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    Movie Review: The Deep Rig - Watch It With Your Normie Friends To 'Wake Them Up'

    August 15, 2021
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    'The Deep Rig' Movie Is Now Free Online - Watch It Here!

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    The real 'woke' masses, those enlightened on election fraud, have been frustrated by the corporate media's control of the narrative of what happened on the night of Nov 3rd, 2020, when Joe Biden and his puppet masters stole The White House.

    Now there is a way to fight back with honest, real information as to how they accomplished 'the steal'.

    Patrick Byrne and The America Project have produce a masterpiece of election fraud evidence in the movie 'The Deep Rig'.

    You can watch 'The Deep Rig' for free - here!

    The film outlines from start to finish how the cabal stole the election, and how the 'dolphin speakers' fought back to where today, the Biden regime is politically delegitimized.

    Due to his experiences and accomplishments in life, Byrne was uniquely situated to understand and do something about the fraud.

    "You don’t need to cheat across the country, but just cheat like crazy in 6 cities", declares Byrne as he explains how the fraud was accomplished.

    "We don't want violence, but 2022 is our last chance. I need this like a hole in the head but Americans have to realize this is it! Are we an exceptional people or not? Will we reclaim our republic and our fundamental right to have our vote heard as citizens? The lights could go out and usher in a thousand years of darkness, not just for us, but for the world.

    "The Constitution became my religion when I had cancer twice years ago. I was in a unique place to see what was transpiring."

    There are many personalities in the film. Lt Gen Michael Flynn introduces you to the digital warriors, the pajama hadeen, who came together in a random way, and fought for the truth.

    "The people are losing our faith in judiciary, we are losing the core of our republic, says Flynn.

    "If trump lost fine, but I want to know what the truth is," declared the General..

    You can watch 'The Deep Rig' for free - here!

    Expert, after expert, after expert testifies and portrays remarkable developments - how a small team was put together to deal with the problem, and how they became effective in preserving our nation.

    It's guaranteed you don't know what's in this film. However, its the perfect vehicle to sit and watch with your 'normie' friends who exist in the corporate media bubble, to 'wake them up'.

    Byrne -- "We are not the extremists, they are the extremists - they are the ones burning the Constitution."

    Joe Flynn - "There is nothing more sacred than a free and fair vote."

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