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Yesterday, Russian authorities suspended the activities of the Kremlin's main political opposition, declaring them terrorists and foreign agents. The offices of anti-corruption crusader Alexei Navalny have been raided multiple times and his supporters have been arrested.

This technique, although pioneered by the Soviet Union, recently has come from the *Biden administration's playbook, where the cabal of corrupt media, government officials and Silicon Valley have declared Trump supporters and the America First movement as terrorists and foreign agents.

Joseph Stalin would be proud of Joe Biden. Putin seems to agree. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Putin must be thinking, If America can do it, who's to stop me?

A Russian court on Monday approved a request by prosecutors to suspend all activities at the regional headquarters of Alexei Navalny's political organization, pending a ruling on whether to label his networks as "extremist," reported Axios.

It's the latest and most sweeping attempt by the Russian state to crack down on the influence of the imprisoned opposition leader...

Amnesty International has said that an extremist designation for Navalny's political and anti-corruption groups would represent "one of the most serious blows for the rights to freedom of expression and association in Russia’s post-Soviet history.”

“It reminds me of Soviet trials when someone was declared a spy or foreign agent and then there would be a secret closed trial,” Anti-Corruption Foundation director Ivan Zhdanov, who fled Russia earlier this year, told the Post. “Putin is trying to take Russia back into the Soviet past.”

Today the Department of 'Justice' raided Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani's apartment due to 'foreign agent' allegations. His electronic devices were seized.

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