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    Biological Warfare Is Use Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Requires A Nuclear Response

    May 31, 2021
    Biological Warfare Is Use Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Requires A Nuclear Response
    Image by Fastfission

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    One thing we know for certain -- China released the CCP virus outside of the mainland, encouraged and facilitated its spread to the West to damage our economy, and even bring down the leader of the free world, only to be replaced by the ultimate Manchurian candidate -- illegitimate Joe Biden, whose crime family is completely compromised by Beijing.

    These facts are undeniable for anyone who assesses the situation with intellectual honesty.

    Information is now widespread the virus was developed in a PLA-controlled biological weapons lab in Wuhan and is not found in nature -- a man-made biological pathogen. Even the corrupt corporate media can no longer hide this fact and is trying to spin this reality as best as possible to not damage their CCP (Chinese Communist Party) benefactors.

    Whether it was accidentally or intentionally released, it really doesn't matter (we believe it is obvious it was intentionally released...the outcome is just way too convenient for China's interests).

    China is guilty of the use of biological weapons against the United States of America.

    This is the use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD - nuclear, biological, chemical) against our beloved republic.

    In U.S. military doctrine, this allows, and may even require, a nuclear response.

    China knows this.

    Why do you think China is now threatening the United States with nuclear attack?

    "Facing a serious strategic threat from the US, China was urged to increase the number of nuclear weapons, especially its sea-based nuclear deterrent of intercontinental submarine-launched ballistic missiles, to deter potential military action by US warmongers, Chinese military experts said on Friday, after reports that the US' new defense budget will modernize its nuclear arsenal to deter China," wrote the CCP mouthpiece, Global Times recently

    Chinese state-owned media urged the regime to equip the PLA (People’s Liberation Army) with the largest possible number of nuclear warheads and missiles in a short time, which should “make the U.S. elites tremble when they think about fighting with China.” “We must prepare for a tense ending to the United States’s and China’s relationship,” Hu Xijin, editor-in-chief of the Global Times, said in his May 28 editorial. “Once this happens, having a big stock of DF-41, JL-2, and JL-3 missiles will be a pillar of strength to support China’s will to fight." 

    The question is - why are U.S. military commanders ignoring this fact?

    CDMedia is being targeted and obviously too effective! We need your support to put more reporters in the field! Help us here! 



    L Todd Wood

    L Todd Wood, a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy, flew special operations helicopters supporting SEAL Team 6, Delta Force and others. After leaving the military, he pursued his other passion, finance, spending 18 years on Wall Street trading emerging market debt, and later, writing. The first of his many thrillers is "Currency." Todd has been a national security columnist for The Washington Times and contributed to One American News, Fox Business, Newsmax TV, Moscow Times, Novaya Vremya (Ukraine), the New York Post, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, Zero Hedge and others. He is also founder/publisher of CDM. For more information about L. Todd Wood, visit LToddWood.com.
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    Benjamin Sisko

    What are we going to nuke ourselves? Whatever China did they did with the full blessing, financing, and protection of elements in the United States. Possibly at the request of. No way China did this is an unprovoked attack. "Gain of function" is just a fancy benign sounding term that means bioweapons research. The fact that WE gave them the money for it indicates those doing it knew it was illegal to do here. Who in their right mind contracts such things out to their geopolitical enemies anyways?The same people who borrow money in our name just to gift it back to the lender while sticking us with the bill, that's who. No, this is treason, pure and simple


    Excellent comment!

    Oliver Clozoff

    Just nuke Fauci.

    Old Sage

    Back in 69 I attended a biological war senecio program. Here’s just a few points. 1. You can pretty much disable a entire population with a biological weapon. 2. You can use that biological to target the very young and the very old all the while those of productive age will be sick for a period of time. 3. You invade with minimum resistance as you target specific areas. The bonus. Everything is intact pretty much, roads, bridges, manufacturing sectors, rail lines airports,
    And the big plus. A few spray cans with the bio in them. A small plane ( now a drone) to deliver.
    Bingo war is over.

    David Watson

    Can't disagree!


    Spot on.

    Rafael Cruz Pagan

    Not sure if nuc is warranted; but, we need to do something- anything! Honestly, I am upset because I am 59 (to be) and I can’t serve again (I was in the 82nd). I would love to go toe to toe with China…


    Don't wait. Nuke 'em now.


