankers (see below).
    Of course, the Russians do not have the hordes of armor & infantry divisions. What they have is natural gas. Germany, Ukraine, Poland, & Eastern Europe (foolishly) rely on Russian natural gas for a great deal of their energy. Threatening to turn off the flow of natural gas and everything comes to a screeching halt, putting a huge amount of political pressure on those nations to remain neutral or capitulate. This is compounded by the current US administration’s dim view of fracking, possibly limiting how much natural gas that is available to transport to Europe. That and convincing crews to sail a floating bomb across during war time.

    Other considerations
    China. This would be a great time to launch an amphibious landing in the Republic of China, as well as forcibly taking disputed islands off the west coast of Japan & expanding further in to the South China Sea. Also, PRC has defacto control of the Panama Canal. Even without US intervention, the Pacific fleet will not be readily available to transfer ships to the Atlantic.

    India – They have had a stormy relationship with China, The have a strong Navy, though it is unlikely they would push into the East China Sea, they could easily cut off China’s trade routes through the Straits of Malacca.

    Pakistan – could be the foil to pull India away from interdicting the Straits of Malacca if they make a grab for Kashmir, with Chinese support (which could range from logistic, making trouble along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) or a limited military intervention).

    Turkey. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has dreams of recreating the Ottoman Empire. And has a rather chummy relationship with Russia, considering their long history of conflicts. He has been sticking his nose in the Syrian & Libyan civil wars, if he dominates those areas; Israel & Egypt are caught in a vice, though he may find them hard nuts to crack.
    This could secure Russia’s southern flank, while tying up the Greek (who are always looking for a reason to punch Turkey in the face), Italian, & a good portion of the French fleet. This may not go as well as Mr. Erdoğan would like, unlike World War II, the capable Italian Navy is not crippled by extreme fuel shortages, unless the Suez Canal is blocked (again!). And France & Italy both have Aircraft carriers, not the size of the US ones, but they would prove very handy in the Mediterranean Sea.

    UK- While a strong ally of the US, the Royal Navy is in pitiful shape. Fewer than fifty ships & they had to “Borrow” a USMC F-35 squadron to fill out the HMS Queen Elizabeth’s air wing.

    Off to bed, another exciting work day tomorrow!


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