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    They’re In A Hurry

    July 22, 2021
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    2008 Summer Olympic Opening Ceremony Beijing celebrates ‘One World, One Dream’
    Image by U.S. Army

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    July 23 to 31 marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party, and the party is keen to celebrate that in a very special way — Hong Kong or Taiwan would make a lovely birthday present. 

    But that’s only the most immediate deadline facing China and a number of major players in the West.

    Chairman Xi Jinping may have a few years left, but he’d like to enjoy them in full splendor and glory, for as many years as possible. He is not only eager to walk into Taiwan and Hong Kong soon as a conquering hero, but also to see himself immortalized as the emperor who restored the Middle Kingdom to its rightful place at the Center of the World -- China has been waiting a very long time for this moment. That is why, in late December, he took over greater personal control of the military, exactly one year after he was named “the People’s Leader,” a title previously bestowed only on Mao Tse-tung.

    Another pressing concern for China is its demographic time-bomb. For centuries, men have far outnumbered women in the country, but, now, that imbalance can affect the country’s global aspirations. Therefore, one of China’s primary goals has been to quickly procure women for its single men -- in particular, for ethnic Han men; and they have been doing just that, all around the Indian Ocean littoral, where they have been investing trillions of yuan on local infrastructure projects, politicians, and others, and picking up local women along the way. And resource-poor China also has its eyes on Russian women -- as a byproduct of resource-rich eastern Russia (millions of birds with one stone). Then, just a few strokes to the east, across the Sea of Japan, an aging and barren nation is ready to be plucked -- women and all.

    On this side of the Pacific, all the main political players are in even more of a hurry. The Marxists behind the throne may have only a year to ram through as much of Revolution 2.0, Unplugged, as they can -- not only economic and social transformations, but, also, nationalizing elections and the police; adding two states and a few Supreme Court justices; and importing as many future Democrats as possible (before the doors are shut again), to offset the Blacks, Latinos, and working-class people they’re bleeding. All the while, the Democrats are ramping up their campaign to villainize and delegitimize the MAGA movement and crush investigations into election fraud -- before their lying, cheating asses are more-fully exposed. 

    For its part, the MAGA movement wants to halt further advances by the Marxists, while completing its takeover of the Republican Party, in time to retake Congress next year as an economic nationalist party. At the same time, establishment Republicans are urgently trying to hold off the insurgents and secure control of their party, before they completely lose it and become politically irrelevant. Meanwhile, corrupt politicians and families from all parties and across the country are looking to suck as much as they can out of the system, before the master keys to the vaults are taken away.

    On the other side of the planet, Communist China is not sitting idly by and just watching this game (and many other games across the globe). So, the party isn’t letting up in its heavy investments in politicians, media, entertainment, schools, think tanks, private groups, corporations, the financial sector, and the Chinese diaspora around the world -- lest another monkey-wrench gets thrown into the machinery and gum up the works.

    Finally, elite globalists everywhere, including millions of mandarins and functionaries in and out of government, long to fulfill their dreams for humanity, the planet, and beyond, before the tide turns against them and they’d have to flee to their private islands and space stations (or seek refuge in China). This necessarily entails crushing the MAGA movement and other populist movements around the world.

    So, strap on your seat belts -- we’re coming down the homestretch in a super-charged race and headed for a major collision course -- and the stakes couldn’t be much higher.

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    Ayad Rahim

    Ayad Rahim, a native of Iraq, worked as a journalist for 20 years, specializing in Iraq and the Arab world; he is a teacher, writer, and bookseller in Cleveland. Ayad blogs at theviewfromhereayad.blogspot.com
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    Lon Spector

    Where will the Chinese get their women? Right here and other Western nations. The 1% eliets have enough 12
    year olds to choose from. They will rule the world with their vile Chinese buddies.


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