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    CRT Continues To Infiltrate Military; Navy Leaders Present Rumps In Full Submission

    June 30, 2021
    Secretary of the Navy Richard V. Spencer hosts the promotion ceremony of Vice Adm. Mike Gilday to admiral ahead of the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Change of Office at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington D.C., August 22, 2019

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    I used to want be an officer so badly. I had my package ready to go. New college grad. When I got my test results for officer qualification I was bummed. I did great in everything….except that math-the thorn in my side for life. I often asked God why I couldn’t have this life that I was certain was made for me.

    Nowadays, I am thanking God that I was not an officer. I would be miserable. I suppose as time goes on, wisdom provides more clarity. With the very radical policies of the current administration, I would likely be pushing back when ordered to peddle Critical Race Theory and Marxist ideals to my unit. Of course, they would have propaganda cleverly packaged as some “mandatory training” using some type of euphemism like “Anti-Extremist Instruction”.

    Teachings in college usher in woke military leaders masquerading as “college educated”. However if graduating college is a major qualifier to become an officer, then our military is in trouble. Identical narratives on the evils of capitalism and “white privilege “are exactly what is being taught in every college class in the US. This includes the heavily pushed Critical Race Theory. In my experience, it was taught in every subject.

    Even in physical anthropology courses where I studied the bones of primates, this disgusting narrative was intertwined with the professor’s lesson plan. After a while, you just get beaten over the head with it so many times a day that it was exhausting to fight. Even I became heavily indoctrinated at one point, posting all sorts of depressing nonsense during happy holidays such as Thanksgiving. I felt the need to post about the Wounded Knee Massacre. Here this day people were celebrating Thanksgiving with their families, but scroll on my Facebook to see my killjoy post. Was I trying to get people to hate themselves?

    To be honest, I think a part of this is that it makes the woke crowd feel superior by stating something unjust that happened in our nation’s past. I came to soon realize that history is filled with atrocities and horrors one group commits on another. It is not exclusive to American history. Human suffering is part of history and rehashing it in order to illicit a sorrowful, submissive response from one group is arrogant and haughty. The more I realized how people soaked up this narrative in college, I realized how truly miserable they were to be around. It explains why they only associate themselves with people of identical mindset, especially if they happen to be white. They were loathsome of themselves and expected the same from light-skinned people around them. If you happened to be black or Latin you were elevated in status. These are the main goals of Critical Race Theory. 

    I often wondered how the Third Reich got masses of people following them with such evil radicalism, but nowadays I think I know how. You think these type of people do not join the armed forces. Howver, many are college students who sit in these classes and say nothing. After all, if they are in ROTC they just want to graduate so they can actually begin their military career. So they stay silent while they take the officers’ oath –they ALL swear to uphold loyalty, morality and justice. Recently Lt. Col Andrew Rhodes, according to personal accounts of his subordinates, told hundreds of his “Fighting Eagle” Soldiers at a Battalion Call that they are the cause of a racial problem because of their skin color? How is this moral or unifying? 

    I can imagine soldiers may have been either indifferent or horrified. Nobody is speaking up.  

    Why is nobody boldly declaring this as a divisive theory and handling it as the danger it is? Perhaps in the Navy’s case there was a stern warning to other officers to pipe down?   A move like this is a resounding “Keep Your Mouth Shut or be Fired” to all officers in the fleet. Now wonder why Critical Race Theory and radical ideals have boldly come in forms of “Training”. 

    This June Navy Admiral Mike Gilday suggested Navy Sailors read “How to Be Antiracist” by extremist author Abram X. Kendi. The title of the book betrays its readers when the contents inside insist that America is racist in history and continues to be today in every structure that exists in the country. How can this be unifying to Sailors to defend a country they are being told is wrong to its very core? The answer is, they won’t. Doesn’t the Admiral understand the influence he has over sailors?  

    A senior enlisted mentor once told me that if I ever become an officer, Never-NEVER say to myself “I’m just an O-1, I have no power”. He saw how it demoralized the junior enlisted members when they look to an officer spouting CRT. And it’s even harder to honor them as a leader knowing they won’t stand up for their people. 

    Critical Race theory is dangerous. It will destroy cohesiveness in the military and breakdown the unit. Pushing this mindset in the military will form prison-like, race-based alliances all the way down to squadron level. Shame on the leaders who are too scared to stand tall to the wicked theory that will destroy the land they have taken an oath to protect. It’s time to SPEAK UP. 

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    Marie Martinez

    Marie is a 15 year combat veteran. She spent her 20’s branch hopping within the DoD. She has a background in Anthropology and a minor in Sociology. She has experience in local politics and veterans advocacy groups in her home state of Colorado. In her free time she likes to travel, run and spend time with her growing family.
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    Only Democrats would endeavor to ruin the world's greatest military. Just like cops, we'll have more people leaving and fewer joining when the Marxists are finally gone.


    A few years of reality at a steady job with grown-up responsibilities ought to be enough to make any childish liberal (redundant, I know) grow dafukup. Do they? Liberals have that additional hurdle of low-IQ, not to mention inherent laziness, to overcome, which they simply cannot do.

    Gordon Pritchett

    When the Republicans retake the White House every one of the admirals & generals need to be fired on day one.


    I served, and had some very good leaders and a few bad ones. The good ones departed the Navy as soon as they were eligible. The bad ones stayed around because they knew they would be a failure outside of the military structure. Those officers are now what was called "Senior Leadership". Most of them could not get their troops to cross the street without a direct order and would never be in the front. The have failed the troops so often that they no longer pay any attention to them.


    Exactly what Trump should have have done on Day One to all the obama-bum-kissing senior officers who flourished under the alligator-bait president's term. Starting with Mattis.

    Michael Rose

    My parents taught me something very simple from my childhood, treat everybody the way you want to be treated. Racism, and everything that divides people by physical differences all have the same roots. The root cause of all these issues emanates from a sin nature, which will not be resolved by man. It will take the King to resolves this, the King of Kings, The Lord Jesus Christ.


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