    How about a small tactical nuke right over the wuhan lab? - just for starters....


    Biological warfare is not as simple as the mokes who suggest it is. You think nature--the greatest, most complex lab in the world by far--can't produce an ongoing variety of deadly strains? Try to think about it. Easier to just reintroduce some of the plagues like smallpox that we think we've got cornered if you don't mind killing yourself too.

    The Searchers

    This doesn’t require a nuclear war.
    Lockdown for several months is nothing compared to months, at least two weeks, in a fall out shelter, to say nothing about EMP effects of nuclear weapons and burning, radioactive cities and radioactive crops and livestock.
    It would likely tone down the global warming, climate change clamoring after several months, if not years of nuclear winter, and be sure the supply breakdown would lead to toilet papers shortages of epic proportions.
    We should be able to sort things out with vaccines, although after the administration waives patent rights on vaccine development, we will likely be back to square one with the Chinese, if not back further than that, and it’s increasingly doubtful we can mount an effective conventional war deterrent toonChinese expansionism, and they are already expanding borders in S. China Sea, Bhutan, India, likely Afghanistan, Japanese Islands and are engaged in economic expansionism in Europe, Middle East, including Israel and Iran, Horn of Africa, South Asia, Philippines (oil palm plantations), same in Indonesia, Australia, Africa, South America, and likely supplying fentanyl and raw materials to drug cartels in Mexico and on the US border.
    Also extensive economic developments with US media, USacademia and business interests including sports and entertainment.
    It appears the US likely won’t ever be able to deal with these problems in an organized manner, and in fact, the US appears to be in a state of confusion at best and a state of intrinsic takeover by Marxist/Leninist reactionary elements.
    All we can hope for is some time, but there will be no mercy from the Communist Chinese who know they are in a position of strength with respect to the USA and have that intangible, momentum.

    John Whitworth

    I'm a retired Air Force Officer...was in the Strategic Air Command. So I have been a part of Nuclear War planning for some time....although for a while I thought we were free and clear. At first ..saying that releasing a Bio Weapon and retaliating with Nukes seems extreme...knowing what a Nuclear war can do to Human Civilization.
    Not being part of all the real intelligence makes this a very nebulous and cloudy issue. Do we know for SURE that China DELIBERATLY released a bio weapon (covid)..or was it a mistake as they claim. For sure Covid 19 crippled our economy. We also know that it hurt a good and decent President not get re-elected. Lastly, anyone who has watched Mike Lindell's last documentary on the stolen election knows that IT experts believe without a shadow of a doubt that IP address's from China were hacking into Dominion voting machines and almost certainly changed the vote and probably the outcome.
    A Nuclear war seems premature...but a response is required


    Gen. Douglas MacArthur was right when he wanted the US Air Force to nuke China during the Korean War and burn it off the face of the earth. It would have saved the world a lot of grief, but Truman wouldn't allow it.


    Benjamin Cisco is absolutely right . We need to track down the traitors and their supporters try them for crimes to humanity and have public executions of them. Thi would also include the Chinese accomplices.

    Ronald Lawrence

    Knowing what I know about biological weapons, I'd rather be nuked...it's over quickly and you don't die an agonizing death.
    Mr.Whitworth, one fact is allyou need to know about if China caused this: if China didn't realize what was happening why did they shut down all travel in and out of Wuhan EXCEPT for international travel out of Wuhan, that didn't land anywhere inside China's own borders?
    Yes, we need a response. Let's ruin their economy. We totally decouple from China, nothing Chinese made allowed in the US, nothing we make goes to China. We shut down the Confucius Institutes, deport all Chinese with student visas and make owning US land or business illegal either directly or by proxy.
    We make a defense zone around the US that goes 300 miles out for which any warship or airplane that enters can be taken out with no warning.
    We do none of this in the dark and put out loud and long, no saying you didn't know. I could go on about this for a while but you get the point. We fight back by using the Reagan doctrine with additional backing by a Trump spine! Screw the Chinese. We're AMERICANS!


    Yeah, I went over that over a year ago - brought up Geneva convention but no one seemed to care!! I guess retired enlisted military opinions carry no value!!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree

    John Tokalenko

    The banksters and their allies who run this planet want war with Russia and China. Hence, the "lab leak" idea is now officially approved. And warmongering BS like this article are serving the Beast System, for that aim.

