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    The Trojan Horse Legal Case That Could Flip The US Senate Red

    May 9, 2021
    Image by Photo by  Constantin Stanciu  on  Scopio

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    Who is Michael Daugherty?  He is the man who fought the Deep State for a decade, and won. 

    In 2008, Daugherty was running his medical lab company in GA, minding his own business, when he got a phone call saying his patients’ data had been found available on the internet, a violation of Federal law.  The software firm on the other end of the phone call demanded money to 'fix the problem'.  

    To make a long story short, Daugherty fought back, didn't give up, wrote a book about his experience, and over a decade later, discovered it was the FBI who had given powerful surveillance software to Tiversa who then hacked his computers and demanded payment to 'make it all go away'.  In short, the “Fast and Furious of Cybersecurity”.  Tiversa pulled this charade again and again with hundreds of organizations, yet the Federal Trade Commission came after Daugherty, rather than Tiversa, demanding he admit he ran a company with shoddy data security practices. 

    Daugherty wouldn’t play ball, blowing the whistle on the corruption, so the FTC came at him hard with years of relentless investigation and litigation. The FBI and FTC covered up extortion racket created, executed and covered up by good-old Uncle Sam.  His business, LabMD, having treated over 700,000 cancer patients, was destroyed.  Daugherty eventually prevailed in court and is starting to sue the pants off everyone involved.    

    Now, in this season of election fraud and government duplicity, Daugherty wants to force election integrity in the Peach State, filing a Trojan horse case that is making its way through the legal system.  The cabal is so worried about his filing that it has parachuted Perkins Coie into Georgia to, once again, 'make it all go away'.  

    Daugherty is also the founder of  'The Justice Society', an entity in Atlanta with the mandate to 'end persecution through process' by training Davids to defeat Goliaths. The Justice Society is taking up this challenge.  (TheJusticeSociety.com @JusticeArsenal)

    "Daugherty vs. Raffensperger is the only existing case that can change the outcome of the 2020 national elections by challenging as invalid the GA U.S. Senate races," says Daugherty's legal team.

    The case alleges the runoff election for the GA U.S. Senate seats, which was certified in February of this year, was illegally executed on many levels and so does not accurately reflect the will of GA voters.  The lawsuit calls for a new election based on paper ballots as provided in Georgia law.

    You can read the legal filing on the tab below:

    "The case does not rely on the anecdotal evidence of ballot harvesting, dead citizens voting, or stuffed ballot boxes to seek to overturn the GA Senate election.  This case is different because it involves a solid, objective examination of whether the voting machines used in the election meet the required GA statutory standards.  The answer is -- they do not.  Since they do not, the election must be invalidated," declared Daugherty.  

    "I involved myself because many people in the Georgia political establishment feel free to break election law and they’ve done it for a long time," said Daugherty to CDMedia.  Daugherty added “Honestly, I do not understand how some of these people think they can disregard the law and act as they feel expedient for their own interests, vilifying anyone who disagrees.”

    "You can’t ignore election law violations by anyone, much less the political establishment.   While there needs to be a high bar, deadlines and finality, the politicos today feel they can violate every rule there is; to them the ends justify means. Frankly the widespread disregard for the law is disgusting.”

    "The Trump cases had to have proof before engaging in discovery in order to challenge the results, but there was so little time.  The system is simply rigged to permit fraud to flourish and succeed.  But we have had the luxury of time.  We’ve had time to lay the groundwork to go after everyone, and this will surely include the outrageous Stacey Abrams consent decree, the astonishing Dominion agreement, and potentially Dominion itself.  “Voters” who were not registered to vote or did not vote in November suddenly voted in January.  That was also illegal, and we are going to bring all this to light and hold the actors accountable.”  

    Daugherty quietly filed his case on a Sunday night in January.  Biding his time, his team has held their fire until now.  But then Perkins Coie, known as the Democrat storm lawyers of election mayhem, parachuted into the Daugherty case.  

    "With the recent ruling that takes the case out of Fulton, things will start moving fast. The impetus of this case is not political, nor for either side.  It's simply about free and fair elections. We cannot survive as a nation with voter fraud, systemic fraud and national distrust of election integrity.  This destruction of American democracy has to be stopped."

    Daugherty is the perfect storm, an iron man of the force of will and in possession of a sharp legal mind.

    With the tide turning in public opinion across the land regarding election fraud, this case is one to watch.  

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    "... discovered it was the FBI who had given powerful surveillance software to Tiversa".

    This is not true. It was Tiversa's own surveillance software that was used to hack into LabMD.

    The One

    Citation or you're a liar

    Rafael Cruz, MD

    There is a pdf link with entire court petition above.

    Arlene Kara

    This would give me hope if we didn't have a totally corrupt judiciary. Nothing will come of it "No Standing" BS.

    Joe R.

    They keep telling us to play by their rules.


    Are they doing their thing to oil refineries right now?


    We all need to be the new ‘minute men’!

    Eurie Smith

    Thanks for your publication of those
    French Letters. Their problems parallel ours.

    Their solution historically is similar. Americans
    rejoined after the Relutionary and War Between the States.

    It may not be possible this time. The Left does not think rationaly

    John Chapter 8

    How to be a boomer: Let your nation be ruled by the satanic enemies of Christ, let your nation be overrun with IQ75 monsters, never admit that you caused this mess with your heresy, sloth, lust, and greed, and then imagine you can fix the massive ruin you caused with voting and courtrooms run by the Christ-killers and their imbecilic monsters.

    mckinley william

    And let me guess,you think Biden is a 'boomer',don't you?Pelosi,too?They're running this dementia circus,and both are pre-boomer.Generational division is more of an empty=headed leftist tactic than an argument for anything.


    Interesting but you should know of other legal cases 'out there' (9th circuit) that involve catching GOOGLE censoring the United States Courts.. and the Post Office stealing mail for lawyers making the counts the felony victim. IF the DOJ EVER lets go of those cases you will see more 'deep state' corruption in the 4th Circuit where believe it or not... deep state operatives were caught performing 'direct action' on government investigations and the corrupt leading the DOJ FBI EEOC FCC and the NAACP.

    See it all at https://leehempfling.com/?s=corruption

    Ben Colder

    The FBI is nothing more than the us gestapo If they are involved you know fraud is lurking just around the corner and who ever they go after will be found guilty.The whole us DOJ is about as corrupt as the mafia ever was and i mean corrupt ever damned one of them.

    The Saint

    They will tie this up in court and it will take years to litigate. We need a quicker response.

    tom reynolds

    burn em dpwn


    If "It was Tiversa’s own surveillance software that was used to hack into LabMD". Then where did Tiversa get the software?


    Funny how boomers get blamed for all the crap happening now. We've stood in the gap for over 40 years and now when x'ers and millennials need to nut up, take up the torch and be men, all they can do is ...whine, "Muh Boomers!"


    Some GenX'rZ have the response to the above comment about taking the torch as....

    Okay '$_Generation_Whatever.py'

    🤔 @infosec_jvp on twitterZ


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