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    Migrants, Minorities Fleeing High-Tax Blue States For High-Opportunity Red Country

    August 15, 2021
    Image by Dwight Burdette

    Data from the 2020 census confirms a population shift that reflects "the decade's broad population shifts: slow growth in the Northeast and Midwest, and gains in the South and some Western states."

    The last decade's interstate migration shift also indicated that states with higher taxes and less opportunities for job growth lost residents to lower tax states with more job opportunities. 

    Population losses or small gains were widespread in the Northeast and Midwest, the 2020 census found, with Florida and Texas receiving the most interstate migrants, gaining 2.4 million and 2 million more people, respectively...

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    The USA is going down the drain if something does not happen soon If you continue as is you people will become the riksa drivers for the Chinese. The democratic party with its followers is destroying the country. People raise up no country is 100% perfect but what is happening is suicide on a grand scale. I hope 2022 will bring a big change. I hope MAGA president will return in 2024. The USA does not need a politician just President Trump as a leader. I am not american but I see and know what has to happen. Some former presidents should be charged with treason and wholesale grand theft and stupidity The following Obama Clinton Bush and Carter God bless the normal USA

    Lone Gunman

    Problem with all those blue stat moving to red states is they bring their mindset and voting habits with them and don't change their voting patterns! Old saying is "stupid is as stupid does" and demonKKKrats have proven over and over again just exactly who and what they are!

    Just saying.................


    And then, they vote Democrat.


    "Migrants, Minorities Fleeing High-Tax Blue States For High-Opportunity Red Country"

    GREAT ! ! Just what Texas needs more of... domestic and Third World garbage.

    max dugan

    ahhhhhhh, so now you are finally getting point of all this huh? heheh.


    Vermin and parasites leaving high tax blue states....


    They don't change their voting habits.


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