    The genetically-engineered SARS-CoV-2 agent was created by a supernational conspiracy. It was released in both the Wuhan area and the vicinity of Qom, Iran.

    We are not dealing with "governments" or even corporations. We are dealing directly with the Devil, and his people. If you can't or won't understand that, you cannot fight it.

    Snafu Catchtwentytwo

    This explains the three child policy change.

    Snafu Catchtwentytwo

    And you have to say that CORONA-COVID made all the commotion in HONG KONG stop on a dime...directly after the military world games.


    ""Sotir Ilievski June 1, 2021 at 7:17 am

    A bioweapon? You mean the Corona virus, with a survival rate of 99%?"" ..... EXCELLENT comment!!!

    David Malcolm Currie

    The "SARS-CoV-2" virus does NOT exist, according to the CDC itself (ref: nomorefakenews.com), and neither do nuclear bombs. CV-19 and nuclear war are existential threats held over humanity's head, like the sword of Damacles, distracting people from the REAL clear and present dangers: coal fly ash chemtrails worldwide, weather warfare worldwide, fake pandemic genocide using biowarfare injections called "vaccines". There is no scientific proof the virus or nuclear bombs exist, and if someone here believes otherwise, please post your proof. Jon Rappoport at nomorefakenews.com has debunked every claim of proof of CV-19/SARS-CoV-2 virus, and all the nuclear bomb test videos are fakes, using fuel-air bombs, and fake-staged settings. People came back to live in Hiroshima and Nagasaki within weeks, and the stone buildings were still standing, but most Japanese structures were wood, so the firebombing consumed them, similar to the firebombing of Tokyo and Dresden etc.

    Ron Jamin

    Start by assassinating all of the Central Committee.


    Revived 1918 pandemic and modified. Funded by US, developed in US. Watch here not there. She didn't win.

    Mark Lemmon

    Nuke? That's a one way street to hell for all the World... Think of a better response, like confiscate all Chinese assets in the USA and run the embedding agents out of the country.


    Perhaps a nuclear suppository for Tony Faucist would get the job done?

    Julian Siuksta

    There definitely should be some payback - at least a cruise missile strike on that dastardly lab in Wuhan!


    Mao was trained at Yale's China annex. Can you say Skull and Bones. CCP is a creation of and controlled by the western elites. Without Trump going along with Fauci all this 3 pronged attack on America by the district of criminals would not have happened.

    Name of distinction

    You have officially earned the name Lunatic Todd Wood. Well done.


    We went to war against the Japanese because they killed about 3,000 of our people and it was total war and we nuked them twice. Same for 9/11; about 3,000 of our people killed and we have fought our longest war ever against the peeps and their supporters. So a total of 6,000 of our people killed justified this war. In all of WWII we lost 417,000 of our people fighting the Nazis and Imperial Japan. We have lost 612,000 to COVID 19!!! That is 100 times more than we lost at Pearl Harbor and 9/11 combined!!! I would say if we can definitively prove that China deliberately released COVID 19 on us as a bioweapon that a war is absolutely called for.

    Enrico Falcone

    China already owns most of America and it will only get a whole lot worse
    Most of what Americans consume today are part of the Chinese curse

    China's military is far larger and advanced while most of America's military is still rejects
    America tells itself we're the best, China confounds the US with their Unidentified Flying Objects

    Who's fooling who, China makes almost everything America needs
    While the Chinese advance - America is still lost in the high weeds

    Major Todd

    "In U.S. military doctrine, this allows, and may even require, a nuclear response."

    Good. Let's nuke China and to protect ourselves we can all crawl into deep caves and caverns to await our own rapid demise.

    First let's learn the lesson of Covid19 .... have a vaccine available before releasing a virus. Last time I looked, there is no vaccine to combat radiation overload yet available.

    Major Todd

    Our military is not combat ready ... it is more concerned with the toilet functions of the three main genders of members of the military....male, female and ugly men acting as if they are ugly women.

    mr Pie

    Stop the War Nuke Iran!

    Jay Hackett

    You don't need to incinerate most of the Chinese people to get rid of the CCP and its followers.

    Somewhere some one needs to show the 900+ million how to get rid of their own government. Once the CCP falls many of their followers will melt back into the background as their ancesters did when each of the dynasties fell. Even eric swalwell and hunter will probably get lost for a while. As the saying goes "you can't swing the big stick if your money backers are wiped out."


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